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  Crystal Remnants of Atlantis Q: A friend of mine was in San Francisco this last weekendgoing to the rst world crystal conference. B: Yes. Q: And when he was there, he saw the crystal skll that yo mentioned that. . . B: Yes. Q: . . . ! ha e asked yo a#ot #efore, that came from $ach %icch or that area& B: Yes. Q: And wond ' somewhere in the A(tec ci ili(ation& !s that the same one& A)*: $ayan. $ayan. B: Yes. Q: +kay. )m, he also met the lady whos, ! think, in her eighties now, who was along with her father when he fond the skll, m. B: Yes.Q: And ! was wondering if yo cold tell s a little #it more a#ot that, m. . . B: A#ot what& Q: A#ot the crystal skll. -ow, h, ! dont know. heres something ! want to know that ! dont know how to 't in words a#ot it. !ts connected to the whole idea of crystals and also the fact that the Cherokee !ndians ha e in their legend that they dreamed themsel es here to earth from. . . B: Yes.  Q: the, h, 'lanet that circles Siris. B: Yes. Q: /ith the aid of crystal sklls. B: Yes. For as we ha e said, the idea of the crystal sklls is a re'resentation of dimensional doorways. hose that can learn to read them can come throgh. hat is what the $ayans also did. Q: +0. /ell, that 'articlar one that, h, that was disco ered in Soth America among $ayan rins, was that, that was the one that srcinally came from %er& B: !t has #een arond1 some of the technology is also Atlantean. Q: !s the skll itself that old&B: here were others. Q: Ah. +kay. Also, h, theres something a#ot a 'air of hands that held a crystal from Atlantis and ! e heard two di2erent things a#ot that. +ne a#ot the crystal. All right. !n a channeling last Satrday night a girl asked whyshe didnt like crystals and the channel told her that she had #een 'art of a gro' of thirty3one 'eo'le in Atlantis that remo ed this crystal from a 'air of car ed hands thatheld it. 4
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