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  1BMM3613: Automatic Control (2012)   AUTOMATIC CONTROL BMM 3613 Prof. Madya Dr. Khairi Yusuf   Course Synopsis This course introduces linear timein!ariant ( T#) control system modelin$% analysis and desi$n& The co!ered topics are 'reuency domain modelin$ o' mechanical% electrical and electromechanical systems time response analysis% sta*ility analysis and steadystate analysis control system analysis and desi$n usin$ rootlocus and 'reuency response techniues& BMM3613: Automatic Control (2012)2  Course +utcomes 1&,nderstand the *asic control system concepts and illustrate the reuired control system into *loc- desi$n process2&.e!elop 'reuency domain trans'er 'unction o' linear time  in!ariant ( T#) control systems 'or electrical% mechanical and electromechanical systems3&Sol!e and analy/e the transient response% steadystate response and system sta*ility o' T# control system&Sol!e and analy/e and desi$n control system compensators to achie!e speci'ied control system per'ormances utili/in$ rootlocus techniue&Sol!e and analy/e and desi$n control system compensators to achie!e speci'ied control system per'ormances utili/in$ 'reuency response techniue BMM3613: Automatic Control (2012)3  Contents 1&Basic Control System Concepts (1 ee-)2&Modelin$ o' .ynamic Systems(3 ee-s)3& Analysis o' Control System ( ee-s)&Controller .esi$n !ia oot ocus Techniues(3 ee-s)&Controller .esi$n !ia 4reuency esponse Techniues(3 ee-s) e'erences: ã. 5orman S& 5ise% 200& Control Systems 7n$ineerin$% si8th 7dition% 9ohn iley ; Sons% #nc& ã. <atsuhi-o +$ata& 200=& Modern Control 7n$ineerin$% 4i'th 7dition% >rentice ?all& ã. ichard C& .or' and o*ert ?& Bishop% 2010& Modern Control Systems 12th 7dition& >rentice ?all& ã. Ben@amin C& <uo and 4arid olnara$hi% 2002% Automatic Control Systems% 7i$hth 7dition% 9ohn iley ; Sons% #nc& ã. ene 4& 4ran-lin% 9& .a!id >oell%  A**as 7mami5aeini% 200=% 4eed*ac- Control o' .ynamic Systems% 6th 7dition% >rentice ?all BMM3613: Automatic Control (2012)
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