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   Task-4 Experiment: closed loop position controller Apparatus used Servo Trainer Kit   U-151, U-152, U-15, U-154, U-15!, U-15 , U-15#, U-1!1Experimental procedure: ã  T$e modules %ere connected as per t$e %irin& dia&ram' ã U-152 %as s%itc$ed to (a) and U-151 to (1*)' T$e po%er o+ U-15!%as turned  and U-15 dial %as set to 1#* de&rees' ã U-15 %as ad.usted to make t$e output o+ U-154 /ero' ã U-151 %as s%itc$ed to (0)' it$in 2* de&rees +rom t$e ori&inal 1#*de&ree settin&,   U-15 %as turned clock%ise to see i+ U-15# +ollo%edt$e movement' U-15# motion   la&&ed U-15 ' ã U-15 %as turned clock%ise +rom * de&ree position 3 1* de&reeincrement up to 15* de&rees' T$e an&le o+ U-15# %as measured ateac$ position o+ U-15 ' Error an&le %as   repeated et%een U-15 and U-15# at eac$ position' ã  T$e s3stem &ain %as increased 3 settin& U-151 to 5, 1' At eac$ U-151 settin&, step 5 procedure %as repeated' $an&e in t$e oseterror an&le as a +unction o+ t$e s3stem   &ain %as oserved'  6esult1 st  experimentU-15 inputU-15# outputerror*45451*4552*4525*45154*45155*4515!*4515 *5515#*55250* 5151**#51511*# 212*1*5151*1*52514*1251515*1515 T$e la& in t$e s3stem position controller is to e reduced close to null ast$e as su7cient &ain is to e provided so t$at t$ere is no% error or osetan&le in t$e servo output' T$e experiment $as a summin& ampli8er %$ic$adds t$e error si&nal to t$e re+erence si&nal deduction as per t$e U-15 module &oes' T$e attenuator is set to 1* so minima &ain is summed +ort$e re+erencin& si&nal' T$e experimental setup is complete so %e s%itc$on t$e dc po%er suppl3 and turn t$e U-15 dial to 1#* de&rees andad.ustment o+ null value +rom t$e preamp so no ot$er error si&nal is added%$ic$ &oes to t$e motor derive amp t$is results in /ero output +rom t$e U-154' o% %e initiate t$e experiment 3 addin& some &ain 3 decreasin&t$e attenuator-1 3 a point and t$en %e move t$e dial 3 1* de&reesincrement up till %e reac$ 15* de&rees and %e note do%n ot$ t$e dialvalues' And since t$ere is ver3 lo% &ain t$e la& or error oset is $i&$ t$isresults in ot$ t$e dials ein& at $i&$ oset at t$e e&innin& and later as%ell'2 nd  experimentU-15 inputU-15# outputerror  ***1*25152*255***4*555*5**!*555 *!#2#*#110*# *1**1***11*1*!*12*11#*1*12 *14*1 *15*15** T$e second experiment $as etter response on t$e position as t$e &ain isincreased due attenuator ein& set at 5 points t$is results error ein&decreased and later t$e summin& o+ error 3 t$e summin& ampdecreasin& it to /ero'
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