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Astro 8500: Professional Development & Ethics (Class #2 - The First Year - Building Good Habits) Definition of Success What is a success? What is a successful astronomy career? Why? Why are you in graduate
Astro 8500: Professional Development & Ethics (Class #2 - The First Year - Building Good Habits) Definition of Success What is a success? What is a successful astronomy career? Why? Why are you in graduate school? Good research / meaningful contributions to the field of research / original research / good teacher Positive impact on society / Giving back / meaningful contribution to society (Not) about publishing papers or finding renown / getting tenure Doing research not just teaching NO on publish, publish, publish / pressure cooker environment - no fun! Work-life balance / happiness / acknowledgement / Enjoyment of work Achieving one s goals (Setting goals) / Self improvement / advancement / personal satisfaction Academic life / freedom to do what I want to do to balance life Money (small part) - financial security I don t like to define things in terms of successful vs. failure.. From Cheng Yu s advisor 1. try different things, 2. pick advisors/research groups wisely, 3. try really difficult problems instead of easy one or popular ones, 4. use all your resources at hand, including the people around you like other researchers or professors, 5. ask questions, and question everything, ask why one topic or one way of doing things, is better than others, 6. dig deeper into a problem, don't just scratch the surface, 7. get better organized, focus, become efficient, don't waste time, 8. finish things, don't sit on things, and always do things right the way instead of putting it off for another day, 9. learn how to raise yourself and your efforts to another level, there is always another gear (as in driving), 10. don't underestimate yourself, Graduate School Success - I The only currency of respect in the broader astronomical community: Good Refereed Papers The cream always rises to the top - WWS Forget about credit - do your work, do it well, and publish Always work at the next level: If you are an undergrad - try to perform like a grad student, if you are a Ph.D. student - aim to work at the postdoc level. *MUST Read: A Ph.D. is not enough - Peter Feibelman Graduate School Success - II The 3 legs of the (sanity) stool: Classes, Teaching, Research At any time one of these may not be working well.. you need to be able to rely on the other two to help you. Get involved in research immediately Beware of the curse of being a GREAT teaching assistant Work, Friends (fun / social life), Sleep You will likely have to give up on one of these - I gave up sleep ;) Graduate School Success - III The 4 quadrants of tasks (from Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey) Important and Urgent Important and Not Urgent Not Important and Urgent Not Important and Not Urgent Most of us are in the urgent but not important quadrant Should be spending most of the time in the imp. but not urgent quadrant Graduate School Success-IV (Study Habits) Preview & Review Previewing technique / preparing your brain Note taking in class REWRITING your notes (the 3-column format) Topics Summary of topics in your own words Questions Use other refs! Draw! Give the audience/ lecturer a personality Collect ADS refs Graduate School - V Homework Sets & Deadlines 1. Starting on the day it is assigned 2. Previewing problems - which to do first? 3. The back-burner technique 4. Working in groups vs. working independently (interactive) 5. Deadline overload! Arrghh... what to do 5.1. Google calendars (share!) 5.2. Artificial deadlines 5.3. Skype, Gchat, Facebook overload! Graduate School - VI Time Management: I am just so busy Do it everyday Do things right the first time Master List technique First thing you do in the morning and last thing before you wrap up The Artist s Way - Julia Cameron Graduate School - VII Taking advantage of NRAO Colloquia and talks UM / NRL / Goddard / OCIW / GMU /JHU / STScI Please go to every one you can - avoid the trap of this is not in my field. Or I am not interested! You should be interested in all astronomy - L. Blitz Go to colloquia dinner once in a while Always meet the colloquium speaker - critical! Prepare for colloquia - skim abstracts / papers Preview & Review How to stay awake through colloquia? Review after colloquia? Graduate School - VIII Establishing the vertical support network Why should you do this? Starting on the horizontal network How will you do this? Graduate School - IX Summer jobs Start looking for a job on the first day of the fall semester Visit other places for a few weeks What about teaching during the summer? End of first year - pros and cons Teaching portfolio Evaluations Assignment for next Tuesday by 8 am For your classes this week try the review and preview technique. Show me a photo-copied example of the note taking technique or your own technique. Describe time management problems you have this week and how you resolved them. Make a list of important but not urgent things as they pertain to your future goals.
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