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1 e-news January A New Year s resolution: Professional Development Editorial Dear All, Our skills, knowledge and personal attributes directly impact how well we serve our clients. Professional Development
1 e-news January 2014 2 A New Year s resolution: Professional Development Editorial Dear All, Our skills, knowledge and personal attributes directly impact how well we serve our clients. Professional Development is a skill.three examples of behaviours illustrating a staff member effectively demonstrating this skill are: Initiates self-study to acquire knowledge of client, industry, legal area, and technical methodologies to be applied on engagement. Seeks opportunities for continuous learning in technical as well as personal areas. Attends and participates in formal training. Professional Development can be acquired using a range of learning methods At the start of a new year, we always take good resolutions. Hence, resolve to take ownership of your professional development. Consider: Your present role Examine the activities you carry out as part of your job, the knowledge and skills that help you perform your role effectively. Your development needs Prioritize the knowledge and skills that you need to maintain, or develop. Your learning style Identify your own personal learning style. For example, find out if you are more suited to being actively involved in workshops or discussion groups, rather than reading or private study. Discovering your preferred learning style will also help you to identify which learning activities are likely to be most effective for you. Your personal development plan Create a personal plan of your learning and development objectives and activities to develop into the fine Professional that each of you is meant to be. Marie-Louise Teng Regulatory Contact Partner Marie-Louise Teng Regulatory Contact Partner 3 Dr Pankaj Wadhwa Dr. Pankaj Wadhwa MBBS, MD, DNB, FAGE, FIPP (USA) Fellowship in Pain Management How do you see the developments in the Healthcare sector? -With big giants in HEALTH SECTOR, health system has really improved over the last three years. There has been in Mauritius tremendous amount of improvement due to competition but still there is lot more to do mainly in terms of Speciality clinics namely Oncology and PALLIATIVE CARE. Your job involves a high degree of personal skills. What is your secret? -You need this world and world does not need you. My patients are my family and I try giving my best to them. Believe in yourself and have good intentions and do hard work. Do not think about results, your hard work and 100% input will show your results. Dr Pankaj, you are a specialist in pain management and you handle many patients who are terminally ill. Do you see your role more than just a medical practitioner? -Handing terminally ill patients need specialised training. It took me two long years to understand the psychological and spiritual aspect of any illness including cancer.yes,in Cancer we have to take care not only patients comfort but has to address patients and their family members psychological issues. The best way is to LISTEN, LISTEN and LISTEN. I aim to provide better Quality rather than Quantity. We add Life to Days rather than adding days to life. Sometimes I get involved emotionally by taking care of these patients and the fine line which we need to maintain between controlling our emotions and handling patients and their family emotions get breached but I must admit, it happens. Then new day starts, new patients, new issues and new ways of handing things. Every patient will make you learn new things and new experiences likewise every event in life makes you better person. Guest Dr Pankaj Wadhwa 4 Guest Professional services are about commitment. How do you handle being available 24/7? Every person has professional and personal life and both are interdependent. One always influence other have wonderful supporting wife and son, who always support me for my vision. I believe in one fact that God has make you capable to serve and you must serve and always being thankful to all your patients,who have given you chance to serve them. Always treat your patients as your own friends and relatives and you will automatically never realize that you are serving 24/7. We are in professional services and working against the clock can be stressful. What do you advise us? -Small breaks for coffee, switch off from work for few min. Weekend Movies, spending time with Family, eating out with loved ones. I do not think anyone will be stressed if we are thankful every day to almighty to give us work and regard our work as Worship. But yet my tips will be regular breaks from work, good moments spent with family and physical activity. As we are starting the New Year, what should we do to ensure a healthy mind and body? - Happiness within. There is a saying, people think when they will have lot of money then they will be happy, if they have good health they will be happy, if they have good relations they will be happy. This is all false, the truth is if you are happy within, you will take good decisions in life which will make you earn good money; stay healthy and you will have good relations. -Tips-Always spend some time of day in retrospections and analyse yourself. Invest in yourself rather than anything else. Stress -Does not exist physically, it s always mentally. If you have Strong, sound and Happy Mind, no one can be stressed. Few tips-yoga, Meditation, listening to Music for some people but for some work are Worship. Housseine Cheikh Soili and Ameenah Ramdin, BDO Partner Qui est Housseine Cheikh Soili? Directeur d Etudes à la banque centrale, Ministre des Finances d Economie aux Comores. Aujourd hui Directeur General de son propre cabinet de consultation financière «Comores Finance Consulting» (Co.Fi.Co). Azize Rajabalee et Housseine Cheikh Soili ont collabore sur un projet avec L Union Européenne aux Comores en Depuis le cabinet Co.Fi.Co est en partenariat avec BDO Maurice. Parlez-nous des Comores. Les Comores ont connu plusieurs étapes. Dans les années 80, les activités financières ont connu une période de croissance de plus de 5%. Puis il y a eu une baisse dans les remboursements des emprunts causant un problème budgétaire. Au début des années 90, les investisseurs ont mis en place un programme avec le FMI (Fond Monétaire International). Actuellement la croissance est plus de 2% dû a a un meilleur control de l Etat et des investisseurs internes. Les travaux routiers et la construction de nouveaux hôtels ont pour objectif d attirer les hommes d affaires ce que peut entrainer une hausse dans la production et la réalisation des investissements. Quelle est votre relation avec BDO? Depuis 2003, je représente BDO aux Comores et j ai beaucoup contribué dans les activités d investissement de BDO aux Comores. Depuis 3 ans j interviens dans le système financier de la Banque mondiale et notre perspective est de prendre en considération la performance de l Etat. Que pensez-vous de l évolution future de la relation de BDO Maurice et votre Cabinet? Je suis très confiant que les relations vont se renforcer d avantage avec la diversification des services de BDO et aussi sa mise en place des services Outsourcing, BDO fait beaucoup de nouveaux investissements. L avenir me semble être comme un «ciel bleu». e-news In Focus 5 6 Our Smiling Secretaries Our People At the back: Dalida Juste, Dahari Kavita, Deepmala Seetohul, Connie Marie, Meela Treebhoobun, Reshma Beeharry, Marie Ange Ah Hee In Front: Ludmila Chellen, Ruqqayah Cassim, Corinne Lim Sui Fen, Magda Vivien 7 Kenya at 50 The morning is a wet one. Droplets of rain fall continuously from the dark ugly sky. The urge to sleep is stronger than ever before, and sleep had never been sweeter. All of a sudden there is this shrieking sound coming from something beside my bed. I turn and toss and struggle to make my barely open eyes as menacing as they can possibly ever get. Then with the resolution of a soldier, I face the noise maker. The blinking screen screams to me that the time is 7am, and that it is my time to wake up. I look at it, more menacingly this time, and I wonder why I have to have this love hate relationship with my alarm clock. So I think, do I or do I not? After all, it s a holiday we have gotten for free courtesy of our country s birthday. And in any case, should I or should I not go to the stadium where all the celebrations are being held or should I watch the same from the confines of my living room. Or should I sleep through it, after all, all my colleagues did very little to hide their excitement for what they called an extra day of uninterrupted sleep. Kenya The day is 12th December 2013, and the venue is Kasarani Sports Complex. The atmosphere is electrifying. Exactly 50 years ago, Kenya celebrated its independence from the United Kingdom. Today we honor the journey that the country has taken, the sacrifices that have been made in course of the journey, and we reflect on what lies in the horizon. Men, women, children, aged and young are all here and I am among them, for I have chosen to be counted. And so I scream from the top of my lungs; We are one. Pamoja twasonga mbele!. Happy birthday Kenya Based on a True Story David Wakanene is the BDO Enews Editor in Nairobi Kenya And so I choose to do it my way. I get out of the house, and despite the torrential rain at that hour, I trudge towards the national stadium. Along the way, I get company. First it s one, then two, then three. More and more people join the march, until it s a flow of human traffic. We all head there, committed to the cause. Rain or lack of it will not stop us. The few who remembered their umbrellas try frantically to cover the rest of us, but the end of it all, it s a lost battle. The umbrellas lose against the masses. BDO Kenya family expands as Irene weds. e-news Kenya 8 The climax of the day was this yummy cake Irene does a jig... And then jigs some more.. On 30 November 2013, we the BDO Kenya family experienced the grand moment of expanding our house when our very own Irene Obwaya made a lifetime commitment to her spouse and now husband, Mr Stephen Owino. The wedding attended by more than thirty staff members of BDO was held Nairobi. I had a brief discussion with Irene about this magnificent day and this is what she had to say; The young lady, Anne Migumo could barely hide her excitement. Happiest moment: When she and her husband were declared wife and husband respectively; Hopes and dreams for the future: That may the bond they share grow stronger with each rising sun and may they live happily ever after; Any advice to single BDO ers: That they should put in place effort and follow suit for it shall be one of the most awesome experiences they ever have. The BDO family wishes Irene Owino all the best as she charts the course of her new journey in life. The BDO family gets ready to deliver their gift to Irene Congratulations Irene. 9 Year End Luncheon Kenya Our year end luncheon was held on the 18th day of December at the executive Nairobi Safari Club. Phyllis with her lunch arsenal ready and steady Wangui and Anthony sharing a moment All smiles after a contented stomach Darshni Shah basks in the glory of the day Anthony, Gitahi and Justin converse over a plateful of meat BDO Ethiopia Joins hands with Economics Students Club at Addis Ababa University Ethopia e-news The Economics Students Research and Study Club is organized by economics students in Addis Ababa University and it has been working hard to equip the students and its members with the necessary knowledge and experience of research methodologies with the aim of making them excel in being problem solving researches. Despite Ethiopia s abundant opportunities and untapped potential, much of it has not yet been fully unleashed because of the gap that exists in research based decision-making and innovation (Entrepreneurship). In order to bridge this gap, it has become a necessity to create the aura of enthusiasm among the youth to be effective researchers. Thus, as economics majors, The Economics students Research and Study Club at Addis Ababa University (AAU) aspires to make all undergraduate economics students in AAU turn out to be great researchers who transform the country into a much better place for to live in. To realize this audacious dream, the Club has been giving continuous research courses by lecturers and guests from various disciplines and practices in Ethiopia. In addition, the Club conducts panel discussions and debates on different economics issues. Moreover, the Club is on the process of organizing a research competition among students. But most of all, the Club believes that the students need more exposure to the reality on the ground through internships in different organizations, and they are currently working on that. In order for them to succeed in their plans and contribute all we can for a better Ethiopia and Africa, BDO Ethiopia was pleased to accept the invitation from the Club to work with them through sharing experiences, giving inspirational lectures and internships. 10 Addis Abeba Bole area AddisAbaba by night Addis Abeba 11 Trip to Burkina Faso, Capital and Largest city in Ouagadougou, Africa Overseas Job Laeticia Jeewooth, Hamza Dawood, Dominique King (BDO UK), Colin Turnbull (BDO UK Director) New Jobs e-news 12 New Jobs African lion three limited Asian lion limited International Society of Sugarcane Technologists (ISSC) Deutsche Bank (Mauritius) Ltd Pension Scheme 13 ACCA Career Fair January 2014 Events Hon. Rajeshwar Jeetah, Minister of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology and Officials, visiting the BDO stand 14 EOY 2013 Events Francine Khejoo, Devianee Bhatoo, Marie Michele Brasse-Essool, Krystel Gerie, Mila Tauckoor, Marie Krystel Gerie,Mila Tauckoor,Marie-Marie Brasse, Manikon Ramsamy and Ally Nauzeer Shrishtee Baungally, Krishna Pandeea, Mohishma Shaymalia, Laeticia Jeewooth and Michael Too Michael Too and Eric Cotry Jhenan Kundun, Boodheerani Juggoo, Nuzhab Hisaund, Reshma Bhagwan, Caroline Lepoigneur, Deljoor Nooreena, Sharma Buldawo, Gary Lee Ping Ching and Cheung Chin Yan Kate Sharma Buldawo,Gary Lee, Kate Cheung Cherchez l intrus Teekeshwar Jeeboth,Fookeerah Vikash,Nima Parasadu,Annick Lavigilante,Prisca Veerappapillay, Marie Michele Brasse- Essool,Sabine Moosooliah,Shameem Badal and Francine Khejoo 15 EOY 2013 Events Kate Cheung Chin Yan, Caroline Lepoigneur, Sylvie Moonsamy, Shameem Sarailly and Purmessur Zaaki Shafiq Ramjaun, Ruwaida Khodabaccus, Gabriel Charoux, Tushmal Ramgulam, Tasvinduth Gukhool,Pradeep Bhurtun and Kim Lo Bernard Chan Youn Sen, Joanna Ngan Kuen Wye, Cindy Cheung and Yousouf Peer Ahmud Georges Chung Manikon Ramsamy, Ally Nauzeer, Francine Polidor,Salina Patel and Rummanah Kathrada Shabana Ghooloo, Krystel Gerie, Suheta Sookhun, Devianee Bhatoo, Ketty Babet and Shaheen Jewon EOY 2013 Big thanks to Connie Marie for the great show Events e-news 16 The artists-beatrice, Connie, Coindama, Francine, Yasseen, Annabella, Dissen, Urveena, Nessen, Gavin, Tracy, Martine, Reshma, Ashmita, Pravesh The CRM Group- Vinay Gungabissoon, Yaseen Beeharry, Preety Seechurn, Akhilesh Seewoosunkur, Aurelie Tota, Sylvie Moonsamy, Jason Mackjoo,Zinat Goolamamode, Pravin Hauzaree, Hemant Seeam EOY 2013 The Dance floor Events e-news 17 Une Sirene s est échouée sur la plage Hyderally Hossenally and Sultana Peerun At the back- Jeyssen Comarasamy, Kunal Bengoo, Ridhwan Sheik Rawa, Jibran Khadaroo, Irfaan Ayoob Cassim, Shajid Ramjan, Treevida Byaresingh, Aisling Ramdin, Rachna Raja Rai In front- Kritika Luchman, Koyal Soobarah, Amirah Curumthaulee Georges Chung, Feizal Allybokus and Pradeep Bhurtun Hyderally Hossenally and Sultana Peerun 18 Leasing sector study tour for high official of National Bank of Ethiopia and Private Sector Events Georges Chung Ming kan-partner/audit, Business Advisory & Insolvency Services, welcoming the Ethiopian study Tour. Frezer Ayalew, Awetash Tesfaye Habtemariam and Marie Louise Teng- Regulatory Contact Partner Mohammed 19 Events ISO Training Sylvie Moonsamy, Krishna Radhakeesoon Krishna Radhakeesoon, Yaseen Nujurally,Jason Mackjoo, Pravin Hauzaree Mario Layduhur, Karen Ladouceur, Kavin Oodunt 20 Visitor from Rwanda Events Georges Chung, Emmanuel Habireza and Kim Darga 21 Kenya The Mara Destination Welcome to the Maasai Mara, the 8th wonder of the world. Located at the south western region of Kenya, the Maasai Mara game reserve is the largest reserve in the country and globally known for its breath taking and famous wildebeests migration. For any of our BDO larger family travelling to Kenya, the Maasai Mara will offer you with an experience to behold. Lake Nakuru If you like birds then Lake Nakuru is one place to visit. It is only 2 hours away from Nairobi. The pink blanket created by the thousands of flamingos over the lake is an amazing view to behold. You can buy eco-friendly souvenirs made from the fallen feathers of the flamingos. 22 Mauritius Destination Ci-joint, une exceptionnelle photo de l île Maurice et de La Réunion, au clair de lune, prise par la NASA et l astronaute Karen L. Nyberg, dans la nuit du 25 au 26 août 2013 avant minuit (heure Réunion/Maurice). En haut, éclairée mais sous les nuages, on aperçoit l île Maurice et en-dessous, La Réunion. If you are in Mauritius in January, this is a Never Ending New Year, on the 17th is the Indian New Year, and on the 31st the Chinese New Year. At this time of the year, you must definitely go shopping in Wing Tai Cheong for Everything Chinese. Ethiopia If you are in Ethiopia in January, this is a time to celebrate the Ethiopian Christians Christmas on January 7, Mawlid (the birthday of prophet Mohammed) which is one of official Ethiopian Muslims holidays on January 13th and Ethiopian Epiphany (Timket) which is one of the greatest festivals of Ethiopia Christians is celebrated on January 19th. This incredible colorful and vibrant celebration attracts visitors from all over the world. Coffee drinking is an important social and cultural tradition in Ethiopia, and is practiced with ritualized and elaborate ceremonies. Indulge in a sweet Ethiopian coffee, traditional food, live cultural music, and dance in Addis Ababa (the capital city of Ethiopia) by visiting restaurants such as Yod Abyssinia and Desalech Restaurants. What s new? e-news 23 Read For You by Afsar Ebrahim : Uncommon Sense, Common NonSense by Jules Goddard and Tony Eccles There is nothing as useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all Peter Drucker Why some organisations consistently outperform others.this is a book for rational optimists. It brings new perspectives to old problems and argues for a change in the way modern organisations define their ends and designs their means of achieving them. It attacks the common nonsense behind so much managerial behaviour today, particularly the tired, cynical assumptions that underpin organisational routines, rituals and discussions. What s new? e-news 24 Welcome to BDO Family Adila Mathadkhan Group C (Azize) Mohkshada Bhuruth Internal Audit Thomas Birger Corporate Finance 25 Editorial Teams Editorial Team Mauritius Afsar Ebrahim Kim Darga Prisca Veerapppapillay Yaseen Beeharry Salina Patel Sylvie Moonsamy Ethiopia Liya Frew Kenya David Wakanene Design: Your feedback is vital in our quest for continuous improvement. If you feel that you have suggestions that will help us better this model, do send us your comments on We always welcome guest writers and invite those interested to join our team.
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