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super speciality hospital
    ASM CHARITABLE SUPER-SPECIALITY HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL COLLEGE ESTIMATED COST OF PROJECT APPROXIMATELY. RS. : 726,33,60,000/- V.P.O.AWANKHA VIA DINANAGAR,TEHSIL & DISTRICT-GURDASPUR,PUNJAB,INDIA-143536. -: Proposal submitted by :- ANITA SALARIA MEMORIAL TRUST A SOCIAL WORK ORGANISATION THAKUR MEHAR SINGH SALARIA MARKET,V.P.O. AWANKHA VIA DINANAGAR, TEHSIL & DISTRICT-GURDASPUR,STATE-PUNJAB,INDIA-143536. OFFICE PHONE NO.:01875-220446,FAX NO.:01875-220539. WEBSITE, E-mail :,     ASM SUPER-SPECIALITY HOSPITAL AND MEDICAL COLLEGE INTRODUCTION Good medical facilities have always been in demand for a the massive population of India. There is a tremendous need to provide the health care to the large population of the country, which has touched one Billion marks. Hospital of 1000 bed capacity can be set up at cities / district headquarters of the country well connected with roads and rails.  These hospitals equipped with modern medical equipment offers excellent services for the patients suffering from different diseases. Though the World Health Organization  has set the target of health for all by 2000 AD.  Conditions in our country do not herald as optimistic view. Despite the Govt.'s sincere efforts for providing free medical facilities in large numbers. This report is prepared with an objective to provide basic information about hospital project for the entrepreneurs who may not have a medical background. It covers extensively on various point as under: - ã  Services offered in the hospital ã  Details on hospital equipments ã  Supportive facilities ã  List of medical equipments ã  Various fixed assets required ã  No. of medical/paramedical/nonmedical staff required ã  Cost of suppliers and consumable. ã  Revenue details. ã  Man and material movement aspects. ã  Estimation of cost of project and means of financing/funding. ã  Estimates of profitability. ã  Estimation of pay back period & Break - even points etc. The report establishes the economic viability of project. Ensuring sections of these reports discuss various aspects of this project. HOSPITAL WILL HAVE THE FOLLOWING DEPARTMENT 1 Anatomy 2 Physiology 3 Pharmacology 4 Community Medicine 5 Forensic Medical 6 Microbiology 7 General Medicine 8 General Surgery 9 Gynecology & Obstetrics 10 Anesthesiology 11 Pediatric Medicine 12 Neonatology 13 Radio Diagnosis 14 ENT 15 Orthopedics 16 Bacteriology & Serology 17 Physical Medicine 18 Cardiology 19 Neuromedicine 20 Hematology 21 Nuclear & Experimental Diseases 22 Nephrology 23 Tropical Medicine 24 Surgical Gastroenterology 25 Neurosurgery 26 Cardiothoracic Surgery 27 Plastic Surgery 28 Urosurgery 29 Endocrinology Psychiatry 30 Stem Cell Cancer 31 HIV/AID  SPECIALITIES OF HOSPITAL QUALITY CARE    At one-forth the cost for the normal people and free for poor people. KEY EXPERTISE Cancer, surgery, bone marrow, transplant, angioplasty, micro neurosurgery, Parkinson, paralysis, diabetes, HIV/AID, Tuberculosis, Gaynor, Child health etc. KEY CLIENTELE  Apart from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Mauritius. Also Africa, Middle East, U.K., Europe & USA. FACILITIES  Apart from the state-an-art traditional/specialized medical facilities, Hospital will have Indian Heritage medical/medicine facilities such as Ayurvedic, homeopathic, Unani, Yoga, Meditation Holistic, Herbal, Stem cell etc. MEDICLAIM FACILITIES  Hospital will have the arrangement for all the indoor patient MEDICLAIM  facilities with the association of various Govt. & other agencies for best treatment. CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES  Initially charitable facilities will be available to the 20% of people  against the full capacity of the hospital and then slowly-slowly this facilities will be extended up to 50% within period of 7 years  after developing the corpus funds of Rs. 300 Crore. PREAMBLE Recent advancements  in medical science and technology have radically changed the part and practice of contemporary medicine. Many new diagnostic and therapeutic modalities have been developed and perfected during the past two decades. Although,  most of these techniques are capital intensive, these are highly efficient, safe and cost effective. Improvements in National economy and literacy rates have changed the pattern and extent of the use of health care services in the country. People are becoming a ware of their health needs and are acquiring the ability to make a deliberate choice of the health services they need. Consequently, the demand for better quality Medicare is rapidly increasing. Staff benefits in government, trade and industry and third party financing of Medicare through voluntary and social insurance are further increasing this growing demand. India is a developing economy with diverse needs.  On account of resource constraints and overriding priorities in other sectors, public investment in health care has not kept pace with the increasing demand and the gap between need and availability of health care facilities is rapidly widening. This inadequacy is further compounded due to technical inefficiency and inequitable distribution of the existing health infrastructure. In order of facilitate balanced development of health care facilities in the country, voluntary and corporate investment in contemporary Medicare at secondary and terrier levels is being encouraged through a policy to complement the efforts of the government and to maintain equilibrium between the three level of health care. This project report is written for ANITA SALARIA MEMORIAL TRUST , will be located at V.P.O. AWANKHA VIA DINANAGAR,TEHSIL & DISTRICT  –   GURDASPUR,PUNJAB-143536,INDIA.  The proposed hospital will provide services to the Terrier and Apical care level in Respiratory, Critical Care and Sleep medicine. In addition the hospital will also provide support services for the above specialties especially for the care of the critically is like support of internal medicine, Neurosurgery, Gastroenterology, Nephrology  etc. Minimum bed will be Two Hundred and having all the required facilities for the surgery . Child care, Maternity, aid Control, T.B. And other section for General and specialized diseases like Cancer, Parkinson  etc. the facilities proposed will be comparable will comparable to the best not only in the country but will be International Standards. OBJECTIVES The hospital will have a hierarchy of objectives , viz. Service, Training and Research . The most important objective for which the hospital will make all out effort will be to provide high quality service at an affordable cost not only for the affluent sections of the society, but also to those who may not be economically well off. The outpatient services will be provided on the concept of polyclinics and referral clinics. The outpatient service will be provided not only in the morning hours but also through special clinics in the afternoon and in the evening. It would be the endeavor of the hospital to treat patients through ambulatory care as far as possible . Those who need admission will first be fully investigated wherever possible through the diagnostic departments. As far diagnosis standards are concerned, the hospital will be a rich adjustment with all the required equipments like : (1)  X-Ray Unit, (2)  Radiography Machine, (3)  screening Machine, (4)  E.C.G. Unit, (5)  X-Viewer, (6)  Blood-pressure measuring instruments, (7)  Stethoscopes, (8)  Surgical Instruments, (9)  Wheeled chair, Stretchers, (10)  Ambulance, (11)  Staff Cars, (12)  Various staff uniforms including gloves, (13)  Masks and appearing, (14)  Oxygen cylinders (15)  Blood bank, (16)  Glucose & Water introducing equipments. Ultra Sound and several other equipments and instruments of use of diagnosis of the disease and its treatment relating to hears, lungs, kidney, ear, nose and throat and similar other organs of the body. Brain and bone specialization, cancer treatment and research will take special status in the R & D of the hospital in the Allopathy line of treatment. Separate T.B. Wing, Homeopathy, Yunani, Ayurvedic, Yoga and Meditation treatment provisions and beds facilities will be a special feature of the hospital. Specialists will be duly appointed in these fields of medicines and surgery. This will ensure maximizing the inpatient beds, provide quality care, and provide cost reduction and affordable services to the patients. The hospital will also take services to the community as Out Reach Programs through camp approach, domiciliary car, home-care programme, etc. so that there is no wall between the hospital and the community and the hospital truly becomes and integral part of the community.   TRAINING The component of training will be built in form the beginning itself so that only the staff having proper training will be permitted at the time of appointment and periodic training both in-service and on job while in hospital. The hospital will also have formal teaching for the nurses and the Paramedical staff. The hospital will also have the recognition of DNB course where by not only will a big level of teaching be ensured but will also ensure super specialty training and education for doctors. The hospital will also provide formal teaching for the whereby not only will a high level of teaching be ensured but will also ensure superspeciality training and education for doctors . The hospital will also have international affiliations and exchange programs. This will ensure high standards of patient care. PRINCIPLES The principles, which have been kept in mind while making, the report are as under : The hospital will take into consideration the requirement of the patients and the community inter-alia the cultural environmental and social background of the community and the adjoining areas. Taking into consideration the principle at Sub-Para above, it is however, desired that the hospital after commissioning must be able to break-even income versus expenditure as early as possible. The design of the building will be prepared so as to fully satisfy the professional requirement of the medical staff, nursing staff,  paramedical Staff, etc. and that the modern principle of planning i.e. design must follow function     is completely followed. The design of the building will also take into consideration the requirements of the patients, relation and the other community members so that they are satisfied and also their socio-cultural background is provided. The building design will take into consideration maintenance and house keeping so that after commissioning, it is easy and economical to maintain. The aforesaid principles will be kept in mind while working out the human resource requirement, equipment etc. PLANNING PARAMETERS In order to provide efficient hospital care and to achieve patients and community satisfaction, the hospital will have the following  parameters of service. WATER Water will be available in all areas, in all area, in all the taps, round the clock so that good hygienic practices are carried out and various hospital procedures are aseptically performed. The water requirements will be 600 liters per patient per day with a holding factor of 6 days to provide adequate capacity in case the supply from the mains of water is temporarily cut off for reasons of maintenance, testing, etc. the portability of water will be ensured through quality control. Hospital will have pipe lines for drinking water and for sewage requirement of the hospital for which tube well water may be used.  As these alterations are not possible after the  building is complete, they will be kept in mind at the planning stage itself. Tube will water will be got tested to ascertain suitability for drinking purpose for use in case corporation supply is temporarily not available. R.O. water will be supplied for drinking purpose in the hospital . ELECTRICITY Hospital will have a HT line supply of 2000 KVA . The line will be supplied from 2 grids to ensure continuity of electricity in care of power failure of any of the Grids. Hospital will have a step down transformer which will step down the supplied to required levels. Hospital will have 3 Nos. standby   [Silent]  Generators  to maintain the emergency requirement of the hospital in the event of power failure. The generators will be on  AMF panel  to ensure that the electricity supply is restored automatically within a few seconds of  power failure. Selected areas of the hospital will also be backed by 4 - 5   Nos . Online UPS [15KVA with 3Phase in & 3Phase out and  back-up time 15 Minutes]   connection of ensure 'zero' breakdown in essential areas. SEWAGE DISPOSAL Hospital will strictly adhere to the pollution control norms. The sewage will be first treated through the 'Sewage Treatment Plant'  prior to release to the Corporation sewer line. The final affluent will be in accordance to the Pollution control norms. GARBAGE DISPOSAL The garbage arising out of the hospital will be segregated at the source itself in 4 different colored bags. These bags will be stored in the corresponding colour coded garbage drums and disposed through incineration, microwave and shredding. The syringes and needles will be destroyed prior to disposal in the garbage .
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