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Quality of work life
  1.1 INTRODUCTION The productivity of labour depends upon a multiplicity of factors apart from theconventional wisdom of salary and other emoluments. What make an employeeeffectively productive in the present conditions of the work are more often other supporting circumstances under which the work is performed. However, the nature of work has undergone tremendous transformation towards more complex andmultidimensional pattern, in which workers are hired and fired out irrespective of allcategories of industries and services especially in the corporate sector. This typical work culture invites more stress, chaos and confusion to the employees, making their life moreinconsistent. This is more acute in the health care sector, requiring serious policyinterventions. Health care industry, in general, has become more market driven whereinthe conditions of the workers are decisively influenced by the market forces especiallyafter the advent of new economic policy since 11.!wing to this policy change, the very nature and outlook of health care sector has been drastically changed. s a result, a huge chunk of investments have flown from private sector to the health care industry. The mushroom growth of private hospitals,dispensaries, clinics, laboratories and the related institutions can be understood in thiscontext. dding fuel to the fire, the sector is open for foreign players after theliberali#ation of foreign direct investment $%&'( in the health care sector. Theconsequences are ultimately upon the work culture and the livelihood of the workers inthe health care industry. The present enquiry, in this context, is an attempt to analy#e thework life inter)linkages in the case of a selected health care institution in the larger framework of quality of work life $*W+(, which gathers more momentum in the currentscenario of globali#ation pre)supposing a typical life style and work culture. 1.2 ANALYTICAL FRAMEWORK  *uality of work life $*W+( is the degree to which members of a work organi#ation are able to satisfy important personal needs through their experiences in theorgani#ation. alancing of work life, non)work life and personal life is a tough task in thedynamic environment where employees are closely monitored at their work with the helpof technology. *W+ is a highly complex concept related with the growth anddevelopment of any organi#ation involving the use of human resources. 't is understood 1  in terms of commitment towards the organi#ation, employee -ob satisfaction, -obinvolvement, -ob performance, productivity, salary and wages, working conditions, etc.*W+ is equally important in service as well as production areas as both involve use of human resources. 'n the case of production, the effects of *W+ can be easily correlatedwith the outputs whereas in service sector, it is not that much easy or apparent. Health care sector is one of the flourishing areas where a lot of human resourcesare employed. very person has to visit these places for many purposes irrespective of the type of -ob, age, gender etc. /atients are expecting a better service from health care professionals and these professionals can exhibit best services only if the workingconditions of their parent institution are good. !nly a satisfied employee in terms of their  -ob can provide quality service to its customers. The study examines the *uality of work life of medical professionals, para)medical professionals and supporting staff of 0an-eevani 'nstitute of edical 0ciences $0'0( located at 2anhangad. 1.4 STATEMENT OF THE RESEARCH PROBLEM 'n any organisation, irrespective of production oriented or service oriented,quality of work life is of paramount importance. The organisation is understood by thecommon man through the employees of it, their satisfaction and commitment towards theorganisation, their involvement in the societal matters etc. !nly an employee with ahealthy work environment can exhibit good image about the company outwards. 'n this backdrop, a study has been made on quality of work life at 0an-eevani 'nstitute of edical 0ciences, 2anhangad. 1.5 SCOPE OF THE STUDY The study is pro-ected to understand the quality of work life with specialreference to 0an-eevani 'nstitute of edical 0ciences, 2anhangad. *uality of work life isstudied in many dimensions and in our study it is limited to only ten variables which arerelevant to our context. The variables are31.4ob 0atisfaction5./ay and benefits6.!rgani#ation 7ommitment8.0afety and Healthy environment 2  9.:rowth and development;.0upervision<.0ocial 'ntegration=.mployee participation.Welfare and opportunities1>.Work life balance and relationship 1.6 SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Health care industry and hospitals faced radical changes over the past years interms of skilled professionals, technology, hospital policies, variety of diseases etc.  patient approaching health care center expects high quality services from medical professionals and otherwise they will respond quickly and badly. verybody sees healthas the biggest wealth and this feeling became more intensive once it is affected bydiseases. 7hanges in the external environment and the perceptions will affect thecommitment to performance of the employees. oreover unsatisfied employees in termsof their salary, working conditions, -ob satisfaction, recognition at workplace etc have atendency to leave the organi#ation unexpectedly which may affect the organi#ation badly.&efinitely *W+ has a role in the service quality displayed by the employees and the present study got its importance in sorting out the correlation between *W+ and servicequality at the institution. 1.7 OBJECTIVES 1.To determine the factors governing *W+ in the selected institution.5.To assess the quality of work life at 0an-eevani 'nstitute of edical 0ciences,2anhangad.6.To suggest suitable measures to improve the *W+ at the institution. 1. METHODOLOGY The important part of any research is its research design which includes thesources of data, data collection tools, sample si#e, data analysis and so on. 't offers a firm basis for drawing conclusion from the collected data. The present study is descriptive innature, mainly based on primary data. S! #$%& !' D()( 'n the present study, we have collected data from primary and secondary datasources P#*+(#, -()(   3  /rimary data have been collected from employees of 0an-eevani 'nstitute of edical 0ciences, 2anhangad through questionnaire. S%$!-(#, D()(/ The data regarding company profile, industry profile are collected from officerecords and internet. S(+0% S*%/ 0ample si#e refers to the number of items to be selected constitute a sample.   'nthe study,   a sample of 69 has been taken for the study from the population of ;9employees of the organi#ation. S(+0% D%&*3/ 0imple random sampling technique was used to select the sample form theemployees of the institute using lottery method. D()( $!%$)*! T!!& /rimary data will be collected through survey method with the help of questionnaire. D()( A(,&*& /rimary data are collected through questionnaire and analysis can be done by0/00 and 0)xcel. 'nterpretation of data can be done with the help of graphs andtables. 1. CHAPTER LAY OUT The study is presented in five 7hapters1.'ntroduction.5.'ndustry profile and !rgani#ational profile6.Theoretical %ramework.8. nalysis and 'nterpretation 9.%indings, suggestions and conclusion. 1.1 LIMITATIONS 1.The study is limited to a small sample and the results of the study cannot begenerali#ed.5.The area of the topic is wide and the study may not cover all the aspects of it. 4
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