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D6N Track-Type Tractor Engine Engine (continued) Engine Model Cat C6.6 ACERT Net Power ISO kw 150 hp Emissions U.S. Tier 4 Interim/EU Stage IIIB Net Power ISO 9249 (DIN) 152 hp Gross Power SAE
D6N Track-Type Tractor Engine Engine (continued) Engine Model Cat C6.6 ACERT Net Power ISO kw 150 hp Emissions U.S. Tier 4 Interim/EU Stage IIIB Net Power ISO 9249 (DIN) 152 hp Gross Power SAE J kw 177 hp Net Power EU 80/1269/EEC 112 kw 150 hp Engine Power ISO kw 173 hp Weights Engine Power ISO (DIN) hp Operating Weight XL kg 36,392 lb Net Power SAE J kw 148 hp Operating Weight LGP kg 39,895 lb D6N Features Powerful Productivity Standard electro-hydraulic controls help improve precision and response. Dedicated hydraulics, differential steering and machine control systems aid overall productivity. Features like the Eco Modes and Auto Engine Speed Control help reduce overall fuel use. Operator Station Ease of operation, cab comfort and layout help keep operators focused and more productive. Engine and Emissions Technology Cat engine and aftertreatment solutions meet EPA/ARB U.S. Tier 4 Interim, EU Stage IIIB and MLIT (Step 4) emission standards. Integrated Technologies AccuGrade Ready Option feature means easy installation of the performance enhancing Cat AccuGrade system. Cat Product Link helps maximize utilization and control costs. Serviceability and Customer Support Ease of service, Cat dealer expertise and machine rebuild capability help to reduce overall owning and operating costs. Contents Operator Station...3 Engine...3 Emissions Technology...4 Powertrain...5 Implement and Steering Controls...6 Integrated Technologies...7 Cooling System...8 Undercarriage...9 Work Tools...10 Rear Implements...11 Sustainability...12 Value Packages...13 Serviceability and Customer Support...14 Specifications...15 Standard Equipment...19 Optional Equipment...20 Notes The D6N has earned reputation of being the machine that can be trusted to perform. It keeps material moving with the reliability, durability and comfort you expect from Cat machines. It is engineered to excel on the most demanding worksites and in every job from production dozing to fine grading. The new D6N not only combines this proven reliability with technologies reducing emissions. It further improves fuel efficiency and productivity, all the more when equipped with the latest technologies for which it is an excellent platform. Today s D6N is the best choice for customers in need of a versatile, easily transportable machine to do the job and help them meet their business objectives at a lower cost. Operator Station Designed for comfort, safety and high productivity An isolation-mounted pressurized cab reduces dust entry, noise and vibration. Large glass panels provide excellent visibility. Intermittent wipers maximize visibility in poor weather conditions. Heating and air conditioning controls are conveniently located. Temperature control is automatic. Updated dash and instrumentation streamline the display in a format that is more common across the Cat tractor line and keep the operator aware of any important information in his own language. Brightness and contrasts can be adjusted. Fully adjustable, the air suspended seat includes bolsters to restrain side-to-side movement and steep slope footpads ensure a comfortable position when working on slopes. The cab is pre-wired for a radio and includes two speakers, an antenna and a radio mount. A 10-Amp, 12-volt power converter provides supplemental power for cellular phones or two way radios. The cab also features convenient storage compartments, a cup and coat holder. Engine Power and reliability The D6N features a Cat C6.6 ACERT engine and a Cat Clean Emission Module to deliver the performance that customers demand, while meeting U.S. Tier 4 Interim, EU Stage IIIB and Japan MLIT Step 4 emission standards. The Cat C6.6 is an in-line configured engine. The ACERT Technology features advanced electronic control, precision fuel delivery, refined air management and aftertreatment technologies. The system is optimized based on engine size, the type of application and the geographic location in which it will work. To assure that our Tier 4 Interim technology will meet our customers expectations for reliable trouble-free service, we subjected these products to over one million operating hours of test and validation before sale of the first Tier 4 Interim machine. 3 Emissions Technology Reliable and transparent integrated solutions Cat NOx Reduction System The Cat NOx Reduction System captures and cools a small quantity of exhaust gas, then routes it into the combustion chamber where it drives down combustion temperatures and reduces NOx emissions. Aftertreatment Technologies Cat aftertreatment components have been designed to match application needs. System components include a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), which uses a chemical process to convert regulated emissions in the exhaust system, and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) that traps and removes soot until burnt off through regeneration. The DOC and DPF are contained in the Clean Emissions Module (CEM) that protects the components and simplifies maintenance. The CEM will control if regeneration needs to occur and soot level is monitored through the display. The aftertreatment is designed to remove particulate matter from the exhaust without the need for operator intervention or work cycle interruption. Cat Low Temperature Regeneration System The low temperature Passive Regeneration system works transparently, without any interaction needed from the operator. Under most conditions, engine exhaust temperature will oxidize soot through passive regeneration. In certain operating conditions, when exhaust temperatures might not be high enough, a back pressure valve automatically increases engine load, therefore restoring necessary exhaust temperature. This ensures transparent regeneration even at low temperatures or low load factor. Engine Idle Shutdown Timer This option (when activated by the operator) shuts down the engine after the machine has been idling for a pre-set period of time. Automatic Engine Speed Control (AESC) It reduces engine speed when the machine is not under load for more than five seconds, which can help reduce fuel consumption significantly depending on the application. 4 Powertrain Efficient, smooth and responsive power The power shift transmission and differential steering work in tandem with the engine to deliver the power, productive performance and reliability expected from Cat track-type tractors. High Efficiency Torque Divider The torque divider acts as a hydrodynamic component between the engine and transmission to provide high multiplication of torque and attain the best combination of operating efficiency and driveline reliability. Differential Steering System Differential steering maintains full power to both tracks to provide best-in-class turning with a loaded blade. When one track speeds up, the other slows down an equal amount. Maneuverability is improved, as well as cycle times in some applications. Multi Velocity Program (MVP) Maximize your production and fuel efficiency with this exclusive feature, which let you choose from different engine speed ranges to best match your applications and ground conditions. ECO Modes Standard Eco Modes (when activated) automatically reduce engine speed and are suited for light to medium loaded applications. Operators can select either the reverse only or the forward and reverse mode. Eco Modes can help save up to 25% of fuel depending on the application. 5 Implement and Steering Controls Ergonomically designed for ease of operation All controls are electro-hydraulic, which means precision and maneuverability. They are ergonomically designed for easy intuitive, comfortable and low effort operation. Blade response can be adjusted through the operator profile in the display. Steering and Transmission Controls: All in One Hand Differential steering controls give the maneuverability and precision needed in close areas or around structures. The single handle controls the direction (FNR switch) and degree of turns, forward-reverse shifting and gear selection. The thumb roller shifts the electronically controlled transmission and its Ground Speed Adjustment function enables precise speed control. The Speed Recall function allows you to easily save and recall the speed (forward) you want to operate with. Dozer and Rear Attachment Control Levers Dozer Control Joystick. The lever allows six-way control of the VPAT blade and the thumb rocker adjusts the blade angle. Standard electro-hydraulic control means simplified installation of the AccuGrade system. Integrated Ripper/Winch Lever. Rear attachments are controlled by the same lever and controls can be pre-configured for a ripper, a winch or both of them. Throttle Rocker Switch Press the Throttle Rocker switch, it will adjust the engine speed to high or low idle. Press and hold until desired engine speed is attained and then release, the machine will maintain this new chosen speed. Implement/Work Tool Lock-Out Switch Lock-out feature prevents inadvertent operation of hydraulic work tool attachments. Auto-Shift/Auto-Kickdown Switch The Auto-Shift function allows a pre-selection of four forward and reverse speed settings that will occur automatically for easy, efficient directional changes. Auto-kickdown allows the transmission to automatically downshift when significant load increases are detected, maximizing your productivity. 6 Integrated Technologies Solutions to make work easier and more efficient AccuGrade Ready Option The AccuGrade Ready Option (ARO) provides the pre-assembly that is required to make the AccuGrade machine control and guidance system installation quick and easy, ready to plug and play. The display support has been redesigned and makes the installation or removal of the display easier, thanks to two latches on the top of it. AccuGrade AccuGrade is a dealer installed machine control and guidance system which enables operators to cut and fill to grade with increased accuracy, minimizing the need for traditional stakes and grade checkers. AccuGrade uses advanced Laser, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and/or Universal Tracking Station (UTS) technology, machine-mounted components and off-board hardware. This state-of-the-art machine control system provides precise elevation information on an in-cab display to achieve accurate blade positioning. By displaying real-time cut/fill information in the cab, operators can improve their efficiency and get to grade faster with fewer passes than ever before. The AccuGrade System significantly improves the productivity and accuracy of grading equipment by as much as 50 percent over conventional methods. Rough Grade The D6N AccuGrade now includes the Rough Grade function; it allows the operator to control the tilt manually as long as the blade center is above design, while the AccuGrade system controls the blade height. When the blade center reaches the grade, an auto-lift control prevents the blade from going further down. This can increase your performance when operating manually. Cat Product Link Remote monitoring with Product Link improves overall fleet-management effectiveness. Product Link is deeply integrated into machine systems. Events and diagnostic codes, as well as hours, fuel, idle time and other detailed information are transmitted to a secure web based application, VisionLink. VisionLink includes powerful tools to convey information to users and dealers, including mapping, working and idle time, fuel level and more. 7 Cooling System Durable and efficient The engine radiator, Air To Air After Cooler (ATAAC), and hydraulic oil cooler are packaged in a single plane. Aluminum bar plate construction provides durability and allows for higher heat transfer and superior corrosion resistance. The standard cores feature 8.9 fins per inch (6.5 fins per inch for the Waste Handling Arrangement) to allow debris to pass through and reduce plugging. The engine mounted demand fan provides engine cooling capability that is matched to the ambient conditions. Fan speed is adapted to the cooling load and reduced when it is not needed to save fuel. An optional manual reversible fan (only available as direct drive) allows fan blades to be reversed manually to get opposite cooling air flow when ambient temperature is low. A sand blast grid can be located between radiator and fan and protects radiator from abrasive materials and debris. The new engine air filter strategy includes a cyclone precleaner that can be cleaned up several times simply with pressurized air. The air conditioner is mounted at the rear of the cab for optimum ambient capability. 8 Undercarriage Robustness and Performance The D6N features the elevated sprocket design that isolates final drives, axles, and steering components from harsh impacts. The modular design aids to reduce maintenance costs. A variety of undercarriage configurations and track shoe designs help optimize performance. SystemOne Undercarriage SystemOne can help reduce owning and operating costs in many applications. Lifetime sealed and lubricated cartridges eliminate bushing turns and sprockets require no replacement during the life of the chain. All SystemOne undercarriage components are designed to work and wear as a system for longer track life. Heavy Duty Undercarriage Heavy duty undercarriage is well-suited to aggressive applications like land clearing, side-slopes, or working in rocky or uneven terrain. Components are designed for extended wear life in abrasive conditions and high impact applications. XL, LGP and XL Fine Grading Versions The XL version performs well in applications with firm to soft underfoot conditions. The LGP undercarriage is designed for soft and swampy conditions. The XL Fine Grading version combines the LGP roller frame length with XL shoes for finish grading applications. All machines now have a stiffer equalizer bar, which enhances finish grading capabilities. 9 Work Tools Equipped for the job Load Sensing Hydraulics Field-proven, load-sensing hydraulics respond to operating requirements by automatically and continually adjusting hydraulic power to maximize work tool efficiency. Bulldozer and Blade Design The D6N features a new large spherical linkage bearing for an easier blade removal. Linkage bearings are designed for the life of the machine. VPAT blades now come AccuGrade Ready from factory with mounted brackets for AccuGrade receivers. AccuGrade angle sensor are better protected in the new centered position. Strong design allows Cat blades to stand up to the most severe applications. Variable Pitch Angle Tilt (VPAT) Blade This blade allows the operator to adjust the blade lift, angle and tilt simultaneously, using the same control. The blade pitch can also be adjusted, which can help increase productivity. Changing the blade pitch angle is now easier with the new pitch system. The versatility of the VPAT blade gives the D6N the ability to take on a variety of applications and material conditions, such as finish grading, spreading material or backfilling. Full track coverage can be achieved in one pass. VPAT Foldable Blade Designed to facilitate transportation without blade removal, foldable blades reduce the overall shipping width. The blade can be easily folded without the need for tools, and its design has been improved to make the folding process easier and quicker, with only one pin left to remove. Semi-Universal (SU) Blades (for XL versions only) This blade is built for tough applications where penetration and capacity are important. L-shaped push arms bring the blade closer to the machine, providing excellent maneuverability, balance and stability. When end bits are removed, the blade width reduces to 3 m (9.8 ft) to allow easier transportation. 10 Rear Implements Increased versatility Multi-Shank Ripper Parallelogram linkage design allows for better penetration and maneuverability in tight working areas. Winch For improved winch availability and configuration flexibility, dealers may order the D6N with a factory installed winch preparation package to allow the winch to be easily installed in the field. A single lever control actuates both clutch and brake functions to help improve operator efficiency. See your Cat dealer for available winch options. A dual control package is also available for machines that can be fitted either with a ripper or a winch. Drawbar The D6N can be equipped with a drawbar for retrieving other equipment or pulling work tools such as discs, compactors, or chopper wheels. 11 Sustainability Thinking generations ahead The Cat D6N is designed to benefit your business, and reduce emissions. Meets U.S. Tier 4 Interim, EU Stage IIIB and Japan MLIT Step 4. Fuel efficient engine, and features like the new Eco Modes Reverse and Forward/Reverse, Auto Engine Speed Control and the viscous clutch demand fan, help decrease overall fuel consumption. Technologies like AccuGrade and Product Link help improve overall efficiency, save fuel and fluids, as well as wear and tear on equipment. The D6N can be run on Biodiesels (20% maximum, mixed with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel) without reducing the life of the system. Biodegradable hydraulic oil is also available. Standard ecology drains provide an environmentally safer method to drain fluids from major components. Great visibility, grab handles, steps, remote pressure ports accessible from ground level help enhance job site safety. Major components are built to be rebuilt, eliminating waste and saving customers money by giving the machine and/or major components a second and even third life. 12 Value Packages Get more for less. Feature Packages Ripper or Winch Ready Packages Includes hydraulics, wiring and controls that are necessary to install a ripper or a winch to increase flexibility and reduce downtime. Dual Control Ready Package Offers versatility for customers who want to use a ripper and a winch on the same machine. Includes a common lever for both attachments and the necessary hydraulics to make installation easier. Maintenance Package Includes fast fuel and high speed oil change capability. Application packages Various Heavy Duty Guard Packages Several guard packages are available. Contact your Cat dealer for more information on these packages. Forestry Package This package includes several heavy duty guards for land clearing and forestry applications. Extensive Guarding helps protect critical machine components. A debris resistant cooling system helps reduce plugging and extend service life. Waste Handling Package Recommended for Landfill applications, it includes several Heavy Duty guards, protections and special final drive / Idler seal guards. They help keep damaging wires or debris out of the final drive and idler seals. Improved Cold Weather Package The standard machine includes glow plugs allowing a properly maintained engine to start at minus 18 C (0 F) with standard oil. The cold weather package includes ether starting aid, heavy duty batteries and 120V/240V jacket water heater that can bear temperatures below 18 C (0 F) with cold fluids at sea level. An optional electrical heated and insulated breather canister with a special coolant can bear 50 C (58 F). Contact custom products for waste handling, forestry and other specific application requirements. 13 Serviceability and Customer Support When uptime counts Accessible, Quick and Easy Maintenance Hinged engine doors provide easy access to grouped maintenance points. The engine air filter can be easily removed for inspection. A standard electric priming pump reduces efforts and time to prime the system. Service doors on the rear provide easy access to grouped pressure taps for quick testing of the Hydraulic system. A grease gun holder is located on the rear compartment. Secured Maintenance Steps and handles make climbing on and off the tractor easy and safe. Anti-slip surfaces are located on every needed surface for more safety while moving on the machine. Operator Presence Detection strategy and work
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