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The document consists of questions on critical thinking.
  1) You have only an 8-liter jug and a 3-liter jug. Both containers are unmarked.  You need exactly 4 litres of ater. !o can you get it if a ater faucet is handy#$) %hat can you add to 1 &&& &&& and alays get more than if you multi'lied the1 &&& &&& (y the same value# 3) etermine the common saying de'icted in these ver(al 'icture 'u**les. a. +, /0(. 0/2!+ /0+4) %hat is the &th num(er in this se5uence# +x'lain ho you got your anser. 11 16 $3 $7 3 41  ) etermine (oth one-ord ansers. 2he 9oor of shi' or (oat  2hey alk on me at sea:%here there;s a , make it an  t school you sit on me.%hat am # <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< =) 2he reason he gave the 'ress for leaving his jo( as illness and fatigue. 2hat asn;t exactly the truth and it asn;t exactly a lie. %hy did he leave# 6) etermine (oth one-ord ansers.nother ord for sick  Your forehead is 5uite hot:0o 'ut an ! in front  mountain  am not.%hat am #<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 8) >se the clues to solve the 'u**le.   duck a goose a goat and a horse all entered the (arn at di?erent times one day last eek.1)  mammal entered the (arn @rst.$) 2he duck entered (efore the goose.3) 2he goose entered ahead of the horse.%ho entered the (arn @rst# <<<<<<<<<<<< 7) etermine the common term or 'hrase de'icted in these ver(al 'icture 'u**les.a. ,!+2/+A (. 2 $$$$1&) >se the addition su(traction multi'lication and division sym(ols once each to make these e5uations true.a. =&& << $&& << 4&& << 3&& << $&&  $&&(. $&& << 3&& << =&& << 4&& << $&&  $&&11) %hile relaxing on the deck outside her ca(in one summer evening Civian fellinto a dee' trance-like slee'. %hen she aoke she felt as if she had sle't only an hour or to (ut it as no the middle of inter.!o could this (e#1$) %hat do you get hen a math teacher is a magician# <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  2a(le 3 in Dalhotra talks a(out chi-s5uare.  Eercentage interval to (e taken as .& or .&7,ritical value 2a(le 3 chi s5uare 2a(le 4 t-test 2a(le  ee the ' value Fcalculated) if they are less than &.& then the !o hy'otheses i.e. 0ull hy'othesis is rejected. f your ' value is more than .& then null hy'othesis is right and you are rong. n 0/C inde'endent varia(le should (e categorical ie non metric. ,luster and factor analysis (oth inde'endent varia(le 1&&-.&76G1&& 2he strength of the varianceH ho strongly it is creating im'act on y
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