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Oracle ASM Commands
  Oracle ASM Commands Summary of ASMCMD commands Instance management commands CommandDescription dsgetRetrieves the discovery diskstring value that is used by the Oracle ASM instance and its clients.dssetSets the disk discovery diskstring value that is used by the Oracle ASM instance and its clients.lsctLists information about current Oracle ASM clients.lsopLists the current operations on a disk group or Oracle ASM instance.lspwusrLists the users from an Oracle ASM password le.orapwusrAdds drops or changes an Oracle ASM password user.shutdownShuts down an Oracle ASM instance.spbackup!acks up an Oracle ASM S #$L%.spcopy&opies an Oracle ASM S #$L%.spgetRetrieves the location of the Oracle ASM S #$L%.spmoveMoves an Oracle ASM S #$L%.spsetSets the location of the Oracle ASM S #$L%.startupStarts up an Oracle ASM instance. File management commands CommandDescription cd&hanges the current directory to the specied directory.cp%nables you to copy les between disk groups and between a disk group and the operating system.du'isplays the total disk space occupied by les in the specied Oracle ASM directory and all of its subdirectories recursively.  CommandDescription ndLists the paths of all occurrences of the specied name (with wildcards) under the specied directory.lsLists the contents of an Oracle ASM directory the attributes of the specied le or the names and attributes of all disk groups.lsof Lists the open les.mkalias&reates an alias for system*generated lenames.mkdir&reates Oracle ASM directories.pwd'isplays the path of the current Oracle ASM directory.rm'eletes the specied Oracle ASM les or directories.rmalias'eletes the specied alias retaining the le that the alias points to. Disk group management commands CommandDescription chdg&hanges a disk group (add drop or rebalance).chkdg&hecks or repairs a disk group.dropdg'rops a disk group.iostat'isplays $+O statistics for disks.lsattrLists the attributes of a disk group.lsdgLists disk groups and their information.lsdskLists disks Oracle ASM disks.lsodLists open,backup&reates a backup of the metadata of mounted disk,restoreRestores disk groups from a backup of the metadata.mkdg&reates a disk group.mountMounts a disk group.o-ineO-ines a disk or a failure group.onlineOnlines a disk or a failure group.rebalRebalances a disk group.  CommandDescription remapRelocates data in a range of physical blocks on a disk.setattrSets attributes in a disk group.umount'ismounts a disk group. Template management commands CommandDescription chtmpl&hanges the attributes of a template.lstmplLists disk group templates.mktmplAdds a template to a disk group.rmtmplRemoves a template from a disk group. File access control commands CommandDescription chgrp&hanges the user group of a le or list of les.chmod&hanges permissions of a le or list of les.chown&hanges the owner of a le or list of les.groupsLists the user groups to which a user belongs.grpmodAdds or removes users from an eisting user group.lsgrpLists user groups.lsusrLists users in a disk group.mkgrp&reates a new user group.mkusrAdds a user to disk group.passwd&hanges the password of a user.rmgrp'eletes a user group.rmusr'eletes a user from a disk group.  Volume management commands CommandDescription volcreate&reates an Oracle A'/M volume in the specied disk group.voldelete'eletes an Oracle A'/M volume.voldisable'isables Oracle A'/M volumes in mounted disk groups.volenable%nables Oracle A'/M volumes in mounted disk groups.volinfo'isplays information about Oracle A'/M volumes.volresi0eResi0es an Oracle A'/M volume.volsetSets attributes of an Oracle A'/M volume in mounted disk groups.volstatReports volume $+O statistics.
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