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certificate page
  Tending News from Twitter – TREND A Dissertation submitted toJawaharlal Nehru Technological University, yderabad!n artial fulfillment of the re#uirements for the award of the degree   of $achelor of Technology!n %om uter &cience and Engineering ByK. Likitha A. Deepak G. Ravinder M.D.Sai Kiran (13BK1A0589) (13BK1A0562) (13BK1A0581) (14BK5A0577) Under the esteemed guidance of '( David Ra)u *Assoc( +rofDE+ART-ENT ./ %.-+UTER &%!EN%E AND EN0!NEER!N0&t( +ETER1& EN0!NEER!N0 %.22E0E-A!&A--A0UDA, DU2A+A223 *+, &E%UNDERA$AD – 455655 *!ND!A3EAR78569  DE+ART-ENT ./ %.-+UTER &%!EN%E AND EN0!NEER!N0%ERT!/!%ATE   This is to certify that the dissertation entitled :Trending News from Twitter7TREND;  is being sb!itted by  '( 2i<itha *6=$'6A54>?A( Dee a< *6=$'6A5496 0( Ravinder *6=$'6A54>6-(D( &ai 'iran *6=$'4A54@@ n partial flfill!ent of the re#ire!ent for the a$ard of the degree of $A%E2.R ./TE%N.2.03 in %.-+UTER &%!EN%E AND EN0!NEER!N0,  to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, yderabad is a record of bonafide $ork carried ot by hi!%her nder !y gidance dring the acade!ic year &'().The reslts present in this dissertation have been verified and are fond to be satisfactory.The reslts e!bodied in this dissertation have not been sb!itted to any other *niversityfor the a$ard of any degree or diplo!a . !NTERNA2 0U!DE +R.JE%T %..RD!NAT.R  '( David Ra)u -( %haitanya 'ishore Reddy *Assoc( +rof *Assoc( +rof  (.(D   +R!N%!+A2   Dr( Diana -oses Dr( E( 2( Nagesh  DE%2ARAT!.N $3 TE %AND!DATE +e hereby certify that the $ork $hich is being presented in the B. Tech, dissertationentitled :Trending News from Twitter7TREND; , in partial flfill!ent of the re#ire!entsfor the a$ard of the $A%E2.R ./ TE%N.2.03 in %.-+UTER &%!EN%E ANDEN0!NEER!N0  and sb!itted to the Depart!ent of -o!pter Science and ngineeringin &t( +eters Engineering %ollege  of JNTU yderabad  is an athentic record of or o$n $ork carried ot dring a period fro! &'() to &'(/ nder the spervision of    '(David Ra)u, Asst( +rofessor   of -S Depart!ent.The !atter presented in this pro0ect has not been sb!itted by s for the a$ard of anyother degree else$here.   '( 2!'!TAA( DEE+A' 0( RA!NDER -(D( &A! '!RAN    A%'N.B2ED0E-ENT +e sincerely e1press !y deep sense of gratitde to '( David Ra)u for his valablegidance, constant encorage!ent and cooperation dring all phases of the pro0ect. t is a great opportnity to render or sincere and honest thanks to Dr( Diana -oses ,2rofessor    and 3ead of the Depart!ent of -o!pter Science and ngineering for her ti!ely gidance and highly interactive attitde $hich helped s a lot in sccessfle1ection of the pro0ect.+e are also e1tre!ely thankfl to or 2rincipal Dr( E( 2( Nagesh , $ho stood as aninspiration behind this pro0ect and heart fll thanks for his endorse!ent and valablesggestions.+e thank all the teaching and non4teaching staff for their e1tre!e co4operation and for their assistance. +e thank everyone $ho directly and indirectly helped s in co!pletionof or pro0ect.  '( 2i<itha A( Dee a< 0( Ravinder-(D( &ai 'iran
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