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E2E Performance Tools: Internet2 Performance Architecture and Technologies Update Eric L. Boyd Director of Performance Architecture and Technologies Internet2 Current Projects Performance Tools BWCTL NDT
E2E Performance Tools: Internet2 Performance Architecture and Technologies Update Eric L. Boyd Director of Performance Architecture and Technologies Internet2 Current Projects Performance Tools BWCTL NDT OWAMP Thrulay Performance Measurement Framework pipes - perfsonar GGF NMWG Member Outreach Network Performance Measurement Workshops Performance Tool Cookbooks Bulk Transport Design Space Prototype 2 NDT: Network Diagnostic Tool Web100 enhanced server handles testing and diagnostic services Java based and command line clients allows testing from any client (local or remote) Performance and configuration faults reported back to client Drill-down functions provide more details & error reporting capabilities Grant from NIH/NLM to explore duplex mismatch detection 3 NDT Flow Diagram NDT - Server Well Known NDT Server Web Request Client Web Server Web Page Request Redirect msg Web page response Web Browser Testing Engine Spawn child Child Test Engine Test Request Control Channel Specific test channels Java Applet 4 BWCTL: 3-Party Flow Diagram bwctld resource broker (master daemon) bwctl client bwctld resource broker (master daemon) initial connection initial connection resource requests requests/ results requests/ results resoure requests bwctld (request broker) bwctld (request broker) verify time/ return results bwctld (peer agent) bwctld (peer agent) test stream iperf (test process) iperf (test process) 5 BWCTL (Bandwidth Controller) What is it? A resource allocation and scheduling daemon for arbitration of iperf tests Typical Solution Run iperf or similar tool on two endpoints and hosts on intermediate paths Typical road blocks Need permissions on all systems involved Need to coordinate testing with others Need to run software on both sides with specified test parameters 6 BWCTL (Bandwidth Test Controller) New version 1.2a Mostly bug fixes NTP requirement removed Still best to use it Improved error reporting Solaris port OS X port 7 OWAMP: One-Way Active Measurement Protocol What is it? Measures one-way latency: 1-way ping Control connection used to broker test request based upon policy restrictions and available resources. (Bandwidth/disk limits) Specification 8 OWAMP Flow Diagram Server owampd [Resource Broker] owampd [Control] OWD Test Endpoint Initial connection Requests/ Results Requests/ Results Client owping client [Control] OWD Test Endpoint 9 OWAMP LOTS of new deployments (Network Performance Workshop Attendees) New developers release to support latest version (14) of owdp spec TTL (hop count) Early terminated sessions handled more gracefully Sender will skip sending late records and shares that information with receiver Public release this summer Solaris Incremental summary data from powstream (better database support) In the IESG, waiting for Security Review and IANA port number 10 Thrulay Overview Network capacity tester Same class of tools as iperf, netperf, nettest, nuttcp, ttcp, etc. Unique features not found in other tools: measures round-trip delay along with goodput output easy to parse by machine (gnuplot input format) can send extremely precise Poisson stream of UDP packets 11 Thrulay Update New release v0.8 Tests with multiple TCP streams Set DSCP (a.k.a. first 6 bits of the TOS byte) Report MTU and/or MSS (whichever the OS makes available) More UDP statistics: duplication, reordering, quantiles of delay SPARC/Solaris support Mac OS X support IPv6 support Non-busy-waiting UDP mode (less precise, but can run more concurrent tests) Documentation: manual pages have been added Basic client authorization based on IP address Integration of TSC timekeeping projects for faster and more precise timestamping 12 perfsonar: Overview Joint effort of ESnet, GÉANT2 JRA1 and Internet2 Herding cats or babysitting rottweilers? Webservices network performance framework Network measurement tools Network measurement archives Distributed scheduling/authorization Multi-domain policy 13 perfsonar: Services (1) Measurement Point Service (MP) Measurement Archive Service (MA) Look-up Service (LS) Authentication Service (AS) Transformation Service (TS) Topology Service (ToS) Resource Protector Service (RP) 14 Useful graph Client Token MA Here is who Here is who I am, I d like to access MA B a,b,c I am, : Network I d like A, to MA access A, RA MA A A Token MB Where Link utilisation along - Path a,b,c? AA A Get Link utilisation a,b,cget link Here utilisation you go c,d,e,f Where Here Link you a,b,c: utilisation gonetwork along A -LS Path A, a,b,c,d,e,f? AA B c,d,e,f : Network B, MA B, RA B LS A MA A LS B MA B a b c d e f Network A Network B 15 perfsonar: Services (2) Lookup Service Allows the client to discover the existing services and other LS services. Dynamic: services registration themselves to the LS and mention their capabilities, they can also leave or be removed if a service gets down. Authentication Service Internet2 MAT, GN2-JRA5 Authentication functionality for the framework Users can have several roles, the authorisation is done based on the user role. Trust relationship between networks 16 perfsonar Services (3) Transformation Service Transform the data (aggregation, concatenation, correlation, translation, etc). Topology Service Make the network topology information available to the framework. Find the closest MP, provide topology information for visualisation tools Resource protector Arbitrate the consumption of limited resources. 17 perfsonar: Prototype Phase 0 Simplistic client which requests data to a MA (RRD filesystem) using web-services (we stand here) Phase 1 Include simplistic LS web-services (Static list) Trivial AA always say yes (need interface) Visualisation Phase 2 Request additional data (OWD, packet drops) Dynamic registration to LS Phase 3 AA handle attributes for other services Distributed LS data across several domains MP get s on-demand capability Make use of the attributes to offer different functionalities to the users 18 perfsonar: Deployment Plans Several networks have mention they would deploy the prototype phase1 (link utilisation and link capacity) Abilene ESnet GARR GEANT GRNet Hungarnet RedIris Uninett 19 perfsonar: Accomplishments Architecture document (Fall 04) Detailed Design document (Spring 05) Workshops in Brussels (09/04), Zurich (04/05), Ann Arbor (05/05), and Poznan (08/05) Development Environment (05/05) Communications: E2EMON submission (03/05) TNC05 paper / presentation (06/05) ICSOC05 paper (12/05) 20 perfsonar: Progress Work up to early this year focused on a very detailed functional specification Document deliverable for the EU This spring we worked on converting that to a more concrete design specification XML schema defined for message communication Java/Tomcat selected for prototype development This summer/fall we coded and coded Prediction for winter: More coding! 21 perfsonar: Current Work Current work is focused on developing a prototype that will allow interface utilization data to be shared. Relatively simple use case, but will demonstrate the feasibility of sharing data across multiple administrative domains 22 perfsonar: Current Status Prototype is done, but Code base still undergoing rapid change Current status: Using Java/Axis/Tomcat/rrdjtool for rrd access 23 perfsonar: Demos perfsonar Demo in the demo room Jason Zurawski, University of Delaware GGF and Supercomputing demos (10-11/05) Support EGEE demos (10/05) Participants who have deployed infrastructure over RRD files: Abilene ESnet Geant Other NRENs (PSNC, GRnet) University of Delaware 24 What s Next? Current Status: Regular discussions Development is underway We are at a key moment of the collaboration: Distributed development process emerging Making compromises between the vision and the technology Where should we cut corners on the prototype? Does the prototype form the basis of the deployed system? 25 Timing of Deliverables Prototype Link Utilization (Abilene, ESnet, GÉANT, various European NRENs) Generic service and interface Licensing and naming Working name: perfsonar Working license: modified Berkeley Main services: MP, MA, LS, TS AA model to follow and policies Multi-domain AA integration 26 GGF NMWG Version 1 of the schema all but done Employed by pipes, Advisor, AMP, MonALISA, and SLAC Version 2 of the schema continues to evolve perfsonar work benefits from and informs this project 27 Network Performance Measurement Workshops Grow installed base of BWCTL/Iperf, OWAMP, and NDT at GigaPoP and regional campuses. Begin integration into IT support processes. Create an installed base for perfsonar deployment. Give each participant tool-specific cookbooks. 28 Network Performance Measurement Workshop Dates / Locations Completed SOX / GaTech (03/05) CENIC / UCLA (06/05) JT Vancouver (07/05) OARNet / OSU (09/05) MAGPI / FMM (09/05) Planned MAX / College Park (12/05) APAN (01/06) JT - Albuquerque (02/06) Under Consideration MERIT, Wisconsin, Alaska, 29 30 perfsonar Open issues: AA (1) Authorization is based on role in group. 4 classes of users: root, super, regular, untrusted Default class is: regular - everyone that can authenticate gets this unless we specify something else. As part of bilateral agreements, we may learn about projects at other institutions and specifically map users with those project attributes to another class . Likewise, we may map individuals who are part of projects locally to another class . How do we deal with attributes? Each network has it s own attributes, how can we make things more common globally to minimize the complexity of bilateral agreements? 31 perfsonar Open Issues: AA (2) AA system between now and full solution Does Internet2 Middleware or GÉANT JRA5 have a central AA system (with the AA interface) that we could use and administer, so we don t have to build it from scratch? Does Shibboleth v1.3 (which implements SAML v2.0) meet our needs? Do the perfsonar web services have the same look and feel as the AA interface? 32 perfsonar Open issues: Deployment (1) How do we create a deployed base? Critical mass deployment of tools (Underway) Should Network Performance Measurement workshops be rolled out in Europe, FedNets? What tool mix is appropriate in each administrative domain? Target: GigaPoPs / NRENs? What about jointly tackling international application communities? Critical mass deployment of measurement framework (TBD) Should we jointly develop an Advanced Network Performance Measurement workshop to roll out perfsonar? 33 perfsonar Open Issues: Deployment (2) AA: What are our dependencies on deployment of AA infrastructure? Next Gen: Lightpath monitoring requirements? DEISA will be using a lightpath, DANTE would like to provide them a monitoring infrastructure Others? Security: How do we avoid creating missile launchers? 34 perfsonar Open Issues: Bilateral Agreements Bilateral agreement: between any two entities (e.g. university, GigaPoP, NREN, backbone network) What should a bilateral agreement look like? Agree on roles Agree on what to measure Agree on frequency of measurement Agree on response to results Can we batch agreements? (Can a measurement agreement between Internet2 and GÉANT make a bilateral agreement that covers an American university and a European university?) 35 Bulk Transport Tool (1) Killer App for High Performance Networks (i.e. why else do we need fat pipes) Remedies for TCP s maladies Tuning: buffers, window scaling, timestamps, SACK Use multiple streams Something Else Replace the kernel and use different congestion control Replace all the routers and kernels 36 Bulk Transport Tool (2) Many alternative TCP/IP congestion control algorithms Modified kernels are incompatible with regular kernel security patches Get the benefits of kernel-level modifications to TCP/IP congestion control algorithms in a user level tool, avoiding security issue with alternate kernels 37 Bulk Transport Tool (3) Design Space Document Early Stage Prototype 38 Google Summer of Code Google is sponsoring many students to work on open-source projects this summer. Internet2 is mentoring 10 students. Current Projects: Timekeeping using TSC register - timestamp fetching without a context switch and relating the TSC value to UTC. Noise calibration - data analysis of noise in delays for packet measurements and development of filtering algorithms. Thrulay enhancements Bulk Transport API over UDT Rich Presence Project 39
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