Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion

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  Chernobyl Nuclear Explosion : A Systems Engineering Perspective  Introduction ã 26 th  April ! 6# the $orld $itnessed one o% its grave disasters# $hich too& place in Pipryat# 'SS(# $hen tons o% radioactive material $as lea&ed into the atmosphere ã  )he reactor *+, at Chernobyl plant exploded due to overheating mainly caused by the po$er extraction at shut do$n stage o% the reactor and improper monitoring o% coolant -o$ into its core ã  )he accident is mainly ascribed to operational %ailure o% the plant ã  )ill date it remains to be the $orld.s $orst Nuclear accident in terms o% cost and casualties/ ã About 0++#+++ $or&ed at site being exposed to lethal doses o% radiation and  1illion (ubles $as spent to atone the damage   Abstract ã  )he Chernobyl Nuclear explosion is mainly attributed to technical and operational %ailure# ho$ever an indepth study reveals that there $ere other %actors such improper plant design# lac& o% coordination among plant sta3s and sa%ety %acilities ã 4ence this report $ith the Chernobyl plant as the systems o% interest $ill investigate several %actors that played both ma5or and minor role in causing the explosion in systems engineering perspective ã 1esides the  7odel $e plan to use (is& Assessment# %ault tree diagram and causal loops to support our observations  Measure Causes Effects ãããã Negligence o% the operating procedure8ac& o% coordinationImproper plant design8arge time delay bet$een reactor shut do$n and starting o% bac&up generator ããã 8arge scale exposure to high dosage o% radiations leading to cancer9iscontentment %rom neighboring nations4uge loss in terms lives assets and money Enablers  Reactor #04 Break down
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