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  CHAPTER IXUp to and including manhattan chess club masters tournament.During the rest of the inter I ga!e a fe simultaneous seances in di erent cities of the united states# !isiting the paci$c coast for the $rst time. I restedduring the summer# and in no!ember and december of the same %ear I ga!ea fe lectures at the manhattan chess club# and one simultaneous performance. I then ent home to Habana for Christmas and ne %ear# and $nall% decided to spend the inter there# and after resting to return to the United &tates. 'ut although I as !er% ill and had to sta% in Habana the rest of that %ear# and part of the ne(t. )inall%# late in *a% of +,+- I returned oncemore to ne %or. I had not pla%ed chess for one and a half %ears# but an e!ent occurred hich undoubtedl% ill ha!e some in/uence on m% future career. There as in Habana a %oung girl of from tel!e to fourteen %ears of age ho interested me a great deal. 0ot onl% as she intelligent and modest in e!er% respect# but hat is more to th point# she pla%ed chess 1uite ell 2 I belie!e that to da% she probabl% is the strongest lad% pla%er in the orld# though onl% $fteen or se!enteen %ears old3. I o ered to gi!e her afe lessons before I sailed. *% o er as accepted# and I decided to teach her something of the openings and the middlegame along general principlesand in accordance ith certain theories hich I had had in m mind for some time# but hich I had ne!er e(pounded to an%bod%.In order to e(plain and teach m% theories I had to stud%# so it came about that# for the $rst time in m% life# I de!oted some time to the oring of openings. I had the great satisfaction of $nding that m% ideas ere# as far asI could see# 1uite correct. Thus it happened that I actuall% learned more m%self than m% pupil# though I hope that m% %oung lad% friend bene$ted b% the do4en or so lessons that I ga!e her. It came about that I thus strengthened the eaest part of m% game# the openings# and that I also as able to pro!e to m% on satisfaction the great !alue of certain theories hich I had e!ol!ed m% on mind. I pla%ed !er% little during the rest of the %ear until I too part in the *asters Tournament# held at the *anhattan Chess Club. The tournament began in 5ctober# so that I had not pla%ed a single serious game of chess for nearl% to %ears. In this condition I as to meet successfull% on the !er% $rst da% hat might be called the supreme test of mastership in chess. I ith the 6hite pieces had *arshall for a opponent# and to m% surprise he alloed me to pla% a Ru% lope4# something hich he ad not done for some ten %ears# since our historic match. The reason as that he had found and prepared a !ariation for me# and had eptit for to %ears# aaiting the opportunit% of pla%ing it in a tournament against me. The game and the notes that I gi!e belo ill tell the rest. The  $nish of this double round tournament ith se!en pla%ers found me $rst# ith nine ins and three dras# hich ill sho that there is a great deal of nonsense contained in the e(cuses of some masters# and of some socalled masters# hen the% do badl% in a tournament# and attribute their failure to lac of practice. 7ostic came out second# ith si( ins and si( dras 2a $ne performance3# and *arshall as third. I beat *arshall in both games# hile 7ostic dre both of his games against me# and on one and dre one against *arshall. The other competitors ere8 9anosi# Cha:es# 'lac and *orrison# the last named being the Canadian champion. I gi!e belo to games from this tournament.I no felt that *arshall had prepared something for me# e(pecting me to pla% ' ;<# therefore ithout hesitation I pla%ed m% ne(t mo!e.And no I as sure that I had fallen into a prepared !ariation.I thought for a little hile before pla%ing this# noing that I ould be sub:ected thereafter to a terri$c attac# all the lines of hich ould be of necessit% familiar to m% ad!ersar%. The lust of battle# hoe!er# had been aroused ithin me. I felt that m% :udgment and sill ere being challenged b% a pla%er ho had e!er% reason to fear both 2as shon b% the records of our pre!ious encounters3# but ho anted to tae ad!antage of the elementof surprise and of the fact of m% being unfamiliar ith a thing to hich he had de!oted man% a night of toil and hard or. I considered the position then and decided that I as in honour bound# so to spea# to tae the P and accept the challenge# as m% noledge and :udgment told me that m% position should thn be defensible. The normal mo!e P ;=# ould $nall% lead to the same position. I ne this as I ored out the !ariation in m% on mind# and decided on the te(t mo!e# because I thought I might thus put m% opponent a little more on his on and aa% from rhe anal%sis. It did not# hoe!er# produce such an e ect.  CAPITU>5 IXHasta e inclu%endo el torneo de maestros del club de a:edre4 de manhattan.Durante el resto del in!ierno di unas cuantas sesiones simult?neas en diferentes ciudades de los Estados Unidos# !isitando la costa pac@$ca por primera !e4. Descans durante el !erano# % en no!iembre % diciembre del mismo aBo di unas pocas conferencias en el club de a:edre4 de *anhattan %una actuacin simult?nea. >uego fui a casa a Habana para 0a!idad % aBo nue!o# % $nalmente decid@ pasar el in!ierno all@# % despus de descansar para regresar a los Estados Unidos. Pero aun1ue estaba mu% enfermo % tu!e1ue 1uedarme en Habana el resto de ese aBo# % parte de la siguiente. )inalmente# a $nales de ma%o de +,+- !ol!@ una !e4 m?s a 0ue!a or. 0o hab@a :ugado al a:edre4 durante un aBo % medio# pero ocurri un e!ento 1ue indudablemente tendr? alguna in/uencia en mi futura carrera. Hab@a en Habana una :o!en de doce a catorce aBos 1ue me interesaba mucho. 0o  slo era inteligente % modesta en todos los aspectos# pero lo 1ue es m?s importante# :ug bastante bien al a:edre4 2creo 1ue es probable 1ue ho% seala :ugadora m?s fuerte del mundo# aun1ue slo tenga 1uince o diecisiete aBos3. *e ofrec@ darle algunas lecciones antes de na!egar. *i oferta fue aceptada % decid@ enseBarle algo de las aperturas % del medio :uego con principios generales % de acuerdo con ciertas teor@as 1ue hab@a tenido en mente durante algn tiempo# pero 1ue nunca hab@a e(puesto a nadie.Con el $n de e(plicar % enseBar mis teor@as tu!e 1ue estudiar# as@ 1ue se produ:o 1ue# por primera !e4 en mi !ida# dedic un tiempo al traba:o de aperturas. Tu!e la gran satisfaccin de encontrar 1ue mis ideas eran# por lo 1ue pude !er# bastante correctas. As@ sucedi 1ue en realidad aprend@ m?s 1ue mi alumna# aun1ue espero 1ue mi amiga se bene$cie de la docena de lecciones 1ue le di. &e produ:o 1ue reforc as@ la parte m?s dbil de mi  :uego# las aperturas# % 1ue tambin pude demostrar a mi propia satisfaccinel gran !alor de ciertas teor@as 1ue %o hab@a desarrollado mi propia mente.  9ugu mu% poco durante el resto del aBo hasta 1ue particip en el Torneo de*aestros# celebrado en el *anhattan Chess Club. El torneo comen4 en octubre# de modo 1ue no hab@a :ugado un solo :uego serio de a:edre4 durante casi dos aBos. En esta condicin deb@a reunir con (ito en el primer d@a lo 1ue podr@a llamarse la prueba suprema de la maestr@a en el a:edre4.  o con las pie4as blancas ten@a *arshall para un oponente# % para mi sorpresa me permiti :ugar un Ru% lope4# algo 1ue no ha hecho durante unos die4 aBos# desde nuestro histrico partido. >a ra4n era 1ue hab@a encontrado % preparado una !ariacin para m@# % lo hab@a mantenido durante dos aBos# esperando la oportunidad de :ugar en un torneo contra m@. El :uego % las notas 1ue do% aba:o le dir?n al resto. El $nal de este torneo de doble ronda con siete :ugadores me encontr en primer lugar# connue!e !ictorias % tres empates# lo 1ue demostrar? 1ue ha% un montn de tonter@as contenidas en las e(cusas de algunos maestros % de algunos maestros# cuando hacen mal En un torneo# % atribu%en su fracaso a la falta de pr?ctica. 7ostic sali segundo# con seis !ictorias % seis empates 2una buena actuacin3# % *arshall fue tercero. Folpe a *arshall en ambos partidos# mientras 1ue 7ostic empat sus dos partidos contra m@# % gan uno% empat uno contra *arshall. >os otros competidores fueron8 9anosi# Cha:es# 'lac % *orrison# siendo el ltimo el campen canadiense. Do% a continuacin dos :uegos de este torneo.Ahora sent@a 1ue *arshall hab@a preparado algo para m@# esperando 1ue  :ugara ' ;<# por lo tanto# sin dudarlo# :ugu mi siguiente :ugada.  ahora estaba seguro de 1ue hab@a ca@do en una !ariacin preparada.
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