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NEGOTIATIONS PART 1 - DEFINE NEGOTIATIONS PART 2 - NEGOTIATION SKILLS PART 3 - PLANNING PART 4 - BARGAINING PROCESS PART 5 – CLOSING PROCESS PART 1 DEFINE NEGOTIATIONS What is Negotiation? A communication between two or more parties to determine the nature of future behavior Any discussions to reach an agreement Happens everywhere and in every setting To reach an agreement or reconciliation What is Negotiable? ANYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE IF YOU ARE WILLING TO INVEST YOUR TIME AND EFFORT IN T
  NEGOTIATIONS PART 1 - DEFINE NEGOTIATIONSPART 2 - NEGOTIATION SKILLSPART 3 - PLANNINGPART 4 - BARGAINING PROCESSPART 5 – CLOSING PROCESS  PART 1 DEFINENEGOTIATIONS  What is Ne!tiati! # A $!%%& i$ati! 'et(ee t(! !) %!)e *a)ties t! +ete)%i e the at&)e !, ,&t&)e 'ehai!)A . +is$&ssi! s t! )ea$h a a)ee%e t /a**e s ee).(he)e a + i ee). setti T! )ea$h a a)ee%e t !) )e$! $i0iati!
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