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  ©OraInternals Riyaj Shamsudeen  ART: ASM By Riyaj Shamsudeen  ©OraInternals Riyaj Shamsudeen 2  Architecture: With ASM Prod1 SAN switchPrivate network switchNon-routeablenetwork For interconnect Sol1 ASM1   IO path Prod2Sol2 ASM2   IO path Prod3Sol3 ASM3   IO path  ©OraInternals Riyaj Shamsudeen 3  ASM & RDBMS   ASM manages disk groups and disks; provides a physical block access to the RDBMS instances.  RDBMS instance(s) performs conventional read and write calls to the database files and ASM is not involved.  It is a common misconception that ASM participates in conventional I/O activity.  Only during file metadata operations, such file creation, deletion etc, ASM is involved.  ©OraInternals Riyaj Shamsudeen 4 RDBMS is a client  RDBMS instance connects to ASM instance as a foreground connection.  asmbprocess running in RDBMS instance makes a connection to ASM instance.   Asmbprocess acts as a conduit between database and ASM.  Asmbprocess also acts as a method to detect ASM crash.  If ASM instance crashes, asmbconnection will die leading to an instance crash. Demo: asm_connections.sql, asm_clients.sql
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