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  August 2012 Page 1  of 2   News Release For Immediate Release   Incisive copper technology magazine ‘ Copper Worldwide  ’  launches first Primary Industry Wallmap WIMBORNE, 6 August 2012  –   Industry Announcement: Building upon its successful launch in 2011, Copper Worldwide   magazine, distributed quarterly by post to 2,000 influential copper production and processing professionals worldwide, is pleased to announce the publication and availability for sale of its first, and the most comprehensive global Primary Industry Wallmap anywhere in the world to date, each copy of which comes with an eight page companion site directory.  The map has been painstakingly researched over a period in excess of six months in order to ensure its accuracy and coverage. The maps are printed on card and are ideal for wallhanging (Size: 1,000 mm wide x 690 mm high / 40” x 27.5”) . A limited quantity of the Copper Worldwide  Primary Industry Wallmap and Directory are available for direct purchase. KEY FEATURES The new Copper Worldwide  Primary Industry Wallmap is available in full colour showing a high level of detail including country borders, main towns and cities, ports and international airports, seas and oceans, plus the location of the world ’ s copper smelting facilities, refineries, heap leaching and electrowinning installations. The Wallmap’s full title is ‘ The Copper Worldwide 2012 Wallmap of Copper Smelters, Refineries and Run-of-Mine Cathode Producing Installations ’. The associated eight page directory contains a country by country plant listing of smelting and refining operations, with latest production and capacity figures where available, as well as ownership and project details. As such it is an invaluable source of information for commodity traders, exploration companies, global diversified miners, industry associations, investment bankers, media professionals, mining consultants, natural resources groups, stock exchanges and universities alike. The Publisher would also like to announce that Copper Worldwide   magazine’s companion website, launched in February 2012, is scheduled for a major update during August 2012. The site is an independent source of information relating to copper production and processing. If you wish to contribute in the form of reciprocal links, news, event, video or other information, please get in touch anytime.  August 2012 Page 2  of 2   BACKGROUND Copper Worldwide  is distributed free to managers involved in the various stages of the copper industry: production of primary or secondary copper and associated refining; recycling, melting and casting operations; processing of copper by extrusion and/or rolling; tube/wire drawing for the manufacture of semi-finished products or fabrications; manufacturing of components and structures from copper alloys; and the buying process for equipment and materials for carrying out the above processes. The first trial issues of Copper Worldwide  were distributed in July and October 2011. A quarterly pattern of publication was established with the January/February and March/April 2012 issues, with the July/August 2012 Wallmap issue being the latest in the series. The owner and publisher is Chris Holding, also Editor of  Aluminium Times magazine   since mid-2010. CONTACT DETAILS  Press Contact: Chris Holding, Editor & Publisher, Copper Worldwide  Magazine Website:
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