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   Flow Diagram   ã A flow diagram is a graphical means of presenting, describing, or analyzing a process &movement of material, men etc. ã This is done with the help of all five symbols which represent steps in a chain of steps. ã These all symbols are connected to other one by lines and arrows which representsequence and dependency relationships (i.e., X must be done before  can be done!.  Objectives Of Flow Diagram   ã The flow chart indicates the sequence of events they do not only show the movement of men, material etc but the path of movement can be better visualized by a flow diagram. ã low diagram is drawn to scale. ã #t shows the relative position of machines, $igs, fi%ture, etc and mar the paths followed by men and material. ã 'istance between two locations is indicated in flow diagram.   Steps in drawing a Flow Diagram   ã 'raw to scale the plan of the wor area. ã ar the relative position of machine tools, benches, store, racs, inspection tables etc. ã rom the different observations, draw the actual movement of the material or worer onthe diagram. ã #ndicate the direction of movement. ã ar the distances between consequence two locations.   Types of Flow Diagrams ollowing types of flow diagrams are used) ã *utline process flow chart (*+! ã low process chart, which can be further divided into three types)  an type  aterial type  -quipment type ã ultiple activity chart lie man and machine chart ã #* chart   Outline Process Flow Chart (OPC Flow Diagrams 1  An outline process chart is a process chart which gives an overall view of a process byrecording only the main operations and sequences in proper sequence. o, it is obviousthat such a chart requires only symbols for /*perations0 and /inspection0. A brief note of the nature of each inspection and operations is written alongside the symbol. Allowedtime where ever, nown, can also be added.  ! ample *utline process chart for assembly of two plates with rivets is shown. As it is clear, onlyoperations and inspection are considered here.   Flow Process Chart  Flow Diagrams 2   A flow process chart is a chart of all the activities involved in a process.  #t is similar to an operations process chart, e%cept that more detail is shown by includingtransportations and delays as well as operations, inspections, and storages.   1ot usually used for entire assemblies, it is used for $ust one component (or operator!.  Add in information on2 i! *peration duration (time to complete!. ii! 'istance traveled (for transport operations!.  3ood for showing savings of a new method.  +rocess charts summarizes the whole process.  They are used to compare the e%isting and the proposed methods.  +rocess is observed, who, what, where, when, and how questions are ased.  -very detail is understood and the chart of the e%isting situation is drawn.   Common Symbols  Division of Flow Process Chart  low process chart can be further divided into three types)   #an type  (4ecords what the worer does!   #aterial type  (4ecords what happens to material!   !$uipment type  (4ecords how the equipment is used!   ! ample of #an type Flow Process Chart  *perator +rocess hart (also called Two %anded Process Chart  ! for assembly of anelectric tester. Flow Diagrams 3  Flow Diagrams 4
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