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New Goofs and Old Mistakes
  The Puzzling Side of  Chess Jeff Coakley New Goofs and Old Mistakes (Errata: Columns 1-50) This edition of The Puzzling Side of Chess  presents four new problems and  concludes with a list of errata from all previous columns.In a Who's the Goof?  puzzle, the position is intentionally illegal. Your task is to figure out why.A chess position is legal  if it can be reached in an actual game, starting from the initial array and following the rules of normal play. It's okay if the moves are weird. Legality has nothing to do with strategy. Who's the Goof? #25  [FEN 1r1R1B2/p1b4p/3k4/P2P1r1p/ p4P1P/6Pp/1P1P1K2/7N ] Why is this position illegal? For problems 1-24, see the Archives : September 2012, Purchases from our chess shop help keep freely accessible:  Winning Chess Exercises     for Kids  by Jeff Coakley Winning Chess Strategy     for Kids  by Jeff Coakley Winning Chess Puzzles    for Kids, Vol. 2  by Jeff Coakley   December 2012, February 2013, May 2013, June 2013, August 2013. Who's the Goof? #26  [FEN RB2NKr1/pbppppp1/1p5p/ 8/4k3/8/PPP3PP/8 ] Why is this position illegal? Who's the Goof?  is a kind of negative  proof game . The goal is to prove that a position could   not happen in a real game. Solving the puzzle usually involves  backwards thinking (retrograde analysis).The stipulation  is to explain why the position is illegal. Sometimes a single piece or tactical element can be identified as the goof . However, in more complicated cases, a logical argument is necessary to demonstrate a legal contradiction within the position. Who's the Goof? #27  [FEN r1b1kbNr/1pppppp1/p2N3p/n7/n7/ P6P/1PPPPPP1/R1B1KB1R ] Why is this position illegal?  Thanks to everyone who entered the Chess Cafe Puzzlers Cup . The five winning problems will be featured in the November 30 column. Who's the Goof? #28  [FEN q3nrk1/rpp5/R4pp1/1Np1p2b/ 2BpP1nP/3P1QP1/1P3P2/K5BR ] Why is this position illegal? Errata Can Be Fun! Time flies. The Puzzling Side of Chess  is fifty columns old. Inevitably, a few mistakes have been made.For anyone who is interested, here is a list of errata for columns 1-50. It includes not only corrections, but also clarifications and additional information.Some of the mistakes were discovered by me. Others were kindly pointed out by readers. If you know of any errors that are not in this list, I'd be grateful to hear about them. Thanks.  All the blunders are there, waiting to be made . – Saveilly Tartakower  Column 04 : The Old Switcheroo Switcheroo #2 There are two dual solutions: Kf2 ↔ Kg7 and Ra1 ↔ Bc4.A corrected version of the problem is given in Column 16: Flick the Switch . Column 11 : Triple Loyd: Black Pieces Inverted Loyd #2 There are numerous dual solutions including:Add Re8 Bh1 Na8: 1.Bxc6# Add Rh8 Ba6 Nd5: 1.Bc8#A corrected version of the problem (inverted loyd #2b) is given in Column 17:  Secrets of Triple Loyds . Column 15 :  Eight Officers Eight Officers #4a The position should be attributed to William Shinkman (  Detroit Free Press  1883). The column incorrectly states that the solution is unique. There is one other arrangement of pieces with ten possible moves, also given by Shinkman.   [FEN 8/8/8/8/8/1N6/BRKN4/QRB5 ] The total number of solutions, with rotation and reflection, is therefore sixteen. Eight Officers #4b The solution as given is correct, but it should be noted that the second solution to puzzle #4a (shown above) is not a solution for #4b. There are eighteen attacked squares. Column 18 :  Eight Officers: First Rank  Eight Officers #6b The main solution is correct, but the position given afterwards for bishops on the same colour   can be improved, as shown by Octavian Laiu.Ra1 Kb1 Qc1 Nd1 Be1 Nf1 Bg1 Rh1: 36 squares attacked  Ra1 Rb1 Kc1 Qd1 Ne1 Bf1 Ng1 Bh1: 36 squares attacked  Column 21 :  A Holiday Visit to the Normal Side Problem 2  (mate in 2)The problem is anticipated by Werner Keym 1972 (  Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz ). In his position, the white queen starts on b8 instead of h8.The anticipation was noted in Column 23: Switcheroos: Make the Switch Today . Column 27 : Three Multiplexes The Unbeknown Benoni-plex 1B  (general case)The maximum number of different positions that can be shown using a single diagram is 192.Andrew Buchanan provided an example of a pawn formation in which each side could have five different en passant   captures.  [FEN r3k2r/8/8/PppPppPp/ pPPpPPpP/8/8/R3K2R ] For more explanation, see the corrected solution in Column 28:  Next Exit: Whammyville . Stipulation Multiplex 2E (mate in one squares)
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