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BABSON COLLEGE COMMENCEMENT MAY 16, 2015 u let us chart our lives so that what we do will: (1) perform a needed service and make the world a better place in which to live; (2) make ourselves, and also
BABSON COLLEGE COMMENCEMENT MAY 16, 2015 u let us chart our lives so that what we do will: (1) perform a needed service and make the world a better place in which to live; (2) make ourselves, and also others, so far as we can, healthier and stronger physically; (3) free ourselves, and others, as much as possible, from worry, care, and mental stress. u Roger Babson, What Is Success? (1923) w e l c o m e u to the ninety-sixth annual Commencement exercises at Babson College. The College community is pleased and proud to share this memorable day with you. Your enthusiastic support of each graduate is appreciated. As a courtesy to the graduates, please reserve your applause until all candidates have received their diplomas. Arrangements have been made for a professional photographer and a video crew to take pictures of each degree candidate, and film the ceremony. This will eliminate the need for guests to leave their seats to take photos during the ceremony. Proofs will be available through Grad Images at or and GradMemory at At the conclusion of the Commencement exercises, please join us for a light reception in the Reynolds Campus Center. u P r o g r a m CHIEF MARSHAL Alfred J. Nanni Jr. Provost Senior Vice President INVOCATION Rev. Jenny Rankin Ecumenical Chaplain to the Babson Community WELCOME Kerry Healey President GREETINGS Henry N. Deneault 70, M 72, P 90 Interim Dean, Undergraduate School Vice Provost AWARD RECOGNITIONS Lawrence P. Ward Vice President, Student Affairs Dean of Students GREETINGS AND PRESENTATION OF PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR Cheska Adrianne Mauban Senior Speaker PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR ADDRESS G. Shankaranarayanan SALUTATION Joseph L. Winn M 74, P 15 Chair, Board of Trustees COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS Kevin Colleran 03 CONFERRING OF DEGREES IN COURSE Bachelor of Science Henry N. Deneault 70, M 72, P 90 Kerry Healey Rob Major Director, Academic Services Dan Kwash Assistant Director, Academic Services First-Year Dean Linda E. Kean M 00 College Registrar Steve Marchand M 01 Associate Registrar FACULTY GREETING Carolyn Hotchkiss Dean, Faculty Professor of Law BENEDICTION Bilal Mirza Muslim Chaplain to the Babson Community RECESSIONAL CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREES Kerry Healey HONORARY DEGREE RECIPIENT Kevin Colleran 03 Doctor of Humane Letters presented by Erik Noyes Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship 2 Join us on Twitter and Instagram using #Babson2015 H o n o r a r y D e g r e e THE BABSON COLLEGE HONORARY DEGREE An honorary degree is the highest accolade a college or university can bestow and usually is awarded during the Commencement ceremony. Babson College has given honorary degrees since presenting a doctor of laws degree in 1959 to Ewan Clague, commissioner for the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the award specifics are unique to each person, a common trait of all recipients is their commitment to service in its broadest sense. Most honored by the College have distinguished themselves as entrepreneurs and executives; however, Babson College also has honored a variety of prominent individuals from various backgrounds, including Generals James Gavin and George H. Akin; Senators Leverett Saltonstall, Edward M. Kennedy, and John F. Kerry; Governor William F. Weld; journalists Natalie Jacobson and Robert L. Bartley; scholars Alfred D. Chandler Jr. and Leonard Woodcock; music directors Sarah Caldwell and Arthur Fiedler; fashion designer Tory Burch; basketball legend KC Jones; digital media pioneers Reid Hoffman and Biz Stone; former faculty members Clint Peterson and Peter Black; former Babson presidents and trustees; and, most notably, our own distinguished alumni. Roger W. Babson, founder of Babson College, said, I have always tried to visualize a world of change rather than a world at rest. Babson College celebrates these men and women for the changes their service has brought. 3 H o n o r a r y D e g r e e R e c i p i e n t a n d C o m m e n c e m e n t S p e a k e r KEVIN COLLERAN 03 Kevin Colleran is the managing director of Slow Ventures, a venture capital firm he co-founded. He invests more than $80 million of capital from more than 100 technology founders, CEOs, and leaders as well as many top-tier Silicon Valley Venture Capital firms into early-stage companies based in the United States. His investments include Evernote, Nest, Pinterest, Tumblr, Dropbox, Slack, Birchbox, Postmates, Plated, Classpass, and more than 180 other growing companies. Colleran also is a venture partner at General Catalyst Venture Capital firm in Boston, New York, and San Francisco, focused on Series A and Series B technology investing. Colleran is active on many advisory boards and boards of directors, including Yik Yak, Datalogix, Buddy Media, Humin, and PillPack. He also writes a weekly column for The Wall Street Journal, online and print, as part of its Accelerators section. Previously, Colleran was one of the first 10 employees at Facebook Inc., having joined in early 2005 as its first advertising sales executive working from his apartment in New York City. He worked at Facebook for nearly seven years, leaving in 2012 after having become the longest-tenured employee at the company other than Mark Zuckerberg. Colleran graduated magna cum laude from Babson in In 2002, during his junior year, he raised capital from Babson and several nonprofit entrepreneurship organizations in order to found Babson s undergraduate business hatchery. In 2000, Colleran also was the first first-year student to win Babson s Student Business Initiative Award. 4 G r a d u a t e s David Michael Abers Valeria Renata Abramovich Zakhar Abugov Isabel Acosta Casas ** Sai Aparna Adala ** William Russell Affsa Shivam Aggarwal ** Belma Ahmetovic Dong Nyok Ahn Melissa Akdogan ** Ghalia Issam Al Tawari * Fatema Meshari AlBader * Bassam Hamed Albassam Karla Eugenia Aldape Davila ** Yousef Waleed Al-Humaidhi Emily Jean Aliberti Connor James Allen ^ Noora Al-Mana *** Eithar Sami AlRushaid Nour Kamal Al-Sultan * Federico R. Alvarez Diamond Crystale Amie * Glenn Dwayne Anderson Jr. *** Graham Thomas Anderson ** Jennifer Ann Appel ** Simone Alexandra Aptekman *** Cristina Eloise Arias Martinez * Maria del Mar Armenteros Rodriguez Elijah Edward Arnold Sanjana Sanjay Arora Carlos Arriaga John Arriola ^ * Kerman Arriola Zugaza Jessica R. Aruda * Easan Sean Arulanantham Andrew Aryeh Richard Avenarius Patrick Bagley * Rishav Bansal Liza Rose Stewart Barry Kyle Richard Barsalou Brian M. Bartlett Monika Bashllari Zachary Clarence Bastarache *** Katherine Anne Began Dara Behjat Luis Gabriel Benetti Donna Bengio Dana Bensadon *** Margaret Elda Berkeley 5 G r a d u a t e s * Jessica Betancourt Breeana Degerna Darcel Blackmon ^ Tyler Joseph Blake *** Joshua Bryant Blond * Stephanie Boenawan Jessica Taylor Bollmann ^ Andrew Everett Roy Bonazza ** Guido Borrero Juliao Abdul-Rahman Eyisan Boyo ^ * Anna Danielle Brasher * Fabian Brenninkmeijer Leonard Arnold Brown Matthew Donald Brown ** Stephanie L. Bruno * Alexander Patrick Bunick Alexandra Joy Burk Malcolm W. Bybee Robert James Caggiano Shirley Teresa Campos Unocc * Felix Francisco Canino Jr. Chase Edward Capalbo *** Marina Lee Capalbo Javier Carabias Garcia-Quiros *** Benjamin Alexander Cardarelli Nicole Jennal Carli Herbert Castillo Melendez Raphael Zachary Cattan Christian James Cattaruzza Nicolo Catto Javier Enrique Chacín Vitale * Gustavo Alonso Chan *** Jay Chen * Jia Ling Chen ** Kelly A. Chewens ** Rolando Chinchilla Boburg Pingduen Chirathivat Chris Cho Yoon Soo Cho Yoon Ho Choi Tiffany Y Chou * Radhika Chouhan Sarah Ella Christie Bryan Chubbs ** Jae Bong Chung * Molly Kathleen Church Orjada Cinari Shawn Evan Citro Cameron Patrick Clifford Dylan Michael Coan Maria Renee Cobb ^ 6 G r a d u a t e s * Alexandra Olivia Cohen Henry Sion Cohen Harari *** Steven Aaron Comery * Jennifer Concepcion * Eduardo Condeminas Saller Steven Michael Connell Gabrielle Autumn Conroy Kathleen Anne Conway Michael Warren Corkrum II Jackson David Courey Felipe Croitoru ** Daniela Cruz Genevieve Maria Regina Buxhoeveden Curran Kevin Michael Dachos ^ * Alan Vince D Adamo Connor Thomas Dahlberg Jonathan Louis Dainesi Kristen R. Daley ** Pradyumn Dalmia * Maria Carolina Damiani Garassini * Sam Dane *** Dung Eveline Dang Yasmin Said Darwazah ** Sanjay Venkat Dasari Heloisa De Souza Gulin ^ * Janelle Linette Davis Oliver Widmer Davis * Beatriz De Abreu Fernandez Filgueiras * Víctor Alfonso de Zárraga Cheyenne Lecia Dean Connor Lawrence DeFiore * Talia Marie DeFranco * Andrew John Joseph DeLacey Claudia M. Delgado * Nicholas George DeMartino Jaspal Kaur Dhillon * Gabriel Jacques Di Capua * Ronald Chan Diep ** Daniela Isabel Dioguardi Vásquez Jessica Lynne DiPhilippo Joseph Robert DiPietro * Ryan Zeiben Diplock Cassio Paulo Franca Domingues Neto * Brock Everett Donnelly ** Samantha Helen Donovan Jose Antonio Dos Santos Benitez *** Anushka Chetan Doshi Ramone Antonio Doyley Michael Bosworth Driscoll 7 G r a d u a t e s Alexa E. Dumont ** Nina Le Fong Duong Artur Dutka * Jillian Alexis Eitelman Lalla Anissa Elalamy * Clara Elbaz Patrick James Ellis Samantha Margaret Emmerling Emma Kate Engelsman Michael Austin Epperson Eragam Soma Reddy Seren Ergenç ** Hannah Elisabeth Esberg * Dominic Joseph Esposito Elizabeth Blair Estabrook Mikiyas Yacob Estifanos Luc Göran Roland Fagerberg * Yue Fan ** Giuliana Stephanie Faraj Pumpo Somia Amen Farid *** Adam Slater Farina Cesar Faucheur Xinyue Feng ** Ana Vitoria Fernandes Suarez ** Carlos Alfredo Fernandez Semidey Nicole Rita Ferrari Alexis Francesca Ferraro ** Courtney Margaret Marina Fischer *** Christian Fleming *** Kendall Elizabeth Ford * Joseph J. Franco ** Sarah Elizabeth Freedman ** Alexandra H. Freeman Jennifer Dee Fusco Amanda Paulson Gahagan * Nickolai Gaivoronski Thomas Frank Gallagher Juliana Galofre Raymond Daniel Garcia Benjamin T. Gaut * Devon Noelle Gay * Hanishka Anil Gehani Sheena Rachel George Blair Allyson Ginden *** Isabella Giraldo Chavez Nelcy Melissa Giron Ashish Golconda *** Alexander Lee Goldman Robert Alexander Goldman Dillon Peter Gonzalez 8 G r a d u a t e s Gregory John Gonzalez Derishai Emily Gordon-Staton Sebastian Rodrigo Gorostiaga ^ * Darshan Govindaraju * April M. Goya Matthew M. Gray James Taylor Gregory Sean Martin Griffin ^ Elliot Stephen Hamlin Grinstead Jacob Carlton Grover Joseph Andrew Guggenheim Radhika Gulati Mark Ernest Gulesian ** Shreyas Vivek Gupta Ali Baran Guvenal *** Kelvin Cheung Hin Ha Gal Hagay ** Laura Jessie Haime ** Jan Talu Hakverdi Jonathan Patrick Hale Kayla Maria Hale ** Sharon Halim ** Maryam Lauren Hamedany Justin K. Han Chelsea Patricia Haraty Anna Harper Montes Christopher Paul Harrington Jr. ** Shruthi Satyen Harve Anastasia Hassiotis Connor James Hayes ^ Matthew Ryan Hayes Meghan Elizabeth Hayes * Natalya Diana Bonagrazia Healey Nicole Marie Heavern Sandra Pamela Henriquez *** Brian Pers Hickey Stephanie Hillebrand Hutchison ^ ** David Andrew Hines Autumn E. F. Hines-Coombs Carmen Ho Ariel Ho Kjaer Hoang Vu Mackenzie Matthew Holmes * Katherine Louise Hornigold Mattias Gere Huebner Briana Rose Hunt Kate R. Hunt ** Shahroze Husain Andrea Iacono Aadil Oberoi Ikram 9 G r a d u a t e s Alexander Ralph Dubach Isely ** Anurag Jain Chaahat Jain Pallavi Rajesh Jain ^ *** Shivani Janani ** Camila Jaramillo * Adam Jan Jarolimek Jae Won Jeong ** Ping Jia Mingjie Jiang Ascia Christine Johnson ^ ** Sabrina Collette Jones ** So Yoon Jun Ashley Kang Soozin Kang Rachael Alexis Kantor Melina Sophia Kapotsis * Resham Kapur ** Olivia Karow * Ayushi Kasaraneni ** Shivam Katyal Alessandra Kauffmann Gabriella Amanda Kawilarang ^ Morgan Lee Keith Recep Batuhan Keles Mackenzie Helen Kelleher ^ Magzhan Kenesbai Yousef Khashoggi ** Utsav Khemka Bum Soo Kim * Hyejin Kim Joon Su Kim ^ Louis Kim Min Joo Kim ^ Min Seuk Kim Evan Kimbrell * Christianne Alexandra Kinder Andrew Jay King * Samuel Kevin Kizer Jonathan Christian Klinvex Kaan Ilhan Kocturk ** Hannah En Mei Koh Michael Salvatore Kollaard Alexandra Morgan Korinis * Rishitha Reddy Kotapalle *** Aangi Atul Kothari Daniel Ansel Kruse Emre Muzaffer Kulluk ** Shannon Nicole Kyne Jack Jason Laboz 10 G r a d u a t e s Oluwarotimi Kolade Lademo Joseph August LaGrasso Clifford Lam Kristen Anne Lanza Hung Cheung Lau *** Justin Robert Laurenzo Kamisha Lauture ^ Brian James Lawler Eugene Lee * Hyukgi Lee Ivana Uen Wai Lee Jik Lee Patrick Anthony Lee Jr. Taeha Lee Timan Lee *** Sarah Christine Lehnert Lauren Rachel Lemieux ** Nathan Craig Lemieux ** Andrew John Lepine Yuanxun Li Alessandro Calogero Libani Guilherme Lima Ciciliati Fagundes ** Elizabeth Lin Yuling Lin Evan Justin Lincoln Jeffrey Adam Lipson ** Laurence Lirette *** Judy Yong Ying Liu ** Daniel Lloreda Velasquez Anuj Lohia Charles Jacob Long *** Joseph James Lorusso III Inna Loseva * Mrinal Lunia * Michael Brandon MacDonald David Carl Mack Sean Walker MacPhee Ioli Macridi ** Daniel Michael Morgan Macumber Novita Sriraga Sanjana Maddi ^ Ravine Ashok Mahtani ** Christopher Francis Mainiero * Joy Suguna Malabanti Nicholas George Malatos * Stephanie Malek Sahar Malik Caroline Mary Malone Patricia Manent Maria Gabriela Marcos Hayley Aylesworth Marks ^ 11 G r a d u a t e s Guadalupe Martinez ** Juan Pablo Martinez * Diego Mata * Joshua K. Mathew ** Kelsey Michiko Matsuoka Brenden Peter Matthews ** Cheska Adrianne Mauban * Kelly Ann McCarthy Sean Daniel McClung ** Tucker Jenkins McCrabb * Keegan Elizabeth McDonald * Amelia Elizabeth McKenney Christine Victoria McNeley * Patrick Arnesen Meany * Henry Aaron Medine Aman Naresh Mehta ** Kairavi Mehta Nilomi Nilesh Mehta Deena M. Mele Luis Felipe Staub Mellao * Federico Jose Mendy Nin Joey Evan Mensah *** Sarah Valentine Lucie Mercier Laura Milhem Michael Steven Millard ^ ** Chelsea Lauren Miller * Nastassja Tatjana Minaev * Janibell Monegro Raquel Montes Vega ** Carly Marie Moore ** Jennifer Irene Moore * Seira Mori Brenna Rose Mulhern * Nelson Dario Munoz Abreu ** James Roy Murdock Katherine Jean Murphy *** Arjun Murthy Kirti Kumari Nahar * Gabriela Tiara Natasha Likhita Nimmagadda Michael Anh Tuan Ninh Joshua Aaron Noble ^ * Ana Sofia Nolfo Montalvo ** Elizabeth Nova * Andres Anibal Obando Mary Elizabeth O Connor Emira Oliveros Zayed Barrett James O Neill Eric Blanch Ordway Crystal Ying Ouyang ^ 12 G r a d u a t e s * Ella Serine Overholt ** Michael James Pace ** Priyanka Pachisia * Michele Geatano Palestro Leon Papu Beda Tushar Parbhu Manuel Paredes Minjae Park Luke Justin Pashos Vani Patro Pranav Pratik Patvardhan ** Maria Alejandra Pavia Christian Lorenzo Pedrini ** Maria Alexandra Pereda Ehrlich * Daniel David Perera ** Carl Indiana Perez Jared James Pizza Vaishali Jog Plainfield * Aaron Reinhart Pomeroy * Juan-Sebastian Alejandro Ponce Bustamante Melissa Ann Pouk Alexandra Paulina Prentice * Emily Marie Proos * Kseniya Pulido Napone Punyagupta Christopher John Quach ^ Luis Queremel Milani John William Quinn ^ ** Santiago Andrés Quiñones Albornoz Tyler Matti Rafeldt *** Paul G. Ramey * Tyrone Ravi Ramnath Ched Ramyarupa ** Nicole M. Ravetier Carolina Recchi Conor Richard Regan * Gregory Wolfgang Reichardt Lauren Victoria Reilly Jaclyn Ann Reiter Ryan Christopher Reynolds * Denis John Rezendes Jae Seung Rhie Mónica Riberas López * Erica Jane Riccardi Alyssa Charlotte Rimsa Taelyr Cheyn Roberts Lindsey Travers Roche ** Alberto Rodriguez Rico * Alexandra Romero 13 G r a d u a t e s Alejandro Jesus Romo Shea William Rosadino Felipe Alberto Rubio ^ ** Philip Nicholas Russo * Joseph Jerome Ruvane IV * Wendy Kate Sachs * Raquel Helene Safdie Julia Elizabeth Salamone ^ Sergio Enrique Salas Álvarez * Lorenzo Salazar Brianna Gretchen Molina San Diego ** Jessica Santiago Tushar Saraf ** Yash Saraf * Alexandre Gregor Sarkissian Sagar Sunil Sawlani Bradley Evan Saxe * Nicole Scarpetta Lopez Alexandra Ann Schiffer ^ Ary Schlumberger Lindsey Elizabeth Schmid Yasmine Sebti * Rachel Hannah Secrist ** Dhruv Sehgal *** Daniel Harris Shaffer Avika Sachin Shah ** Karan Sanjay Shah * Jack Eli Shalom Ast Isis Aiya Shango * Soundarya Shanthappa Mengyang Emma Shen Simon Shi Yang Shi ** Evan Angelo Shirley Daniel Shofet *** Kripa Manoj Shroff ** Alissa H. Shulman ** Jared Myer Silber *** Anibha Singh ** Dineth Harshitha Siriwardane Christopher Paul Sirois ^ *** Jeffrey Walker Smith Cem Soylu ^ Emre Basar Sözen Victoria Katherine Squire Rehanna Leigh Stepnoski ^ Joseph Stern *** Robert Edward Sternberg Brianna Noelle Stiklickas Ryan Michael Stowe 14 G r a d u a t e s Zachary Andrew Sufrin Trevor Christopher Sullivan * Kris Supavatanakul * Nihal Sura ** Hendry Susanto Connor H. Swatling Emily Bernadette Swindell Szilard Szilagyi *** Kyle Pierce Tagen * Zachary Michael Talotta ** Minte Juliana Tamoshunas * Raycent Zhi Hao Tan ** Benny Jun-Hong Tang ** Johanna Patricia Teahan Bijan Tehrani ** Teo Jia Jun ** Michael Robert Terzi ** Kyaw Zaw Thant ** Alexander James Tighe Dominick Robert Tocci * Meaghan Amanda Toothaker Matthew James Towarnicky Han Han Tran Thu Mai Tran * Allyson Rae Trayah * Leonora Trueba de Buen Philip Lawrence Turpin ** Cole Anders Ungar ** Reynaldo Urip *** Deniz Uyan Christian Van Hoegaerden Herrmann Telles Peter Ikai Van Noppen * Charilaos Varelas *** Abigail Vargas Maurice Varsano * Ryan Alec Vayo Zermina Velic ** Jacob Allen Vick ** Helen Alexandra Voloshin ** Saniya Waghray Kyle Christopher Wallis ^ Hailey Shannen Walsh Thomas Carter Walsh *** Han Wang ** Jianhan Wang Vivian Yi-Wen Wang * Xiaoyang Wang * Yi Alice Wang *** Yiwen Wang 15 G r a d u a t e s Paris Keaton Waranimman Purin Kelvin Waranimman Christopher Matthew Warren *** Sanjay Zimmermann ** Pedro Zuccolillo * Kristen Marie Zuleg Matthew Lo Wei John Patrick Wickey ** Michael Lawrence Winter Jared Taylor Wolf *** Summa Cum Laude ** Magna Cum Laude * Cum Laude Agnes Tak Wei Wong Nicholas Warren Wong Alexander Michael Woodhouse Alexander Gray Worcester ^ ** Hongling Xu * Ruoqi Xu Jenny Su Yi Erin Marie Young Diana Yuan ^ * Jason Yuji Yuasa ** Philip Aleksander Yudin Jae Ro Yun Luis Manuel Zabala Joseph Robert Zanca * Lexin Zhang Xuhua Zhou ^ Honors Program August 2015 Bachelor of Science Degree Candidate 16 S e n i o r A w a r d R e c i p i e n t s ROGER W. BABSON AWARD Marina Lee Capalbo ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY AWARD Hannah Elisabeth Esberg CAROLL W. FORD SCHOLARSHIP Adam Slater Farina GLOBAL STUDENT LEADERSHIP AWARD David Andrew Hines GEORGE MACY WHEELER AWARD Blair Allyson Ginden HISTORY AND SOCIETY AWARD Christopher Francis Mainiero MICHAEL J. CONLON SENIOR SPIRIT AWARD Rishav Bansal INFORMATION SYSTEMS AWARD Luis Queremel Milani CLINTON A. PETERSEN ACCOUNTING AWARD Kendall Elizabeth Ford Yiwen Wang ARTS AND HUMANITIES AWARD Janelle Linette Davis Deniz Uyan CREATIVE ARTS AWARD Helen Alexandra Voloshin BERTRAND R. CANFIELD AWARD Adam Slater Farina EARL K. BOWEN AWARD Jennifer Ann Appel ECONOMICS ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Daniel Harris Shaffer OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES AWARD Rolando Chinchilla Boburg OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN LAW AWARD Kendall Elizabeth Ford NEWTON NATURAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY AWARD Ast Isis Aiya Shango RUDOLPH A. JOHNSON AWARD Kyle Pierce Tagen TECHNOLOGY, OPERATIONS AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AWARD Benny Jun-Hong Tang TED GROSSMAN SCHOLAR Gustavo Alonso Chan WALL STREET JOURNAL FINANCE AWARD Katherine Anne Began WALLACE P. MORS FINANCE AWARD Jeffrey Walker Smith 17 S e n i o r A w a r d R e c i p i e n t s a n d S t u d e n t L e a d e r s STUDENT ATHLETE OF THE CLASS Kendall Elizabeth Ford FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE CLASS Marina Lee Capalbo Daniel Michael Morgan Macumber Taelyr Cheyn Roberts Meaghan Amanda Toothaker Abigail Vargas Sanjay Zimmermann MALE ATHLETE OF THE CLASS Michael Bosworth Driscoll John Patrick Wickey STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE BOARD Dara Behjat DR. NORM GOVONI SCHOLAR ATHLETE OF THE CLASS Rachel Hanna Secrist Justin Robert Laurenzo CONLON AWARD FOR ATHLETICS Alexandra H. Freeman NATALIE TAYLOR SCHOLARS Breeana Degerna Darcel Blackmon Novita Sriraga Sanjana Maddi Nina Le Fong D
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