CCNPv7 ROUTE Lab7-1 BGP Config Instructor

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  CCNPv7 ROUTE Chapter 7 Lab 7-1, Configuring BGP with Default Routing Instructor VersionTopologyObjectives ã Configure BGP to exchange routing information with two IP! Backgroun #he International #ra$el %genc& 'I#%( relie! exten!i$el& on the Internet for !ale! )or thi! rea!on, the I#% ha! *eci*e* to create a multihome* IP connecti$it& !olution an* contracte* with two IP! for Internet connecti$it& with fault tolerance Becau!e the I#% i! connecting to two *ifferent !er$ice pro$i*er!, &ou mu!t configure BGP, which run! between the I#% boun*ar& router an* the two IP router! Note!  #hi! lab u!e! Ci!co 1+1 router! with Ci!co I Relea!e 1.  with IP Ba!e #he !witche! are Ci!co /-C0+2-0##-L with )a!t 3thernet interface!, therefore the router will u!e routing metric! a!!ociate* with a 122 4b5! 6 021 Ci!co an*5or it! affiliate! %ll right! re!er$e* #hi! *ocument i! Ci!co Public Page 1 of 1.  CCNPv7 ROUTE  Lab 7-1, Configuring BGP with Default Routing interface Depen*ing on the router or !witch mo*el an* Ci!co I oftware $er!ion, the comman*! a$ailable an* output pro*uce* might $ar& from what i! !hown in thi! lab Re uire Resources ã  router! 'Ci!co I Relea!e 1. 0 or comparable( ã erial an* 3thernet cable! #tep $! #uggeste starting con%igurations& a %ppl& the following configuration to each router along with the appropriate 'ostna(e #he e)ec*ti(eout $ $  comman* !houl* onl& be u!e* in a lab en$ironment Router(config)# no ip domain-lookup Router(config)# line con 0 Router(config-line)# logging synchronous Router(config-line)# exec-timeout 0 0 #tep +! Con%igure inter%ace aresses& a 8!ing the a**re!!ing !cheme in the *iagram, create the loopbac9 interface! an* appl& IP$ a**re!!e! to the!e an* the !erial interface! on IP1 'R1(, IP0 'R(, an* I#% 'R0( #he IP loopbac9! !imulate real networ9! that can be reache* through the IP #he two loopbac9! for the I#% router !imulate the connection! between the I#% boun*ar& router an* their core router! et a cloc9 rate on the DC3 !erial interface! ISP1(config)# interface Lo0 ISP1(config-if)# description ISP1 Internet Network ISP1(config-if)# ip address !!.!!.!!.0 ISP1(config-if)# exit ISP1(config)# interface Serial0 0 0 ISP1(config-if)# description ISP1 -# I$%  ISP1(config-if)# ip address !!.!!.!!.! ISP1(config-if)# clock rate 1&000 ISP1(config-if)# no shutdown ISP1(config-if)# end  ISP1#ITA(config)# interface Lo0 ITA(config-if)# description 'ore router network link 1 ITA(config-if)# ip address 1(.1)&.0.1 !!.!!.!!.0 ITA(config)# exit ITA(config-if)# interface Lo1 ITA(config-if)# description 'ore router network link  ITA(config-if)# ip address 1(.1)&.1.1 !!.!!.!!.0 ITA(config-if)# exit ITA(config)# interface Serial0 0 0 ITA(config-if)# description I$% -# ISP1 ITA(config-if)# ip address 10.0.0. !!.!!.!!.! ITA(config-if)# no shutdown ITA(config-if)# exit ITA(config)# interface Serial0 0 1 ITA(config-if)# description I$% -# ISP ITA(config-if)# ip address 1*.1).0. !!.!!.!!.! 6 021 Ci!co an*5or it! affiliate! %ll right! re!er$e* #hi! *ocument i! Ci!co Public Page 0 of 1.  CCNPv7 ROUTE  Lab 7-1, Configuring BGP with Default Routing ITA(config-if)# clock rate 1&000 ITA(config-if)# no shutdown ITA(config-if)# end  ITA#ISP2(config)# interface Lo0 ISP2(config-if)# description ISP Internet Network ISP2(config-if)# ip address 1*.1).1.1 !!.!!.!!.0 ISP2(config)# exit  ISP2(config-if)# interface Serial0 0 1 ISP2(config-if)# description ISP -# I$%  ISP2(config-if)# ip address 1*.1).0.1 !!.!!.!!.! ISP2(config-if)# no shutdown ISP2(config-if)# end  ISP2# b 8!e ping to te!t the connecti$it& between the *irectl& connecte* router! :ote that router IP1 cannot reach router IP0 #tep ,! Con%igure B-P on t'e I#P routers& n the IP1 an* IP0 router!, configure BGP to peer with the I#% boun*ar& router an* a*$erti!e the IP loopbac9 networ9! ISP1(config)# router +gp 00 ISP1(config-router)# neigh+or 10.0.0. remote-as 100 ISP1(config-router)# network mask !!.!!.!!.0 ISP2(config)# router +gp ,00 ISP2(config-router)# neigh+or 1*.1).0. remote-as 100 ISP2(config-router)# network 1*.1).1.0 mask !!.!!.!!.0 #tep .! Con%igure B-P on t'e IT/ bounary router& a Configure the I#% router to run BGP with both Internet pro$i*er! ITA(config)# router +gp 100 ITA(config-router)# neigh+or remote-as 00 ITA(config-router)# neigh+or 1*.1).0.1 remote-as ,00 ITA(config-router)# network 1(.1)&.0.0 ITA(config-router)# network 1(.1)&.1.0 ;ou !houl* !ee BGP neighbor peering me!!age! on the con!ole !imilar to the following *Sep 8 16:00:21.8!: $P--A%&'A$: neig+,or p b #o $erif& the configuration, chec9 the I#% routing table with the s'o0 ip route comman* ITA# show ip route 'oe/:  - locl ' - connecte S - /ttic R - RIP 3 - 4o,ile  - $P % - I$RP 5 - I$RP eternl 7 - 7SP IA - 7SP inter re 1 - 7SP SSA eternl t9pe 1 2 - 7SP SSA eternl t9pe 2 1 - 7SP eternl t9pe 1 2 - 7SP eternl t9pe 2 i - IS-IS /u - IS-IS /u44r9 1 - IS-IS leel-1 2 - IS-IS leel-2 i - IS-IS inter re * - cnite efult  - per-u/er /ttic route o - 7%R P - perioic o;nloe /ttic route  - RP l - ISP  - ppliction route < - replicte route - net +op oerrie 6 021 Ci!co an*5or it! affiliate! %ll right! re!er$e* #hi! *ocument i! Ci!co Public Page  of 1.  CCNPv7 ROUTE  Lab 7-1, Configuring BGP with Default Routing $te;9 of l/t re/ort i/ not /et i/ ri,l9 /u,nette > /u,net/ > 4/?/'>0 i/ irectl9 connecte Seril0=0=0>2 i/ irectl9 connecte Seril0=0=0 20=0B i 00:01:10 1! i/ ri,l9 /u,nette > /u,net/ > 4/?/' 1!>0 i/ irectl9 connecte Seril0=0=1 1!>2 i/ irectl9 connecte Seril0=0=1 1! 20=0B i 1! 00:00:> 1C2.168.0.0=2@ i/ ri,l9 /u,nette 2 /u,net/ 2 4/?/' 1C2.168.0.0=2@ i/ irectl9 connecte oop,c?0 1C2.168.0.1=>2 i/ irectl9 connecte oop,c?0 1C2.168.1.0=2@ i/ ri,l9 /u,nette 2 /u,net/ 2 4/?/' 1C2.168.1.0=2@ i/ irectl9 connecte oop,c?1 1C2.168.1.1=>2 i/ irectl9 connecte oop,c?1ITA# I#% ha! BGP route! to the loopbac9 networ9! at each IP router c Run the following #cl !cript on all router! to $erif& connecti$it& If the!e ping! are not !ucce!!ful, trouble!hoot 8!e e)it  to exit the #cl !cript Note!  #he /%: !ubnet! connecting I#% 'R0( to the IP! 'R1 an* R( are not a*$erti!e* in BGP, !o the IP! will not be able to ping each other<! !erial interface a**re!! ITA# tclshforeach address *.1).0.11*.1).0.1*.1).1.11(.1)&.0.11(.1)&.1.1  ping /address  #tep 1! Veri%y B-P on t'e routers& a #o $erif& the BGP operation on I#%, i!!ue the  s'o0 ip bgp comman* ITA# show ip +gp $P t,le er/ion i/  locl router I% i/ 1C2.168.1.1Sttu/ coe/: / /uppre//e  4pe + +i/tor9 * li D ,e/t i - internl r RI-filure S Stle 4 4ultipt+ , ,c?up-pt+ f RT-ilter  ,e/t-eternl  itionl-pt+ c RI-co4pre//e 7rigin coe/: i - I$P e - $P E - inco4pleteRPFI lition coe/: G li I inli  ot foun et;or? et op 3etric ocPrf Heig+t Pt+ *D 0 0 200 i *D 1! 1! 0 0 >00 i *D 1C2.168.0.0 0 >2!68 i *D 1C2.168.1.0 0 >2!68 iITA# 6 021 Ci!co an*5or it! affiliate! %ll right! re!er$e* #hi! *ocument i! Ci!co Public Page  of 1.
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