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Compliance Training Performance Improvement Project - New Learning Management System Research Administrator Forum December 7 and 9, 2014 Project History Faculty members are required to complete multiple
Compliance Training Performance Improvement Project - New Learning Management System Research Administrator Forum December 7 and 9, 2014 Project History Faculty members are required to complete multiple compliance and training requirements upon hire and on an ongoing annual basis. Feedback on current process and systems from faculty was negative and faculty were asking for a better solution to meet training requirements. In June, 2013, the FPP approved a project charter for an initiative that would create a workgroup composed of faculty, business managers, IT personnel, and representatives from the various compliance and training offices, charged with developing recommendations for creating a faculty-centric, user-friendly, coordinated process for notification, completion and tracking of compliance and training requirements. 2 Project Goals Develop a physician-centric single portal to access all faculty compliance and training requirements Develop a coordinated process for notifying faculty of pending compliance and training requirements Develop a single web-based site to accurately track the status of each faculty member s completion of compliance requirements Evaluate the training time required and the content and substance of current compliance training materials with the goal of creating maximum educational value 3 Workgroup Recommendations Provide a dashboard view of training requirements Develop system-generated reminders to faculty with dashboard of all upcoming compliance requirements and due dates Allocate resources dedicated to training development and delivery Develop interfaces between external vendor products, internal databases and AIS/RAS Expand ability for each compliance office to remove training requirements assigned in error Revise the Compliance Profile questions and answer logic & promote use Enhance system for single sign-on (SSO) Dedicated FTE to coordinate training, communication and reporting between the area-specific compliance offices, faculty, and business units Managed forums to sustain ongoing performance improvement initiatives 4 Options 1) Enhance AIS/RAS existing system, or 2) Invest in a Learning Management System John Gohsman, Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer, recommended that a learning management system be purchased to address project goals and majority of project recommendations. This management system would also allow training on mobile devices RFP went out to six vendors SABA LMS selected 5 6 7 8 Reports System has robust reporting capabilities Reports will be available through Analytics (ME page) Implementation team is developing reports and queries specific to the needs of Department Admins, Compliance Managers, etc. to track faculty and staff completion of required compliance training/tasks 12 Guest Users All WashU faculty, staff, and student data will feed into system from HRMS and SIS. Guest Users (non-employees, non-students) will still be issued a NID through AIS/RAS and their data will pass over into Saba nightly. 13 Assigning Training System has ability to assign training through use of prescriptive rules Example: All active faculty/staff and students in XXX Departments or XXX Programs take HIPAA 101 or all new faculty and staff at WashU complete Basic EHS LMS will process rule nightly and assign training to those who meet criteria Learners can be added to course/class manually by ASCO and can self-enroll through Learning Catalog Notification of enrollment can be generated by system 14 Project Status 1) HR IS BUSINESS PROCESS OWNER FOR LMS LMS Administrator Michele Harashe 2) USER ACCEPTANCE TESTING IN QA SYSTEM In progress; completion anticipated 12/12/14 3) COMMUNICATION AND BRANDING 4) CUT-OVER FROM QA TO PROD Early January ) GO-LIVE Scheduled for 1/20/
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