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Create the Value
  Create the Value Page 1Create the Value: Market Segmentation Analysis and a Value PropositionMKTG522: An ntrodu!tion to Marketing Management Pro essor S!hauer Megan PurdyKeller Graduate S!hool o Managementmpurdy##$gmail%!om &o'em(er 11) 2*1+  Create the Value Page 2,hat is -ayles ord .rgani! /arm and 0hat makes them su!h a dra0 or !onsumers -ayles ord .rgani! /arm is lo!ated in the !ountryside o the nglish Cots0old3s and its o0ners are 4ord Anthony and 4ady am ord% 4ady am ord started the arm a ter !ontinually (eing rustrated at the idea o ser'ing her amily unhealthy and treated oods% .'er 6* years) these  partners ha'e trans ormed the land into one o the most su!!ess ul and long running organi! arms in the 7nited Kingdom% They are a ully 0orking and produ!ing arm that is open to the  pu(li! or tours and pur!hasing as 0ell as an onsite !ooking s!hool and e'en !ottages to a!!ommodate 0eekend 'isitors% ( -ayles ord tends to dra0 !onsumers that ha'e a similar desire to 0ant to eat !lean) !hemi!al ree) natural and organi! produ!ts% The arm has a set o prin!iples (y 0hi!h they run their (usiness% These prin!iples 0ould in turn (e 8uite appealing to indi'iduals that share those desires and the li estyle% The goal or aim o -ayles ord .rgani! /arm is to (e 1**9 sel su i!ient) not use !hemi!als on their land or animals) !reate a sa e en'ironment or 0ild li e and e'en reuse the rain0ater% They sour!e their oods responsi(ly) take !are to use re!y!led  pa!kaging) 0ork to prote!t the natural resour!es o the land that they use and 0ork to edu!ate others a(out the !on!ept o organi! and healthy li'ing% ( ,hat makes !onsumers 0ant to use organi! produ!ts and in!orporate them into their li estyles ,hen !onsumers (uy organi! produ!ts) they !an (e assured that they kno0 0here thema;ority o their ood is !oming rom% Most people simply !hoose organi! (e!ause they think it  ;ust tastes (etter% The a!t that the organi! arming industry is held to higher standards) espe!ially in urope is an added in!enti'e or (ene it% t gi'es !onsumers the assuran!e that they are pur!hasing produ!ts that meet the !riteria o the li estyle they ha'e esta(lished or themsel'esand their amily% The su!!ess o -ayles ord /arm !an greatly (e attri(uted to their reputation o !ontinually meeting these standards and the produ!tion o superior produ!ts or their !onsumers% -ayles ord /arm doesn3t a!tually make any produ!t on their premises) 0hi!h in turn !an help to keep the !ost o their day to day (usiness do0n% They instead sour!e their (usiness out to other  Create the Value Page 6likeminded suppliers that 'alue the 8uality and sustaina(ility o their produ!ts% ( ,hen looking at the ideal market or target groups or ne0 produ!ts and (usinesses) there are a num(er o di erent 'aria(les to (e !onsidered% Some o the in!lude the geographi! region  (eing !onsidered) the si<e o that lo!ation and the type o area it is) the !limate o the area) the age demographi!) amily si<es and their li e !y!les) genders) in!ome and o!!upation) edu!ation) religion) ra!e and nationality) so!ial !lass) li estyle) personality) (ene its) usage rates) and the loyalty) readiness and attitude o the potential market% (Armstrong & Kotler, 2014, 2012, 2010)   (elie'e that the need o the produ!t and the (usiness should also (e strongly !onsidered as 0ell as the history o su!!ess or ailure in other areas as 0ell% n terms o the potential market or organi! arms in the 7nited States) it !an (e said that the market is in!reasing relati'ely 8ui!kly% This market !an (e a 'ery pro ita(le and sustaina(le (usiness or those in agri!ulture that ha'e interest in (e!oming !erti ied% There is a pro;e!tion or !ontinuous and steady gro0th o =9 or higher% The organi! arming and ood market is still 8uite ne0 and resh) (ut studies ha'e sho0nthat (et0een 2**2 and 2*11) there 0as a 2+*9 in!rease o !erti ied organi! arms) ran!hes and  pro!essing a!ilities% The top states or organi! arming in!lude Cali ornia 0ith 2*9) ,is!onsin) &e0 >ork and ,ashington) (ut all 5* states do ha'e some orm o organi! arms) ran!hes or  pro!essing a!ilities% t seems that geographi!ally) the market or organi! arming is strong on the ,est Coast sin!e the !limate) the demographi!) the li estyle and the personalities o the !onsumers in that area are in line 0ith this parti!ular market% A large amount o sales) ++9) a!tually o!!ur 0ithin 1** miles o the arm or the ran!h% As o 2**+) o'er 5*9 o sales o!!urredeither lo!ally or regionally% (Laux, 201) As 0ith any (usiness 'enture) three are al0ays going to (e potential risks in'ol'ed% ?o0e'er) the !on!ept o organi! arming there is a 'ery strong potential or gro0th 0ithin the market% This predi!tion o gro0th !omes rom the trends o the !onsumers themsel'es% Consumers today are (e!oming more and more !ons!ious o the issues that may a e!t the oods and other produ!ts that are ser'ed to their amilies% ?ealthy eating and li estyles are ;ust a  passing ad as some may ha'e thought) (ut is a trend that !arries signi i!ant 0eight and 'alue in so!iety today% .ther points to o!us on in the marketing is that organi! arming has to meet  Create the Value Page +stri!t standards) so !onsumers !an (e assured they are getting 8uality produ!ts% The ood tastes signi i!antly (etter) organi! produ!ts !an help to redu!e health risks 0hi!h in turn !an help the o'erall health o the nation% .rgani! arms are also e!o riendly and responsi(le in regards to their use o 0ater) the land and nature 0hi!h 0ill also attra!t !onsumers% This is !ausing more and more ood and (e'erage manu a!turers to (egin de'eloping their o0n lines o organi!  produ!ts as 0ell% (!nternat onal #rade, 2002) n !hoosing a geographi! lo!ation to o!us on) Cali ornia 0ould (e a prime lo!ation  (ased on the !limate and the a(ility to produ!e and !ulti'ate !rops and produ!t year round% The state also has a large population and the demographi! and li estyle o the population supports the !on!ept o organi! and healthy li'ing% Cali ornia also has a 'ery di'erse and multi!ultural  population 0hi!h is a positi'e% The key target group o !onsumers 0ould more than likely (e 0orking indi'iduals) more than likely amilies that are (et0een the ages o 6*5* 0ith mid to higher le'el in!omes% They 0ill also most likely (e 8uite health !ons!ious and !are a(out itnessas 0ell as 0anting to pro'ide their amilies 0ith the (est nutrition possi(le) espe!ially 0hen it !omes to their !hildren% @esear!h has also ound that Cali ornia is the leading state in organi! sales at 69% The potential re'enue o sales o organi! produ!ts as o 2**B 0as up to 6%2  (illion) this 0as up rom 1%# (illion in 2**#% n ;ust one year) the popularity and sales o organi! produ!ts dou(led its earnings%  (Laux, 201) ,hen de'eloping the 'alue proposition or marketing the !on!ept o organi! arming) 0e need to !onsider the (ene its and eatures that 0ill (e attra!ti'e to the !onsumer and 0ill help to dra0 them in and then maintain the relationship that is (eing (uilt% n regards to the un!tional  (ene its o organi! arming and pur!hasing) the !onsumers kno0 that they are getting high 8uality produ!ts% The organi! ood market is a(le to o er !onsumers high 8uality produ!ts than more mainstream manu a!turers% All organi! armers ha'e to meet a high le'el o standards and that it !an gi'e !onsumers pea!e o mind in kno0ing that they are (uying produ!ts ree o !hemi!als and other dangerous additi'es% The emotional (ene its eDperien!ed (y the !onsumer !omes rom the a!t that they kno0 they are pro'iding !lean and healthy produ!ts or their amilies as 0ell as helping the en'ironment sin!e organi! arms sour!e responsi(ly as 0ell as !onsider the 0ater) land and nature% They !an also kno0 that they are helping to support lo!al
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