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Strategic Management - Emirates
  Advance Strategi ManagementProfesso Adria Freire Trimeste 20 2015 Strategic Markets applied to Emirates Case c   d   rno1   st r14     Sar !oga Silv 1521140 # $ntrod%ction $n t&is report 'e 'ill cover t&e follo'ing topics( ã )&at are strategic markets and'&ic& are t&e ke* indicators of anattractive market+ ã Anal*,e Emirates- &%./and/spoke strateg*+ ã )&* is  considered a strategicmarket for airline ind%str*+ ã  T&e importance of $C co%ntries asstrategic markets3 EmiratesAirlines Emirates is an airline .ased in AE and its fo%ndation in 1674 'asrelated to a crisis in  '&en 8%lf Airref%sed to increase 9ig&ts from andto  %nless t&e governmentprotected t&e carrier for its long/&a%lservices3Soon Emirates started gro'ing anddo%.ling its si,e ever* t&ree *ears3$n 2014 t&e airlines compan* isconsidered t&e largest airline in t&eMiddle East operating nearl* 400 9ig&ts per 'eek to more t&an142 cities in :7 co%ntries across allcontinents3 )&at are strategic markets; A market is considered strategic '&en it can strongl* infl%ence in a positive 'a* t&e a.ilit* of acompan* to ac&ieve its goals3$n 2005 Emirates &ad t&e goal of .ecoming a &%./and/spoke s*stem 'it& passengerstravelling .et'een cities 'it& a stop at %.ai3 T&erefore as 'e 'ill s&o' .elo' t&iscit* isconsidered a strategic market not onl* for Emirates .%t also to ot&er airline companies3 T&e 8E/Mckinse* Matri< is %sedto determine '&ere t&e .est fora compan* to invest its mone*3$nstead of foc%sing on t&epro=ections of f%t%re prospectsof t&e .%siness %nit >? t&ecompan* can meas%re itsf%t%re performance accordingto t'o factors( t&e ind%str*attractiveness and t&ecompetitive strengt& of t&e.%siness %nit 'it&in t&atind%str*3 According to t&egrap& .elo'(13 For -s a.ove t&ediagonal t&ecompan*can appl* strategies of investment and gro't&+23 For t&e ones in t&ediagonalt&e* are candidates forselective investment+ 3!o'ever fort&eones.elo't&e diagonal t&e compan*s&o%ld consider sell or %ildSelectivel*E<pand or!arvestivest$nvest to %ildSe l ect ivi t * Manage forearningsManage forEarnings   ana    $  n   d  %  s   t  r  *   A   t   t  r  a  c   t   i  v  e  n  e  s  s  ProtectPosition%ildSe l ect iv e l* ProtectPositionand refoc%s li@%idate it3$n t&e case of airlines ind%str* 'ecan appl* t&is frame'ork .*anal*,ing co%ntr* attractiveness Competitive Strengt& of t&e %siness !ig&Moderate Ao'   and ring tot&ecompetitivstrengtoft&e.%siness3  A compan* can eval%ate t&e attractiveness of a co%ntr* .* comparing it'it& anot&er nations regarding market operational and risk factors3 $n t&e ta.le.elo' t&ere are some ke* elements t&at can eval%ate eac& of t&e factor3 ear inmind t&at eac& factor can &ave different 'eig&t in t&e overall relativeattractiveness of t&e co%ntr*3After anal*,ing t&e attractiveness of t&e market it is also necessar* toeval%ate t&e competitive strengt& of t&e compan*3 T&ere are t*pical factors t&atcan affect t&e competitive strengt& s%c& as( market share, market share growth,customer loyalty, strength of assets, distribution, production capacity andcompetencies, and relative brand strength 3 Co%ntr*Attractiveness Market Factors Bperationalisk Factors
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