Assessment of early stage technologies Wels, 6 March 2008

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Title: Assessment of early stage technologies Wels, 6 March 2008 1 Assessment of early stage technologiesWels, 6 March 2008
  • The EMINENT II project
  • 2 Contents
  • Background and aims of the EMINENT project
  • Approach
  • Project overview
  • Previous work
  • Examples of technology assessments
  • Current status
  • 3 EMINENT is foreseen to have an important role to play in creating awareness of early stage energy technologies (EST) 4 What is an EST? such as a novel development of a single unit or a large energy system or an integral part, that is conceived to have a bearing on the energy supply chain Energy system Resources and reserves Energy services and appliances 5 ESTs (Early Stage Technologies) 5 EST database Revitalising technologies 4 3 Efforts/resources 2 When to kill a project? 1 Time/stages Lab Pilot Demo Paper idea Commercial 6 Hypothesis Several potential energy technologies remain dormant in the laboratories Lack of support knowledge experience courage reso urces focus Unclear ownership market situation Legal issues patenting infringement lice nsing Political reasons Technical issues materials, manufacturing lifetim e thermo-physical data codes and standards Financial issues lacking infrastructure profit versus investments sub-criti cal mass Competition Industrial reactions to threats Societal Regulations and permits Public awareness NIH syndrome 7 Objective to shorten lead time from research to market 8 Challenge To identify the promising technologies at an early stage and determine their potential, and direct appropriate technologies towards industrial players or actors that are closer to the market. 9 Ultimate aim
  • To strengthen the European industry and policy institutions by establishing and operating a network that assesses results from science and technology research for the purpose of enhancing and accelerating the market introduction of energy-and-environmental technologies.
  • 10 EMINENT
  • EMINENT provides a systematic approach to evaluate early stage energy technologies
  • Facilitating the identification of markets for new energy technologies
  • Absorption of knowledge on ESTs
  • Rapid assessment of potential markets using innovative software tool
  • Targeted knowledge dissemination
  • Identification of barriers and formulation of policy recommendations
  • Continuation of Eminent approach/software tool after project
  • 12 Identifying promising ESTs 13 Functionality of analysis tool
  • Finds options to apply ESTs in the given (sub)sectors to achieve the same final services
  • Defines alternative energy supply chains
  • Analyses impact on costs, CO2 reduction and renewable energy supply per sector and per country
  • Prioritization of set of ESTs based on given criterion.
  • 14 Main Est manager (main and modes) 15 Principle Software tool for analysis 16 (No Transcript) 17 The electricity boat
  • Import of renewable energy
  • Use of 168 MW overcapacity of geothermal energy in Iceland
  • Production and transport of charged electrolyte to the Netherlands
  • Electricity supply in the Netherlands during peak hours at high rate
  • 18 Results of improved energy density Costs of delivery (/MWhe) CO2 emission (g CO2/kWh) Renewable fraction () Reference chain (electricity from Netherlands) 50 450 2 Electricity transport by ship 16 MW (35 kWh/ton) 600 536 41 Future outlook (160 kWh/ton) 78 140 78 Cable to Iceland (1.1 GW) 346 0 100 19 Feasibility of electricity transport by ship
  • Depending on electricity market
  • Feasibility study performed
  • Most important conclusion not yet feasible, but certainly realistic in future
  • Current research
  • Improved redox flow battery and introduction of air cathode
  • Less transport of electrolyte
  • 20 Main results previous EMINENT I project
  • Database energy infrastructure
  • 5.000 records with energy demand data
  • 1.000 records with energy resources
  • EST database approx. 200 technologies
  • Assessment tool network based version completed, incl. manual
  • 10 Detailed assessments of ESTs
  • 21 CURRENT EMINENT II Project Overview
  • Work Packages
  • WP 1 Networking
  • WP 2 Identification and evaluation of the potential for early stage energy technologies (EST)
  • WP 3 Dissemination
  • WP 4 Strategy recommendations
  • WP 5 Management / co-ordination
  • Project duration time
  • 1 June 2006 30 November 2008
  • 22 Participants 23 Technology assessment reports
  • Advanced electrolysis for future hydrogen production
  • Hazardous waste gasification with multi-recovery and thermal plasma cracking
  • Power Cycle with Autothermal reactor (ATR)
  • Biomass Gasification Methanol Synthesis System
  • Dimethyl ether as a motor fuel of the 21st century
  • Hydrogen production by electrolysis (Reference technology)
  • Fluidised bed reactor for biomass and/or waste gasification
  • HTU process for liquefaction of wet biomass
  • Biomass pyrolysis using microwave heating
  • Small scale production of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)
  • RC Multicomponent working fluid
  • Coal fired power plant technology (Reference technology)
  • Small Scale Hydro Turbine
  • A Supercritical CFB Boiler with Once Through Design
  • Ocean current Tidal power plant
  • Future 10 MW Wind Turbine
  • Power Cycle ZENG (Zero Emission Norwegian Gas)
  • Electricity Transport by Ship
  • Low Power PEM FC for Niche Applications
  • 24 Conclusion on EMINENT Lead time of innovations from research to market may be quite detrimental Sometimes it means lost opportunities, sometimes spent time and money. Hence, a tool that can determine the potential of early stage technologies may be helpful to encourage the promising ESTs (and to kill doubtful projects)
  • EMINENT offers a methodology to assessing and ranking early stage energy technologies
  • Appropriate tools and a database will be established in which the maturity level of the technology is reflected
  • Eminent is foreseen to have a role to play in channelling information on early stage technologies and bring them to the market place
  • 25 Current status
  • Networking, dissemination is ongoing
  • Case studies have to start
  • Eminent software tool (almost) completed
  • Business plan is to be prepared
  • Inventory of ESTs is ongoing
  • Do you have suggestions, additional information on innovative approaches??
  • For more information and your remarks contact
  • 26
  • Thank you for your attention
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