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physics part 2 book outline
  --------------------------Chapter 12: Electrostatics--------------------------IntroductionKinds of chargesElectric ForceQuantitative nature of Electric forceCoulomb`s LawStatementMathematical formVector formEffect of mediumFields of forceElectric field linesDirection of electric fieldStrength of electric fieldUniform electric fieldProperties of electric field linesApplication of electrostaticsInk jet PrintersElectric FluxElectric Flux through a surface enclosing a chargeGauss`s LawApplications of Gauss`s LawElectric PotentialAbsolute Electric potentialElectron voltComparisonCapacitorCapacitanceElectric PolarizationCharging and discharging of capacitor--------------------------------Chapter 13: Current Electricity--------------------------------Electric currentCurrent directionConventional currentElectronic currentCurrent through metallic conductorCurrent without batteryCurrent with batteryDrift velocitySteady currentSource of currentTypes of Source of currentEffects of currentElectroplatingOhm`s LawOhmicNon OhmicSemiconductor diodeCombinations of resistorsDifference b/w Resistance and resistivityConductanceColour code for carbon resistancesRheostatThermistorsElectric power  Electromotive forcePotential differenceKirchhoff`s LawCircuit problemsWheatstone bridgeApplications of Wheatstone bridge----------------------------Chapter 14: Electromagnetism----------------------------MagnetismElectromagnetismMagnetic FieldForce on a current carrying conductorAlternative methodMagnetic fluxFlux densityFlux through a curved surfaceAmpere`s LawForce on a moving chargeDetermination of Magnetic forceDirection of Magnetic forceMotion of charge particleE/m of electronVelocity by potential difference methodCathode ray OsillioscopeSaw tooth waveSine waveUse of CROTorque on a currentGalvanometerAngle of DeflectionDead beat GalvanometerAmmeterAvometer-MultimeterDigital Multimeter-------------------------------------Chapter 15: Electromagnetic Induction-------------------------------------ElectroMagnetic InductionInduce Emf and Induce currentMethods to produce emfMotional EmfFaraday`s LawLenz`s LawLaw of conservation of energyMutual InductionSelf InductionFerromagnetic coreEnergy stored in IndutorEnergy densityAlternative current generatorVariations of currentDc currentBack motor effectDc motorBack emf effectTransformerTypes of transformer  Causes of power loss-------------------------------Chapter 16: Alternating Current-------------------------------Alternative currentAdvantage of ACFlow of ACDifferent terms of ACAC circuitAC through a resistorAC through an inductorImpedanceR-C and R-L seriesPower in AC circuitResonanceParallel resonance circuitThree phase AC supplyPrincipal of metal detectorsPrincipal of generatorReception of emf wavesModulationComparison between A.M and F.M-----------------------------Chapter 17: Physics of Solids-----------------------------IntroductionSolidsCrystalline solidsAmorphous solidsPolymeric solidsUnit cellCrystal latticMechanical properties of solidsDeformation in crystalline solidsElasticityStressTypes of stressStrainModulus of elasticityYoung`s ModulusBulk ModulusShear ModulusElastic limit and yield strengthUltimate tensile strengthDuctile substancesBrittle substancesStrain energyElectrical properties of solidsEnergy band theoryForbidden energy bandValence bandConduction bandFree electronInsulatorsConductorssemiconductorsTypes of semiconductorsDoping  Structure of semiconductorsDonor impurityAcceptor impurityElectric conductionSuperconductorsMagnetic properties of solidsTypes of magnetic materialElectromagnetHysteresis loopHysteresis loss-----------------------Chapter 18: Electronics-----------------------ElectronicsP-n junctionForward, reverse biased p-n junctionRectificationTypes of rectificationSpecially designed p-n junctionsApplications of photo diodeTransistorsTypes of transistorsCurrent flow in n-p-n transistorTransistors as an amplifierTransistor switchOperational amplifierOp-amp as inverting amplifierOp-amp as non-inverting amplifierOp-amp as a comparatorcomparator as a night switchDigital systemBoolean algebraLogic gatesApplications of logic gatesSensorsMonitoring system----------------------------------Chapter 19: Dawn of Modern Physics----------------------------------Classical PhysicsFailure of classical physicsModern physicsRelative MotionFrame of referenceSpecial Theory of relativityApplications of special theory of relativityBlack body radiationInteraction of electromagnetic radiations with matterAnnihilation of matterAntimatterWave nature of particlesUncertainty principle--------------------------Chapter 20: Atomic Spectra--------------------------Atomic spectraSpectroscopy
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