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Development ,00 25/09/2017 Vimercate EP200 SAP NetWeaver Portal - System Administration ,00 11/09/2017 Vimercate EP350 Innovated Content Management and Collaboration richiesta EWM100 Processes in SAP Extended Warehouse Management - Overview ,00 03/07/2017 Vimercate EWM110 Basic Customizing in SAP EWM ,00 17/07/2017 Vimercate EWM120 Customizing Additional Topics in EWM ,00 EWM125 Labor Management in SAP EWM 1 625,00 08/09/2017 Vimercate EWM900 Extended Warehouse Management Developer Workshop ,00 11/09/2017 Vimercate FS240 Shared Processes for Loans and Deposits Management in Banking Services from SAP richiesta FS241 SAP Loans Management in Banking Services from SAP richiesta FS242 Deposits Management in Banking Services from richiesta FS245 Payment Engine Overview richiesta FS250 Bank Analyzer Overview in Banking Services from SAP richiesta FS251 Accounting for Financial Instruments in SAP for Banking richiesta FS252 Risk Management in Banking Services from SAP richiesta FS253 Banking Services richiesta FS300 SAP Insurance Overview richiesta FS310 FS310_98 SAP Collections and Disbursements richiesta FS315 SAP Collections and Disbursements - 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Building OData Services ,00 26/06/2017 Vimercate HA100 SAP HANA Introduction ,00 26/06/2017 Vimercate HA150 SQL and SQL Script Basics for SAP HANA ,00 04/05/2017 Vimercate 10/07/2017 Vimercate 11/09/2017 Vimercate 16/11/2017 Vimercate HA200 SAP HANA Installation & Operations ,00 08/05/2017 Vimercate 10/07/2017 Vimercate 18/09/2017 Vimercate HA215 SAP HANA Monitoring and performance analysis ,00 18/05/2017 Vimercate HA215 SAP HANA Monitoring and performance analysis ,00 20/07/2017 Vimercate 21/12/2017 Vimercate HA240 Authorization, Security and Scenarios ,00 29/05/2017 Vimercate 24/07/2017 Vimercate 12/10/2017 Vimercate 04/12/2017 Vimercate HA250 Migration to SAP HANA using DMO ,00 31/05/2017 Vimercate 07/08/2017 Vimercate 19/10/2017 Vimercate 28/12/2017 Vimercate HA300 SAP HANA Modeling ,00 15/05/2017 Vimercate 17/07/2017 Vimercate 25/09/2017 Vimercate HA350 SAP HANA Data Provisioning ,00 30/05/2017 Vimercate 02/08/2017 Vimercate 03/10/2017 Vimercate HA355 SAP HANA Smart Data Integration richiesta HA400 ABAP Programming for SAP HANA ,00 23/05/2017 Vimercate 25/07/2017 Vimercate 19/09/2017 Vimercate 28/11/2017 Vimercate HA450 Application Development for SAP HANA ,00 14/06/2017 Vimercate 30/08/2017 Vimercate 25/10/2017 Vimercate 20/12/2017 Vimercate HCP100 SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) richiesta HR050 Business Processes in Human Capital Management ,00 25/09/2017 Vimercate HR110 Business Processes in Human Capital Management Payroll ,00 08/06/2017 Vimercate HR250 Employee Self Service richiesta HR260 Manager Self-Service richiesta HR270 SAP HCM Enterprise Learning (LSO) richiesta HR280 SAP HCM Processes and Forms richiesta HR305 Master Data Configuration ,00 09/10/2017 Vimercate HR306 Configuration of Time Recording ,00 HR310 Time Evaluation with Clock Times ,00 15/05/2017 Roma HR316 SAP E-Recruiting richiesta HR350 Programming in Human Capital Management richiesta HR400 Payroll Configuration ,00 19/06/2017 Vimercate HR465 Italia Payroll Configuration richiesta HR505 Organizational Management ,00 HR510 Personnel Development and Performance Management ,00 08/05/2017 Vimercate HR515 Training and Event Management ,00 29/05/2017 Vimercate HR580 Analytics and Reporting in Human Capital Management richiesta HR940 Authorizations in SAP HR ,00 19/07/2017 Vimercate HY100 SAP Hybris Commerce Product Overview richiesta HY200 SAP Hybris Commerce Functional Analyst richiesta HY300 hybris Commerce System Administrator richiesta HY400 SAP Hybris Commerce Developer Part richiesta HY410 SAP Hybris Commerce Developer Part richiesta HY430 SAP Hybris Data Hub richiesta HY440 SAP Hybris Commerce Order Management richiesta HY465 hybris Commerce Cockpit NG Developer richiesta HY500 SAP Hybris Commerce End User richiesta HY600 hybris - SAP Solution Integration richiesta HY750 SAP Hybris Marketing Customization & Integration richiesta IBP100 SAP Integrated Business Planning - Overview ,00 24/05/2017 Vimercate IBP200 SAP IBP Platform Features & Configuration ,00 12/06/2017 Vimercate IBP300 SAP IBP Advanced Configuration richiesta IBP400 SAP IBP Inventory Optimization ,00 10/07/2017 Vimercate IBP500 SAP IBP Supply Chain Control Tower richiesta IBP600 SAP IBP for Demand ,00 12/07/2017 Vimercate IBP700 SAP IBP Multilevel Supply Planning ,00 12/09/2017 Vimercate IBP800 SAP IBP for Response & Supply Planning ,00 10/10/2017 Vimercate ICP310 Sales and Distribution and Allocation Run richiesta ICP320 SAP Apparel and Footwear Materials Management and Production Planning richiesta ICP700 SAP Fashion Management - Overview richiesta IRT310 Master Data in SAP for Retail richiesta IRT320 Pricing, Promotions, and Markdowns richiesta IRT360 Store Connections in SAP for Retail richiesta IUT110 Business Processes in SAP for Utilities richiesta IUT210 Master Data and Basic Functions in SAP for Utilities richiesta IUT220 Device Management richiesta IUT222 AMI SAP for Utilities richiesta IUT225 Energy Data Management richiesta IUT230 Billing and Invoicing richiesta IUT235 Real-Time Pricing (RTP) richiesta IUT240 Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable richiesta IUT250 Customer Service richiesta IUT255 Integration of SAP CRM and SAP for Utilities richiesta IUT260 IC WebClient for Utilities richiesta JA100 SAP J2SE Fundamentals richiesta MDG100 SAP Master Data Governance richiesta MDG101 SAP Master Data Governance Functions and Consolidation richiesta MDG102 SAP Master Data Governance Configuration richiesta MOB01 SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 Fundamentals and Best Practices richiesta MOB10 SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (SP03) Administration richiesta MOB20 SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 (SP03) Development richiesta MOB300 SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 Agentry Essentials richiesta MOB310 Accessing SAP Data using SAP Work Manager richiesta MOB320 SAP Agentry Work Manager for IBM Maximo richiesta MOB400 SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 m-commerce Services Development (SAP Mobiliser) richiesta NET200 Developing BSP Applications richiesta NET310 Fundamentals of Web Dynpro for ABAP ,00 11/09/2017 Vimercate NET311 Advanced Web Dynpro for ABAP richiesta NET312 UI Development with Web Dynpro for ABAP richiesta NET313 Floor Plan Manager (FPM) for Web Dynpro ABAP richiesta PAII10 SAP Predictive Analytics richiesta PLM100 Business Processes in Life-Cycle Data Management richiesta PLM114 Basic Data for Manufacturing and Product Management ,00 15/05/2017 Vimercate P
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