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  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 2 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A GRAMMAR 1Complete the sentences with the present perfect simple or continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Example:  Have you ever had   (you / ever / have) an operation?1Karen ________ (not post) much on Facebook recently.! ________ (never / see) you earin# a tie$%&e're exhauste because e ________ (#aren) all ay.*o many years ________ (your parents / have) this house?+*o lon# ________ (you / learn) to rive?,-his is the irst time ! ________ (hear) ara sin#. 0he's brilliant$&e ________ (kno ) E since e irst came to iverpool.23y internet connection ________ (#o) on an o a lot toay.   8 2Underline the correct word(s). Example:!n some to ns there isn't enou#h entertainment or young  / the young .1-he Chinese  / Chineses  are buyin# more an more cars.&e nee to o more as a society to take care o elderly / the elderly . % he   !rench  / !rench  take a lon# time over their meals. oor  / he poor  seem to be suerin# the most rom #overnment cuts.+-he #talian  / #talians  have a reputation or stylish esi#n.,-raic li#hts oten make souns to help the blinds  / the blind  cross the roa. 6 $%rder the words to make sentences. Example:steak / like / 4uicy / nice / eel / ! / a / bi#  I feel like a nice big juicy steak. 1 bran / has / sports / oran#e / a / 5ack / ne / #ot / car / !talian  yesteray / horrible / hat / re / earin# / a / bi# / hat / as / 6elia / $%brother / #or#eous / ha / linen / my / on / a / 4acket / youn#er / ne little / oun / stay / hotel / lovely / e / French / a / in / to +the / some / black / ! / scarves / market / nice / at / bou#ht / silk / very,little / as / on / ooen / hill / beautiul / there / ol / a / the / house 6Grammar total20  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 2 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A VOCABULAR &Complete the words in the sentences. Example:0ally oesn't like sharin# her riens. 0he's very p ossessive .1! keep roppin# thin#s 7 ! seem to be very c  ______________ toay.8ecky can chan#e rom happy to upset or no particular reason 7 she's very m  ___________.%9on't you ant to o this alk? ou seem very un  ______________.! on't eel sae #oin# out on my o n. ! eel very v  _____________.+8arry is so s  __________. *e on't chan#e his min; even hen he's obviously ron#.,0am seems very w  ________. *e's obviously kno s a lot about lie. 6 'Underline the odd word out. Example:bruise blister cou#h rash1snee<e cou#h heaache sunburnbacteria blister virus inection%earache i<<y aint pass outlu a col in4ection asthma+painkillers ru#s meicine symptom,blee oun iarrhoea bana#e 6 Underline the correct word(s). Example:! only like natural materials 7 ! never ear nylon  / linen .1! like that checked / striped  4umper ith the #reen an blue s=uares.! nee this shirt in a bi##er si<e 7 it's too loose / tight .%-hat 4acket is the perect colour 7 it suits / matches  those trousers.ou nee some lycra / velvet shorts i you ant to o some serious cyclin#.+! it's really hot tomorro evenin# !'ll ear my ne longsleeved / sleeveless  ress.,&e're #oin# shoppin# in 1+ minutes; so get dressed / dress up $isa preers checked  / plain  clothes ithout any pattern.2-hose shoes really go with  / fit  your 4eans. 8Vocabulary total20  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 2 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A PRO!U!C AT O! *+atch the words with the same sound. h oo e aller  g y ch o kin# c ough  l oo se iarr  hoea  Example:cl o thes choking  1in  , ection ________  ear  ________ % off   ________ b oo ts________ + oo llen________    5 -Underline the stressed syllable. Example:co>tton1poi>son>in#hea>ache%a>shio>na>blecar>i>#an+un>con>scious 5Pronunciation total10Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total50  Name____________________________ Class____________________________  File Test 2 Readin# and $ritin# A R%A& !G ead the article about an historical discovery about fashion. !ive sentences have been removed. hich sentence (0!) fits each gap (1') here is one etra sentence you do not need to use. 'tone(a#e Mini ')irt &isco*ered For more than 0 years, !ashion e #erts ha$e ar%ued o$er the ori%ins o! the mini&s'irt( )omesay *ritish desi%ner +ary uant came u# -ith the desi%n in the 1.60s( /&&&&& 1 &&&&& ndsome e #erts e$en belie$e it made its !irst a##earance in olly-ood ten years earlier(*ut no- archaeolo%ists say the true ori%ins o! the mini s'irt %o bac' to the $ery be%innin% o! ci$ili3ation( 4hey ha$e unco$ered e$idence that )tone %e -omen -ere, in !act, -earin%mini&s'irts more than ,500 years a%o( /&&&&& 2 &&&&&   series o! stone statues -earin% the #rehistoric !ashions -ere !ound at one o! uro#e7soldest 'no-n $illa%es( /&&&&&  &&&&& 4he !indin%s in this ancient $illa%e #ush bac' the ori%ins o! !ashion and art in uro#e by hundreds o! years, to a time -hen our ancestors -ere actually 9ust learnin% about !armin%( :ccordin% to the statues -e !ound, youn% -omen -erebeauti!ully dressed, li'e today7s %irls,; said archaeolo%ist <ul'a =u3mano$i>&C$et'o$i>(4he unnamed tribe o! #eo#le li$ed bet-een 500 and 00 *C in the 120&hectare site at-hat is no- Plocni' in )erbia( Various thin%s !ound at the site sho- us that they 'ne- abouttrade, art, and ho- to se-( 4hey celebrated beauty and #roduced 60 di!!erent !orms o! -onder!ul #ottery and statues( /&&&&&  &&&&& ?omen, it seems, ha$e al-ays #aid attention totheir a##earance(@ittle is 'no-n about the li!e o! the #eo#le A 'no-n as the Vinca A -ho made the statues(4he Vinca culture de$elo#ed Buic'ly bet-een 5500 and 000 *C in *osnia, )erbia,omania, and +acedonia( Dt %ot its name !rom the #resent&day $illa%e o! Vinca on theEanube i$er near *el%rade -here ei%ht $illa%es ha$e been !ound(4he latest disco$eries su%%est these early !armers -ere more ad$anced than -e thin'( 4hedead -ere buried in a tidy cemetery, houses had sto$es, and there -ere s#ecial holes !or rubbish( Peo#le sle#t on ru%s and !ur, made clothes o! -ool and leather, and 'e#t animals(/&&&&& 5 &&&&& 4his is clear because some o! the thin%s !ound include toys such as animals andrattles o! clay, and small, badly cra!ted #ots a##arently made by children at #laytime( ne o! the most e citin% !inds !or archaeolo%ists -as the disco$ery o! a so#histicated metal-or'sho#( :4his mi%ht #ro$e that the Co##er %e started in uro#e at least 500 years earlier than -ethou%ht,; Er =u3mano$i> said(4he Co##er %e -as the !irst use o! tools by humans( Dt is thou%ht to ha$e started around the,000 *C in south&east uro#e, and earlier in the +iddle ast( 4he disco$ery o! uro#e7soldest under%round mine at the nearby +la$a ri$er su%%ested at the time that Vinca could bethe !irst #lace in uro#e to use metal, a theory -hich seems to be no- su##orted by thePlocni' site(  
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