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Board of Legislators County Office Building, Room Court Street Belmont, New York Phone: Approval of Minutes - December 20, 2017 PLANNING & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE AGENDA
Board of Legislators County Office Building, Room Court Street Belmont, New York Phone: Approval of Minutes - December 20, 2017 PLANNING & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE AGENDA January 17, Craig Clark, Economic Development/ Industrial Development Agency - Monthly Report 3. H. Kier Dirlam, Planning Director - Monthly Report 4. Gretchen Hanchett, GACCC Executive Director - Monthly Report 5. Reita Sobeck-Lynch, Employment & Training Director - Monthly Report 6. Southern Tier Extension Railroad Authority Appointment 7. Old Business 8. New Business 9. Good of the Order 10. Adjournment Office of Development Crossroads Center 6087 NYS Route 19N Belmont, NY Ph: Fax: January 2018 Report 2017 overview Long Term Projects Crossroads project Announced signing of contract with Developers in August 2017 with Press Release. Meeting with Amity Town board and developers on December 11, Public meeting set for January 27, 2018 with master plan. Still anticipating August 2018 construction start. Waterline Engineer finalizing documents for summer 2018 construction. Friendship continues to work cooperatively on project. GE Lufkin facility Donation final and ACIDA owns facility as of December 29, PM Research has signed long-term lease and will expand in facility. Park and Ride Construction and paving finalized and operational in October Final cleanup will take place in the spring. Bioenergy Development and Commercialization Center (BDCC) BDCC now has state and federal funding of $12.4 million sources required for the project. Governor announced state funding for the last $6.6 million needed for project at State of the State on January 3, 2018 event. Final application is in process for the Economic Development Authority (EDA) $1.5 million grant. Appalachian regional Commission $1.5 million grant approved in June SIEMENS business units including energy, building systems and Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) software met in August 2017 to develop partnership on the BDCC project and University partnerships has now agreed to be full partner in project. ANGEL fund ARC approved funding for startup cost consulting for Angel fund in the STW area. Meetings to begin in January Travel Attended Select USA in June 2017 conference in Washington DC to attract foreign investments. Attended spring and fall Site Selectors guild meetings in Tucson and Seattle. Went to the IEDC conference in Toronto. Attended NYEDC July and May meetings in Albany and Cooperstown. Office of Development Crossroads Center 6087 NYS Route 19N Belmont, NY Ph: Fax: Went to SUNY Corporate Engagement Boot Camp at SUNY Polytechnic Institute Albany Campus in October Went to Community Colleges of Appalachia Board Meeting Spring Conference in Asheville, NC and Fall Conference in West Virginia November Meetings Allegany County Economic Development Steering Committee met February, May, October Allegany County IDA- Executive director Monthly meetings. IncubatorWorks Board Member, Economic Development committee leader and strategic plan committee. Invest Buffalo Niagara Board member, attended regular meetings. IncubatorWorks 30 th Anniversary November 2017 at the Corning Incubator and Alfred Incubator. Assisted Genesee River Wilds on reviewing mission, vision, and developing a Strategic Plan in November Small Business Administration, Allegany Economic Development & Greater Allegany County, Chamber event at Crossroads in March Allegany County Young Professionals Group started in April Area company human resources meeting at Wellsville Country Club in February Global NY Direct Foreign Investment meeting with 30 Consul Generals Buffalo in May Alfred State College hosted WNY STEM regional meeting Forum on the Future Workforce: Closing the Middle Skills STEM Gap on Oct 27, 2017 at the Student Leadership Center. Advertising Three Expansion Solutions Magazine ads Focusing on manufacturing, distribution and advanced manufacturing. Results in leads when they attend trade shows. Business in Focus magazine Allegany County highlighted again in the December 2017 Magazine. Ad submitted for Allegany County. Article used for Cuba Patriot Digital Advertising Programmatic Solutions program had 500,000 Impressions over a 4 month run with custom audience targeting optimization. The goal is to develop leads through targeted banners linked to site searches driving to the Allegany Website pages. Reviewing for future plans for digital marketing. Marketing New Allegany County Website January New Allegany County logo and letterhead approved in Site Selectors visited Allegany County on October 16-18, 2017 to review buildings and green field sites, including specification sheets on greenfield sites as part of the plan developed during the 2016 visit. New handbills for food production, ceramics, advanced manufacturing and distribution in May 2017. Office of Development Crossroads Center 6087 NYS Route 19N Belmont, NY Ph: Fax: Sketches finalized in December 2017 for potential industrial sites in the county. Invest Buffalo Niagara visited Belvac, Alfred University and Alfred State for Economic week in May We respond to notices from Invest Buffalo Niagara when they are looking for property and leads for companies that want to reside in Western NY. Continuing to develop the list of potential buildings and land for development in the county. Started work on a downtown Revitalization Initiative grant for Alfred. Continued to work with Seneca Nation on filling the Tracewell facility near Cuba. Subgroup of the Allegany County Economic Development Committee to develop a program to engage students and alumni at the three colleges regarding employment and economic development in Allegany County Goals Needs Monthly positive press and stories for Allegany County and from Allegany County. Crossroads Development - start construction in Crossroads waterline start construction in Tracewell building fill with a working company. BDCC - continue engineering, planning and start rehabilitation building. Develop adequate last mile providers for internet access. Current business monthly positive stories and support expansion/retention. Travel continue state, national and international connections. Meetings Invest Buffalo Niagara to visit Allegany County. Meetings- regular input from Allegany County Young professionals. Marketing continue to improve economic development section on website and social media. Marketing fully develop plan to keep current college graduates and attract alumni to return. Site Selectors labor shed demographics and implement their proposed plan to attract companies. Develop resources for additional incentives. Develop project ready sites as per site selector s suggestions. Review and improve ease of fast tracking permits on sites. Investigate development of spec building. January 2018 Report Office of Planning 6087 NYS Route 19N Belmont, NY Office of Planning Projects: A. Allegany County Planning Board: Planning Board meets tonight for their Annual Dinner at the Off Duty Club here in Belmont 6PM January 17th, Craig Clark is the guest speaker. Released meeting schedule for 2018 to Press. B. Land Bank Board: The Land Bank Board has hired a bookkeeping firm starting this month. We will be receiving the first disbursement on the final grant that was received from the NY Attorney General s office. C. Shared-Services: The RFP s were reviewed and a preferred consultant has been selected. No meetings are scheduled at this time. D. GIS [Geographic Information System]: Staff continues to provide maps on request to various departments and individuals as requested. We have been working with our GIS consultant to develop a methodology to review the census address data that will be arriving in February. E. Administrative Reviewed audits for Planning, Development and Tourism as well as Payroll. Reviewed the draft Tourism Marketing Plan Reviewed the spending plan for Development for 2018 with Craig Clark and staff. Advertising for the new Planning and Development Specialist staff is underway and expect that we will be selecting from applicants in the coming month. F. Planning Meetings Presented at the Planning & Economic Development Committee. Presented and attended the Allegany County Planning Board meeting Participated in Website Update Conference Calls Attended the Southern Tier West Planning and Development Board meeting Attended a meeting of the GIS users in the County on future needs for Geographic Information System work. Development Projects: A. County Website: Continue to make updates as requested by other departments as well as updating the events, buildings available for lease/sale database. website work through-out the month; began updating local links and use of SiteImprove for ADA regulations; updates to Land bank page and Development. B. Shovel Ready Sites: Received the Final sketches for potential industrial sites in the county to be used in the marketing effort. C. Business Development Notified by IDA Executive Director Craig Clark that the IDA has taken possession of the GE/Lufkin building at the Wellsville Airport and a lease is imminent for a company to move into the facility this winter/spring. Notified by Economic Developer Craig Clark that Alfred State College has been included in the Governor s State of the State address receiving over $6 million in additional funding for the BDCC project. Sincerely, H. Kier Dirlam - DIRECTOR - OFFICE OF PLANNING Planning & Development Committee Tourism Report; Gretchen Hanchett 1/18 Long Term Projects 1. The Watchable Wildlife Tourist on the river and more The growing tourism market! 2. The Watchful wild life program continues to move forward with developing a committee to include DEC, AU GRW and more to work with a framework to bring tourist to enjoy Allegany county s natural beauty and outdoor recreation. Ongoing. This project is on hold until summer and fall events end. 3. Resourcing a consultant in to move this project forward.1/18 4. Contacted Break the Ice and ARCHER, or Cross the Boarder 5. Tourism packages; Continue to work with businesses to put together packages to making visiting Allegany County easier for our visitors. Packages will be added to the tourism website. Contacted now following up Alfred Area Cuba Chamber Businesses Kent Farms Association Inn at 28 Wellsville Area Chamber Swain 6. Working with Livingston Co., Wy. Co., Rochester, GRW and Genesee river group on a project supporting the development of a Genesee River guide for the full length of the river. Talking stages for doing a full river event within a couple of years. 7. Continued search for local outfitting business Marketing/ Projects 1. Working on marketing plan for Canadian PR Program Co-- op PROGRAM DESCRIPTION (Partners WNY counties, including Wyoming, Genesee, Orleans, and Madison, Steuben, Tioga, Cayuga, Livingston, and Ontario.) The Canadian PR Co-- op will provide co-- op partners with PR services from Break the Ice Media focused on garnering earned media coverage of the partner destinations and attractions within Canadian markets. 3. Sourcing resources for an I am Allegany County Campaign o Video program Travel/Events Future Events & Much more coming check out the website calendar Allegany County Business conference (Spring of 2018) Olean Sports Show January 20 th -21st Tri-State Outdoor Expo (Pittsburgh) Regional show January 25th-28 th The Great American Outdoor Show (Harrisburg) NYS Tourism Show. working February 3 rd -5 th GACCC recreation Show (May 2018) Workshops SBA Cyber security February 15 th 9:00am to 11:30am (Crossroads) GACCC/BOCES Community Night 5:00pm to 7:00pm The Family Enterprise New Planning Strategies with Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP 2/22/18 9:00am to 12:00 Advertising Winter Sabers yearbook Winter Classic Special NY Escape Explore NY winter Economic Development Team efforts: Support efforts/projects when/where needed. Respectfully submitted Gretchen Gretchen Hanchett, Executive Director/ Tourism Coordinator Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce & Allegany County Tourism (W) (C) Employment & Training 7 Wells Lane Belmont, NY Ph: Fax: January 2018 Report General Information Front Door Traffic: 483 Employment: 2 new full time and 5 new part-time jobs with 6 employers Unemployment: October rates: Allegany County 5.5%; NYS 4.6%; US 3.9%. Locally 15 new unemployment claims opened~ 1 fired, 14 layoffs 7 were (seasonal jobs) Veterans: 2 Veterans utilized our services for assistance with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP, registration and to work with Adult Career & Continuing Education-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) Business Services: 27 services provided to 17 businesses for job listing, follow-up, job matching, referrals, youth work experience and skills testing. Administered 18 TABE(Test of Adult Basic Education) tests Meetings: attended Economic Development Team, Workforce Development Board and Audit & Finance and the Roundtable 2021 Department of Social Services Contract 549 services provided: Family Assistance 85; Safety Net Family 7; Safety Net 170 and SNAP 287 Safety Net Employment Assessment Class: 5 assessed; 9 denied; 7 completed; 2 exempt and 2 re-applied Non-Custodial Parent Program: 36 active participants and 18 employed WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) Youth: Met with 10~ 7 for work experience and 3 for training; Outreach to 12 who came to our office and to 36 agencies, businesses, school newsletters/web sites and online through Facebook and Regional News Network. 10 are enrolled in services, 8 are employed and 1 new employment Training: 3 in training for Medical Office Assisting and CDL-A; the customer completed CDL-A training and obtained his license; 12 training inquiries Trade Act: 71 Outreach contacts; 3 in training Respectfully submitted, Reita Sobeck-Lynch, MPH Director Board of Legislators County Office Building, Room Court Street Belmont, New York Phone: Memorandum TO: FROM: Planning & Economic Development Committee Brenda Rigby Riehle, Clerk of the Board DATE: December 27, 2017 RE: APPOINTMENT TO CHAUTAUQUA, CATTARAUGUS, ALLEGANY AND STEUBEN SOUTHERN TIER EXTENSION RAILROAD AUTHORITY Chairman Crandall plans to appoint Brooke Harris of Alfred, NY, to fill a three-year term on the Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany, and Steuben Southern Tier Extension Railroad Authority commencing January 2, 2018, and expiring August 27, If the Committee desires to appoint Mr. Harris, please have a motion to that effect included in your minutes, along with a request to the County Attorney to prepare a resolution. In addition the Chairman should sign the attached pink appointment form, where indicated, and return it to me. Thank you. Attachment Board of Legislators County Office Building, Room Court Street Belmont, New York Phone: REQUEST FOR APPOINTMENT TO A BOARD/COMMITTEE UNDER JURISDICTION OF ALLEGANY COUNTY BOARD OF LEGISLATORS BOARD/COMMITTEE TO WHICH APPOINTMENT IS TO BE MADE: Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Allegany and Steuben Southern Tier Extension Railroad Authority APPOINTING AUTHORITY Board of Legislators Chairman of the Board X Chairman of the Board Confirmed by Board of Legislators NAME OF PROPOSED MEMBER: Brooke Harris ADDRESS: PO Box 500, Alfred, NY Type of Member (Medical, Sportsman, Farmer, etc.) Type of Appointment: (check one) X New _ Reappointment of present incumbent due to expiration of term Fill Vacancy due to Resignation Fill Vacancy due to Expiration of Term Effective Date Expiration Date of Appointment: 01/02/2018 Of Appointment: 08/27/2020 Name of Member being replaced (if any) Effective Date of Resignation Filed with Clerk of the Board Yes No Approval by Committee of Jurisdiction: Chairman s signature Recorded in Minutes of Meeting of the Planning & Ec. Development Date Committee ****************************************************************************** FOR BOARD CLERK S OFFICE USE ONLY: Resignation received: Term of Appointment verified: Remarks: Filed with County Clerk:
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