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CE320 Operation and Instruction Manual Copyright 2005, Fluitec International. All rights reserved Rev.. F-3.7 IMPORTANT NOTE The RULER is designed to quickly detect the oxidative health from lubricants
CE320 Operation and Instruction Manual Copyright 2005, Fluitec International. All rights reserved Rev.. F-3.7 IMPORTANT NOTE The RULER is designed to quickly detect the oxidative health from lubricants and provides information which is complementary to existing oil analysis techniques. Fluitec International does not offer recommendations to Customers as to when lubricants or fluids should be changed. Fluitec International does not accept liability for any decisions regarding the use of RULER data. Decisions regarding oil changes or additive replenishments is the sole responsibility of the Customer. Customers should always establish their own criteria taking into account other important factors that affects the fluid s integrity. Today the RULER & R-DMS has been implemented by Industries worldwide contributing to oil monitoring and changeout programs. Fluitec would like to thank you for purchasing the RULER products. We hope you find the RULER Product to be an enhancement tool in your oil condition monitoring program. For Information or Technical Support on RULER Products, call or mail to: Europe: N. America Nieuwbrugstraat, , Newborn Road PO Box 597 B-1830 MACHELEN/BRUSSELS RUTLEDGE, GA Belgium USA Tel: Tel: Fax: Fax: Web: Table of Contents 1. Introduction Recommended Resources and Publications Features and Benefits Specifications 5 2. Safety Information and Warnings Important User Safety Information Chemical Reagents Information 6 3. Equipment and Accessories Unpacking and Installation Unpacking Installation Communication with USB/Serial adaptor 9 5. RULER Technology RULER Method R-DMS Ruler Data Management Software RULER Instrument Features & specifications Quick Charge Circuit with charge indicator Rechargeable Battery Pack/Replacement Automatic Shutoff Connectors Communication Interface (including USB) RULER Probe Probe Handling and RULER Calibration Instrument Controls RULER Instrument Keypad Functions RULER Operation RULER Terminology 17 Standard Measurements 17 Used Oil Measurements 17 Page II 9. Sample Testing Start Up Sample Information Entering sample information Entering comments Change Test Type Save and Recall Graphing Results Running Tests RULER Test Solutions and Calibration Function of RULER Solution Vials Calibration procedures Running a Standard The Basis of Comparison Oil Testing Procedures Saving the Standard Running a Used Sample Choosing a Standard Oil Testing Procedure Interpreting Test Results Recalling a Test RULER Test Solutions Function of RULER Test Solutions Solution Handling and Disposal RULER Solutions Application Table RULER certification and warranty statements Calibration and validation instrument RULER Troubleshooting Tips 32 Some Quick Troubleshooting Tips 33 Page III 1 Introduction The RULER provides measurement of the oxidative resistance levels for mineral and synthetic hydrocarbon oils, ester based and biodegradable oils. With the ability to monitor antioxidant levels, the RULER /RDMS System can quantify antioxidant levels of incoming and stored supplies, as well as additive depletion in used oils. RULER can be used to help determine proactively oil change intervals, and to extend change intervals through timely antioxidant additive replenishments. It can be used to detect certain abnormal operating conditions prior to equipment failure when depletion rates change abruptly. The RULER uses voltammetric techniques to measure the amount of antioxidants in new and used oil, controlled by the microcomputer in the instrument. To use this technique, however, all the user has to know is how to properly set up and conduct a test. This manual provides important information regarding safety, technical reference, installation requirements, operating condition specifications, users facility resource requirements, and operating instructions. In addition this manual should be used in conjunction with applicable published laboratory procedures. Information on these procedures is given below in section 1.2 Page 4 1.2 Recommended Resources and Publications American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) 100 Barr Harbor Drive West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania Tel: / Fax: ASTM Publications: ASTM D Standard Practice for In-Service Monitoring of Lubricating Oil for Auxiliary Power Plant Equipment ASTM D-4378 Standard Practice for In-Service Monitoring of Lubricating oils for Steam and Gas turbines ASTM D Standard Test Method for Measurement of Hindered Phenolic Antioxidant Content In Turbine Oils by Linear Sweep Voltammetry. ASTM D Standard Test Method for Measurement of Hindered Phenolic and Aromatic Amine Antioxidant Content In Turbine Oils by Linear Sweep Voltammetry 1.3 Features and Benefits Compact and completely portable palm unit Easy to use software Powered by Windows CE Easy to operate super flex touch screen controls 320 x 240 pixels LCD back lighted touch screen Touch screen with Automatic contrast temperature compensation Unit can store sample data for over 100 tests Easy Communication via RS 232 communication port/link to Personal Computers Long Life Lithium-Ion battery with Backup reserve Integrated charge status and low-battery indicator with Intelligent fast charge Custom durable Screw-on probe for test solution vials Palm unit equipped with Intel, Strong Arm SA 1100, 190 MHz, 32 bit RISC processor Memory: 16 Meg DRAM and 16 Meg of NAND Memory Fully tested for harsh and industrial environment 1.4 Specifications Model: CE 320 Electrical specs: Circuitry designed to optimize the use of voltammetry in a Volt range for lubricants Power Supply: 1 rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack, with Separate rechargeable Lithium-manganese backup battery AC Adaptor: 120 VAC 60 Hz or 220 VAC 50/60 Hz Page 5 Environmental: Sealed meets IP67 (Immersion), MIL-STD-810E method procedure (Rain) and method procedure 1 (immersion) Withstand electrostatic Charge (meets EN ) Temperature Range: -30 C to +50 C / -22 F to +122 F Unit dimensions: 2.36 H x 4.08 W x 9.74 L Weight: 1.5 lbs (840 g) Approval: FCC, Class A, CE certification Shock Resistant: meets MIL-STD-810E method procedure 4, CEI method 1 2 Safety Information and Warning 2.1 Important User Safety Information Safety Consideration. The Use of this equipment may involve hazardous materials and operations. This manual does not purport the address all of the safety problems associated with the use of the equipment. It is the responsibility of any user of this equipment to investigate, research and establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. Equipment Modifications and Replacement Parts. Any modification or alteration of this equipment from that of factory specifications is not recommended voids the manufacturer warranty, product safety, performance specifications, and/or certifications whether specified or implied, and may result in personal injury and/or property loss. Replacement parts must be O.E.M. exact replacement equipment. Please refer to section 7.2. Do not drop or place the RULER instrument or probe in a hazardous location. Careless handling or misuse can damage this precision electronic device. Always keep the probe in its protective vial when not in use. 2.2 Chemical Information RULER test solutions The RULER Instrument uses patented techniques and formulations, referred to as RULER Solutions. RULER Solutions are designed for specified applications and should be used only as directed in this manual. Page 6 Do not use the RULER instrument with any other solvents or solutions. Probe damage could results from using non-specified solvents. The RULER Solutions are Acetone and Alcohol based solutions (flammable). As with all flammable solvents, the user should take precautions not to expose the solutions, or their vapors, to open flame or spark. General safety information on hazardous solutions: Keep away from heat, sparks, open flames and other sources of ignition Do not smoke Keep vials closed Use with proper ventilation, preferably in a hood Irritant May cause eye irritation and transient injury; may also cause irritation to skin, digestive system, and respiratory tract Avoid inhalation of vapors Wash any possible exposed areas thoroughly after handling After completing RULER test procedures, observe the same precautions in the disposal of used RULER Solutions as with other shop solvents. Use appropriate hand and eye protection when handling solvents. RULER Solutions are flammable. Do not use near fire or flame. We also recommend reading and consulting the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information provided with the test solutions. 3. Equipment and accessories Component checklist RULER CE 320 instrument with RULER probe, RS232 interface and communication cable, 220VAC Power adapter. Accessories Micropipetter and tips RULER test solutions Cleaning materials Carrying case Operation and Instruction manual As the RULER method is a quantitative analysis, a precision micropipetter should be used with your RULER Instrument. Choose a fixed volume micropipettor, of 50µl, 100µl, or 200µl volumes, appropriate to sample sizes recommended for the oils you are using. Page 7 Alcohol cleaning pads and Tissue Wipes are recommended by the manufacturer as high quality materials for cleaning the probe tip. Any abrasive papers or compounds are not recommended for probe cleaning. 4. Unpacking and Installation 4.1 Unpacking Carefully unpack and place the equipment in a secure location. Ensure that all parts and accessories listed in the previous section are present. Inspect the unit and all accessories for damage. If you find any damage, keep all packing materials and immediately report the damage to the carrier. We will assist you with your claim, if requested. When submitting a claim for shipping damage, request that the carrier inspect the shipping container and equipment. Do not return goods to Fluitec without written authorization. 4.2 Installation The instructions for preparing the equipment assume that the user is aware of the contents of this document, which lists the warranty conditions and important precautions. Read and understand all instructions and warnings in this manual. Power: Connect the AC adapter to the gray communication cable. The communication cable has two functions, allowing the RULER to communicate with the PC and charging it's battery as well. Connect the AC adapter to the communication cable by means of a short second cable with a round plug which you can locate at the end of the cable that plugs in the computer. Connect the AC power plug to a properly fused and grounded receptacle with the correct voltage as indicated in section 1.4 or on the information plate of the AC Adapter. Communication: Connect the RS232 from the CE320 communication port (COM PORT) to your computer. Attention: Since the «Com»and «Probe» ports on the Ruler are similar, they are marked as Probe and Com Port. Please make sure that you always plug the gray communication cable in the Com Port Unit placement: 1. Connect the probe to the probe cable. 2. Connect the RULER instrument to the communication and charging cable and wait until the rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack is fully charged. The indicator should light red while charging. Full charge takes approximately 4 hrs. The CE320 intelligent charging system will stop charging and the indicator will light green when the battery is completely recharged. 3. To start the calibration process of the battery, power up the unit, select CTRL/F2, select file, and press start calibration battery. This process may take 1,5 to 2 days time, for a full calibration of the battery, by leaving the unit connected to the power adaptor. Page 8 4.3. Getting connected with USB-Serial adapter In case you have no Serial Communication Port on your PC, you may have to use a USB/serial adapter for getting connected with the RULER. Follow these steps for proper setup of the communication between the RULER CE320 and your laptop or PC/ Follow the links throughout the steps below for more information on a particular step 1. Install the supplied USB to serial port adapter per the manufacturer's instructions (installing the correct drivers and software) if you have your own adapter please consult Fluitec in order to avoid communication errors. 2. Install the RDMS software 3. Install the ActiveSync software 4. Install the supplied communication patch file 5. Connect the lemo communication cable to the RULER CE Connect the lemo communication cable to the USB to serial port adapter 7. Connect the USB connecter of the USB to serial port adapter to your laptop or PC ActiveSync will begin to communicate Figure a : COM-PORT connector on the RULER CE320 Page 9 Figure b: how to connect the communication cable to the AD-adaptor cable Page 10 5. RULER Technology - Introduction 5.1 RULER METHOD The test can be performed with any lubricant containing at least one antioxidant. The test vial is prepared by mixing an oil sample with a low toxicity solution. Using voltammetric techniques, the RULER applies a controlled voltage through an electrode inserted into a prepared sample. As the potential increases the antioxidants become chemically active causing current to increase producing an oxidation wave. In this method, the voltage range of the oxidation wave is related to the identity of the antioxidant, and the peak value indicates the concentration of the antioxidant. The peak value of the oxidation wave is directly related to the concentration of the antioxidants in the sample. The test results are displayed on the computer screen when the test is completed. The oxidation wave produced is viewed and the values are presented in RULER Numbers, which can be used to track antioxidant depletion rates. RULER Numbers decrease as antioxidants are depleted thus it is possible to track depletion from test to test as degradation occurs. The instrument compares the RULER Number of a used oil sample with that of a fresh oil sample (Standard) of the same formulation to determine the percentage of the Remaining Useful Life of the used oil. Through time-series testing, the Remaining Useful Life of a lubricant can be monitored and determinations can be made to predict when rapid changes in the base stock are likely to begin. Based on RULER results, decisions can be made regarding oil changes or additive reinforcement to extend the useful life of the oil. RULER levels must be established for a given piece of equipment and used to make proper decisions. 5.2 R-DMS, Ruler Data Management Software R-DMS, is a Windows based software designed for the RULER CE 320. It allows end-users to download RULER field data from the CE320 field unit to desktop software. With R-DMS, the user can maintain large databases, trend time-series testing, view multiple tests, and export data to other formats. Please see the accompanying R-DMS, software manual for details. Page 11 6. RULER Instrument 6.1 Features & specifications The RULER is a portable oil analysis instrument that can measure the antioxidant levels of oils and lubricants in seconds. It is easy to use; requires less than 0.5 ml of a test sample, and is ideal for field tests, maintenance facilities, and oil analysis laboratories. 6.2 Quick Charge Circuit with Charge Indicator & Communication cable The RULER is powered by a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. When the low battery indicator becomes visible, RULER test results may become inaccurate The RULER instrument is designed with an intelligent quick charging circuit. When the low battery indicator is on, you can continue to operate your instrument only while charging. The AC adapter connects to the gray communication cable that at the end of the cable plugs in the computer /there is a short second cable with a round plug on it, this is where the AC Adapter plugs into. Once the unit is connected, the recharging circuit will immediately begin a fast charge to the Lithium-ion Battery Pack. Full charge takes approximately 4 hours. The built-in Charge Indicator Light (located on front panel) signifies when the Lithium-ion battery is being charged. The Charge Indicator Light changes from red to green light, when the battery is fully charged. Note: the unit can not be turned off while charging. 6.3 Rechargeable Battery Pack / Replacement The RULER is powered by a special Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. The compartment is located in the back of the RULER instrument The recharging must be done when the battery is at a temperature between 0 C (32 F) and 45 C (113 F) to preserve the battery integrity. The built- in Charge Indicator Light goes yellow if the battery is too hot or cold to be charged and the charging system is disabled. It is prohibited to open the battery compartment or remove the battery. It is strongly advised for battery problems to contact Fluitec. Liability will be waived when this has not been respected. To start the calibration process of the battery, power up the unit, select CTRL/F2, select file, and press start calibration battery. This process may take 1.5 to 2 days time, for a full calibration of the battery, by leaving the unit connected to the power adaptor. Page 12 A few tips to make sure you will experiences the maximum benefits from the rechargeable battery Battery calibration The CE320 includes a power gauge to monitor the power remaining in the battery at any time (Good, Low, Very low) and the estimated remaining time and percentage. When calibrated the battery status indicator will flash when the battery reaches the Battery Warning Level. To be operation the Power Gauge needs to be calibrated. This procedure could take up to 20 hours. A non-calibrated battery does not affect the battery life, nor the charging duration. The calibration only allows the CE320 user to accurately report the remaining capacity of the battery and to enable the Battery Status Indicator to blink when the battery reaches the warning level. To start the calibration procedure, select ALT+F2. In the next screen select in the menu, File, and Start Calibration. The result of the calibration will be given at the end of the cycle. Short term storage You generally do not have to worry about the battery life time. When turned off with fresh batteries, you can store the CE320 unit for several days without needing to recharge them. Long term storage For a storage period of a few days or weeks it is recommended to keep the RULER unit on charge. The main battery will be fully charged, then the charger will go in idle mode. Data and programs will be preserved. If the unit is not on charge, you may lose your programs and data after 1 to 2 weeks. Low battery message: after several hours of usage, the main battery will become low. A screen with the message The main battery very low will appear when there is still some power to continue to work. The level at which it appears is adjustable (control panel power) This message will re-appear from time to time (about four minutes) to remind you to charge the unit. Backup battery maintenance The RULER CE320 unit has a built-in backup battery, allowing you to keep programs and data in the CE320 memory for years without being replaced. Being rechargeable and protected against deep discharge, the backup battery will not need to be replaced during the expected life time of the RULER CE320. Even if the battery is too low to power the CE320, enough energy remains to power the memory for weeks without using the backup battery. The backup battery is recharged every time you recharge the unit. The backup battery is also recharged from the main battery even if the unit is not charging. The backup battery low message will appear when the date is still secure but the backup battery needs to be recharged. Page 13 6.4 Automatic Shutoff If the CE 320 remains inactive for more than 3 minutes, it will turn off automatically. The CE 320 will save the exact status of your application
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