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All About Advance Logic Circuits which talks about ASM CHARTS
  CS1103  CS1104-14 ASM Charts2 ASM Charts   Algorithmic State Machine (ASM) Chart is a high-level flowchart-like notation to specif the har!ware algorithms in !igital sstems  Ma#or !ifferences from flowcharts are$  %ses 3 tpes of &o'es$ state &o' (similar to operation &o') !ecision &o' an! con!itional &o'  contains e'act (or precise) timing information flowcharts impose a relative timing or!er for the operations  *rom the ASM chart it is possi&le to o&tain  the control  the architect%re (!ata processor)  CS1104-14Components of ASM Charts3 Components of ASM Charts  +he state &o' is rectang%lar in shape ,t has at most one entr point an! one e'it point an! is %se! to specif one or more operations which co%l! &e sim%ltaneo%sl complete! in one clock cycle one or more operationsstate&inar co!e  CS1104-14Components of ASM Charts4 Components of ASM Charts  +he !ecision &o' is !iamon! in shape ,t has one entr point &%t m%ltiple e'it points an! is %se! to specif a n%m&er of alternative paths that can &e followe! !eci!ing factors!eci!ing factors
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