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Helpful Links: aspx Chairman's Message Dear Boston Chapter Members: The November meeting was a rewarding one for me as I was privileged to represent the Chapter in presenting Manning Scholarship awards to several scholars and parents in attendance. Several more are being mailed out this week. Thanks to your support in the raffles throughout the year and the annual Manning Golf Tournament, we were able to award $13,000 in scholarships to 4 charities and 17 students. Congratulations to all of the scholarship recipients. Call me a softie, but the evening was also an emotional one as we presented three awards. First, a well deserved and heartfelt congratulations to Rebecca Coburn as the winner of this year s Goodman Award. Rebecca epitomizes the award and all Sheldon Goodman stood for. In presenting the award with Jim Healey, Bonnie Michelman noted that Rebecca is always the first to say yes and I don t believe I have ever, in the many years I have known her, heard her say no to any request for help. She is usually the first to spot and welcome a newcomer, and her enthusiasm for her profession and serving the Chapter is infectious. Congratulations Rebecca! It was also my privilege to present two special service awards to Bonnie and Jim for their many years of service in leading the Security Expo. Expo is our major source of funding to help hold down the member cost of monthly meetings and provide a stable treasury for future generations of members. Under Bonnie and Jim s leadership, the Expo has grown and set new attendance records year after year to become the largest security show in New England. (continued on page 3) Table of Contents Upcoming Events 2 Regional Vice Pres. Leter 3 November Meeting Photos 4 9 Holiday Scams 6 Intelligance Update 7 Book Review 8 Dumbest Criminals 8 The Un-Comfort Zone 9 Legislative Update 10 Officer/Chairpersons 11 Upcoming Local Events December No meeting- Happy Holidays! 1/21/ 2010: Dinner Meeting, How Cancer Changed Boston Marriott My Life and My Career: with a humorous look Hotel, Newton 2/18/2010: Lunch Meeting TBA 3/18/2010: Dinner Meeting with IAHSS, Boston Marriott, Hotel, Newton 4/27/2010: Security Expo Boxborough, MA National Events 12/6-12/8: International 1 st Middle East Security Conference Dubai, UAE 12/7-12/8: Executive Protection Washington, DC 12/7-12/8: Transportation Security, Is Your Cargo Really Secure? Lake Buena Vista, FL 12/7-12/9: Security Force Management Orlando, FL 1/25-1/26: Information Assets Protection London, UK 2 Chairman s Message (continued from page 1) Congratulations also go to the newly elected 2010 officers Chair Dick Parry, Vice-Chair Jenn Goba, Treasurer Denny Crowley and Secretary Jeff DiPrimio. Many volunteer positions remain to be filled, so don t wait for Dick or his team to ask. Pick up the phone now and raise your hand. Dick s contact information can be found on the Chapter website. As this is my last Chairman s message, I would be remiss if I did not thank the entire 2009 Executive Committee for pulling me through this year. You are the best and I am extremely grateful for your service. Best wishes to all for a safe and Happy Holiday Season. Letter from Regional Vice Present November 20, 2009 As we approach the holiday season and yes the end of 2009 it s a time to reflect on another great year for Region 18 of International, on behalf our team, Gary Miville ARVP and Ron Demers ARVP, I want to thank you all for your support. We need to continue to strive ahead with our Chapters; this new world of terrorism will not go away in our lifetime. We need to lead into the future, preparing our membership young and old for what we will all face. But this can only take place with your help, you need to follow in the foot steps of those who have stood at the front of the meetings and provided good Chapter meetings for you in the past. As I enjoyed your recent awards meeting and dinner, I was impressed the level of support your scholarship fund has. To provide much needed financial support to the young members of your community is truly special. Please continue to support the Boston Chapter and your new Board members; they will need your commitment in 2010 to make it another successful year. And please don t forget to thank this year s Board members who have given so much of their time. Sincerely, Bob Johnson RVP, Region 18 3 November Boston Chapter Meeting 4 November Boston Chapter Meeting 5 9 Scams To Ensure You Don t Enjoy The Holidays by Mystery Shoppers Free gourmet meals, couture clothing, up to $60.00 per hour sound to good to be true? It is. Mystery shoppers are compensated by the assignment and generally do not get to keep any of the merchandise. If you think being a mystery shopper is for you, check with the Mystery Shopping Providers Association or contact the company you want to work for directly. Tax Experts Better make sure your tax guy knows what he is doing. The IRS warns if your tax preparer intentionally cuts corners or is incompetent; it can land you in trouble and cost you a bundle. Visit the IRS website to help separate the qualified from the frauds. (On a side note, beware of bogus IRS s looking for personal information-the IRS does not operate that way) Helpful Web Sites Always use two search engines or multiple directories as a common fraud is the phony website. Many look legit and are supposed to provide help or handle complaints, but the real purpose is to gather information from consumers. Time Share Relief Selling a time share has never been an easy sell but with the current market, you will be lucky to receive a fraction of the original cost. Scam artists target desperate sellers, offer to sell the timeshare but take the seller for a ride by charging nonrefundable upfront fees, many times stating the fees are for marketing the property. Debra G. Speyer, an attorney with a national practice advises, You shouldn't be paying upfront money to anybody to sell anything. You should be a model You are approached and told you or your child have the look. The price is that you have to purchase expensive photo packages, or you have to pay to attend auditions for talent scouts, except there are not any representatives from the large agencies present. For more information, check the federal trade Commission's warning on modeling scams. Insider Information Have you received the misdirected letting you know of insider information on a company that is about to make it big? This type of is a well known scheme and there is nothing accidental about it. They want to get you to buy the company's stock. The best response is to delete. Fund Raising While raising for money is legal, you may be surprised at how little money the charity actually receives. For fund raising on the phone, tell the caller to send you the information in the mail and if you see the fund raising techniques in front of a business and are not sure of the legitimacy, ask the proprietor what he or she knows about the charity before dropping in your coins. The best way to donate to charities is to give directly. For national charities contact the Better Business Bureau's charitable alliance. Home Inspectors At Your Door This is a scam that tends to target the elderly. A home inspector knocks on the door, to let you know he was in the neighborhood and notice that you have a leak from your roof. He offers to take a look with his partner and you end up short some valuables or nails on a couple of shingles and leaves your house with a check in hand before you realize you have been swindled. Experts warn never to do business with a stranger who knocks on your door, and do not let them in your house. Reputable home inspectors do not solicit business door to door. You can check out home inspectors through professional organizations, the ASHI web site is a good starting point. Clean Checks Treat your checks like your credit card. Do not leave them with your bills in your mailbox; deliver them to the post office. Often the ink has been removed from the payer and the amount portions, increased the amount and cashed the checks. The signature has not been touched, so it looks genuine to the bank. A new twist on the clean check scheme is to take the routing and account numbers from the victim s checking account and print out phony checks with the victim s information. Unfortunately, many victims do not realize they ve been scammed until they receive a bank statement or a past due notice. 6 2009 HOLIDAY SEASON INTELLIGENCE UPDATE DHS/FBI The DHS/Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A) and the FBI report that there are no current specific or credible reports of any terrorist activities for the 2009 Holiday season. However, law enforcement and security industries should remain aware and vigilant. In previous years planned attacks consisted of several site visits and examinations. The following are recommendations to reduce the threat or mitigate the effect of an incident on commercial or retail facilities. Post signs encouraging staff and visitors to remain alert and report any suspicious activity or situation to include unattended bags Conduct visible security patrols; ensure they vary in composition, timing, and routes Use visible security cameras at access points, high risk, and restricted areas. Review footage frequently to detect suspicious activity Approach all illegally parked vehicles, question drivers, directing them to move. Remove unattended vehicles Review possible attack scenarios and vulnerabilities in your security program. Review response plans and security expectations with local law enforcement, emergency management, and facility personnel Continually train all staff on threat awareness, surveillance detection, and how to detect suspicious activity and behavior The path to excellence starts here. The New Online MS in Criminal Justice Leadership. Introducing the joint online program of the College of Criminal Justice and the College of Professional Studies. The MS in Criminal Justice Leadership emphasizes themes of communication, integrity, and ethics, and incorporates best practices for developing leadership skills in the fields of law enforcement, private security, and corrections. Our flexible format combines online courses with a one-week on-campus summer workshop. For more information and to apply: Book review by Mark H. Beaudry, CPP Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time, by Karen Armstrong Reading this work will be an eye opener for many unfamiliar with the work of Karen Armstrong. The author provides the wide angle lens approach with amazing insight into the account of the origins of Islam and the Islamic culture. From start to finish, Armstrong brilliantly presents in the book, Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time, a balanced and fair perspective on the life of Muhammad. The author s breadth of knowledge is amazing and her attention to detail is incredible. The book depicts the prophet Muhammad as a man who was both a religious and political guide. It is an extremely useful chronological reading that provides the opportunity for a better understanding of Muhammad s interest for his people and efforts towards peace. With that, Armstrong offers a fresh look at issues such as Muhammad having multiple wives and why he had them. In addition, Armstrong s lifelike imagery of some of the battles and raids of which Muhammad actually approved, as well as participated in, provide some excellent insight into the era in which he lived. Armstrong carefully provides an excellent portrait of a term not known by many Westerners, al-jahiliyah, commonly translated as an Islamic concept of ignorance of divine guidance. In addition, the revelations that came to Muhammad in dreams were sometimes terrifying experiences for him. Muhammad described the nature of revelation as gently falling like rain and, at other times, traumatizing. After each revelation, even the Muhammad needed to take time to understand what had been revealed. The author clearly demonstrates this point by stating, [Allah] instructed Muhammad to listen intently to each revelation as it emerged; he must be careful not to impose a meaning on a verse prematurely, before it s full significance had become entirely clear. This is an outstanding biography of the man who brought the religion of Islam to the world. Armstrong s book provides maps, a useful glossary, ample references, and her usual clear, crisp prose in very readable form. She shows how Muhammad devoted his adult life to bringing together very dissimilar tribal societies into a somewhat cohesive group willing to use Islam for the common good. This is a useful supplemental resource for any teacher addressing Islam in the classroom, and it is a good general source for anyone interested in an overview of the topic. Dumbest Criminals One criminal known as the Sticky Note Bandit got caught because she parked her car in a handicapped zone while committing one of her crimes, according to KCRA news. The scheme worked like this. The bandit and one of her accomplices would sneak a note onto a cashier's register saying something to the effect of Kathryn is owed a refund for a certain amount. Then the woman would go in the store claiming to be the woman on the note to whom the store owed her money. Her scheme could be considered brilliant if her intellect didn't get in the way. Police spotted her vehicle parked in a handicapped zone and when they went to cite her, they recognized her name from a local Most Wanted list. Most Stupid is more like it. 8 The Un-Comfort Zone by Robert Wilson, The Examined Life Hola!... Hola. Qué tal?... Bien. y tu?... Bien. Paul and I were sixteen years old and had taken high school Spanish for a year. We called each other every night on the phone and spoke to each other in our new language. More than anything we wanted to test our skill with a real Spanish speaking person, but we did not know any. Then we got the idea to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant. For two boys who had never dined out without their parents, this was a big adventure. We were so motivated that when we made reservations, we asked to be seated with a waiter who could not speak English. What motivated us? Knowledge. We made the same discovery that led Sir Francis Bacon to make his famous quote in 1597, Knowledge is power. We were empowered by what we had learned, and it gave us the confidence to take a risk we would never have taken before. By the end of dinner we found out we didn't know nearly as much as we thought we did, but the important thing was that our knowledge, albeit meager, moved us to action. It is the same reason that we find seminars and lectures so motivating because we acquire new insights in a relatively brief period of time that we can act on right away. If the information is good, we can t wait to put it to work making our lives better and our jobs easier. Knowledge also motivates us because it enables us to be more inventive. Many new innovations are the result of two or more existing ideas synthesized into a new one. Creative thinkers regularly expose themselves to new learning experiences, and to different viewpoints. With each new experience, they create new synapses - electrical connections between the nerve cells - in their brains. This gives them more data to draw from when they are looking for solutions. My son recently asked me why his school required him to learn to play a musical instrument. I explained to him that it was stimulating parts of his brain he would not have used otherwise. I told him that even if he chose not to continue playing the instrument as an adult, that the knowledge he acquired today may serve him in the future in some way that is presently unknown to him. Innovators are known for their ability to think outside of the box, but more than anything it is their broad-based knowledge that gives them the courage to challenge accepted beliefs. The most successful innovators are those who make the acquisition of knowledge part of their lifestyle. Greek philosopher Socrates fully understood that learning is a lifelong process. When he was found guilty of teaching his students to question authority, he was given a choice of punishment: death or exile. He chose death, stating, The unexamined life is not worth living, Knowledge, however, is more than just the accumulation of information. It has to be used, applied, and manipulated in some fashion. Automobile manufacturing innovator, Henry Ford, illustrated this point during a civil trial in which he sued a Chicago newspaper for libel. The paper had referred to him as an ignorant pacifist. At the trial, the defendant's lawyer asked Ford a series of questions designed to prove that he was indeed ignorant. Questions such as When was the American Revolutionary War? and How many soldiers did the British employ? Eventually Ford became irritated by the questions and remarked, I can summon to my aid men who can answer any question I desire to ask concerning the business to which I am devoting most of my efforts. Why should I clutter up my mind with general knowledge? Seek out knowledge that empowers you, and let it give you the confidence and courage to be more and do more Robert Evans Wilson, Jr. is a motivational speaker and humorist. He works with companies that want to be more competitive and with people who want to think like innovators. For more information on Robert's programs please visit 9 Legislative Update Earlier this year, the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program sustained a $1 million budget cut. However, a massive outcry took place to rescue the program. On Friday, December 4, 2009, Governor Deval Patrick reinstated SANE s $1 million budget after unexpected revenue gains of the stated and he stated due to heavy pressure on the part of Bay State residents and rape victim advocates. SANE has been in existence for 15 years and trains nurses to collect forensic evidence, perform medical exams and provide emotional support to rape victims. SANE nurses provide testimony, often leading to stronger prosecutions; in fact, the program has a 90 percent conviction rate. The program is essential in keeping victims in the judicial system and offenders off the streets. Monthly Spotlight To celebrate our members, the Security Beacon would like to include a column to highlight an active member of the Boston Chapter. Please send all nominations to Jennifer Goba at or contact at Access Control Closed Circuit Television Systems Digital Recorders Asset Protection 36 Jackman Street Georgetown, MA Tel.: Fax: 2009 BOSTON CHAPTER LEADERSHIP CHAIRMAN CRAIG MCQUATE, CPP Director, Protective Services Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA Tel: Fax: VICE CHAIRMAN RICHARD A. PARRY, CPP Exec. Director, Global Security Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research Tel: Fax: REGION 18 LEADERSHIP TREASURER JAMES J. HEALEY, CPP,CFE Business Dev. Manager U. S. Security Associates, Inc. 529 Main Street, Suite 111 Boston, MA Cell: Fax: SECRETARY JENNIFER GOBA, CPP Manager Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA Tel: Fax: SENIOR REGIONAL VP Joseph Masciocco REGIONAL VP Robert E. Johnson Jr ASSISTANT REGIONAL VP Gary Miville, CIPM ASSISTANT REGIONAL VP Ron Demers, CPP BOSTON CHAPTER CHAIRPERSONS MANNING GOLF TOURNAMENT CHAIR Dennis Crowley, III MANNING FOUNDATION CHAIR Dennis Crowley, III MANNING SCHOLARSHIP CHAIR Michael J. Pepe, CPP AWARDS COMMITTEE CHAIR Richard Zupan COMMUNICATIONS CHAIR/NEWSLETTER Jennifer Goba, CPP CERTIFICATION CHAIR Mark Beaudry, CPP LAW ENFORCEMENT CO- LIAISON Harold Murphy LAW ENFORCEMENT CO- LIAISON John Litchfield LEGISLATIVE LIASON John McFadden, JD, CPP EDUCATION CHAIR Joseph Hooper, PSP SERGEANT AT ARMS Jeff Beck MEMBERSHIP CHAIR Jeff DiPrimio PROGRAM CHAIR Rebecca Coburn, CPP CO-CHAIRPERSON - SECURITY EXPO Bonnie Michelman, CPP CO-CHAIRPERSON - SECURITY EXPO Jim Healey, CPP, CFE EXHIBIT COORDINATOR - SECURITY EXPO Jim Stanke
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