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  APRIL 2001APRIL 2001APRIL 2001APRIL 2001 ASM Handbook Search Guide DIALOG OnDisc® Books ASMHandbook is an authoritative source ofinformation on the properties, processing,and applications of engineering materials.The database is the CD-ROM equivalentof the ASM Handbook  (formerly Metals Handbook  ), published by ASMInternational. The series has grown froma single volume, first published in 1923,to the current 20-volume set.While the series focuses on metallicmaterials–with a special emphasis onsteels–information is also provided onselected nonmetallic engineeringmaterials. The ASM Handbook  series isintended to be a comprehensive, reliablereference tool for engineers, students,technicians, researchers, and others whoneed basic information about engineeredmaterials.The DIALOG OnDisc Books ASMHandbook is being produced in a seriesof four collections: ã   Metals Properties andPerformance Collection (Volumes1, 2, 13, and 18) ã   Metal Treatment, Structure andJoining Collection (Volumes 3, 4, 5,6, and 9) ã   Testing, Analysis, and FailurePrevention Collection (Volumes 8,10, 11, 12, and 19) ã   Manufacturing ProcessesCollection (Volumes 7, 14, 15, 16,and 17)In addition, a complete-set version–toenable searching across all 20 volumesof the ASM Handbook   –is also beingproduced. Coverage s Properties and selection of metals and alloys s Phase diagrams s Heat treating s Surface engineering s Welding s Powder metallurgy s Mechanical testing s Metallography and microstructures s Materials characterization s Failure analysis and prevention s Fractography s Corrosion s Forming and forging s Casting s Machining s Nondestructive testing s Tribology s Fatigue and fracture s Materials selection and design Key Features ssss View the full text of each handbook, as wellas accompanying tables, illustrations, andphotographs. s Use the full-text search or quick index look-up to find information. s Use search forms to focus your search on aparticular kind of content, such as tables orreferences Sample Applications s Identify the best materials for a particularapplication s Find in-depth processing information s Establish quality assurance and testingprocedures s Locate data for analysis and prevention ofcorrosion and wear  APRIL 2001APRIL 2001APRIL 2001APRIL 2001 Sample Search using DIALOG OnDisc BooksFor a detailed explanation of the search features available with DIALOG OnDisc Books, refer to theDIALOG OnDisc Books User’s Guide. Topic: Locate information on the properties of aluminum. Start your search for aluminum in the Article Titles across all volumes in an ASM HandbookCollection. 1. Start up DIALOG OnDisc Books by clicking the DIALOG OnDisc Books icon on your desktop or fromyour program group. The Collection Window displays.2. Select an ASM Handbook Collection by clicking on its title in the Collection Window.3. Click the Inside drop-down box and select article-titles .4. Type ALUMINUM in the Find Search Panel and press Enter . The Collection window is updated withthe number of hits found in each book, as shown in the following example: Continue searching within one of the volumes using the Book Window. 1. Select a volume by double-clicking its title.The Book Window displays.2. Use a Search Form to target your search to the contents of the tables within the book. Choose Search Forms from the Search menu.  APRIL 2001APRIL 2001APRIL 2001APRIL 2001 3. Click the drop-down arrow next to Search Form and click Table Contents . Notice that the previoussearch displays in the search history window.4. Type ALUMINUM AND PROPERT* in the Table Contents field. The asterisk works as a wild card tofind all words in the book with the root PROPERT, such as PROPERTY and PROPERTIES. The“AND” works as a Boolean operator to limit the search results to tables that contain both AluminumAND words with Propert as the root.5. Click Find . The Book window updates with the first occurrence of search terms highlighted. The TOCwindow displays sections of the book where the terms appear. Click Next to move to the nextoccurrence.6. Double-click on a table icon to view a table.  APRIL 2001APRIL 2001APRIL 2001APRIL 2001 Other things to try: s Click the picture icon in the right-hand margin to view images linked to the text. s Sort the TOC by hits using the View menu. s Print or Export information using the File menu. s Use the Annotation Manager to write your own notes in the collection. s Create your own list of Bookmarks in the collection. Source Information DIALOG OnDisc Books ASM Handbook is producedby ASM International. Questions concerningdatabase content should be directed to:Scott D. HenryASM International9639 Kinsman RoadMaterials Park, OH 44073Phone 440/338-5151, ext. 5706Fax 440/ Search Tools The following publications are included with DIALOGOnDisc Books ASM Handbook:DIALOG OnDisc Books User’s Guide containingdetailed information on how to install the softwareand a Quick Tour taking you through the basics ofsearching and displaying. Online References Click the Help menu to access the online ReaderGuide, which contains functional information aboutthe browser and search engine used to searchDIALOG OnDisc Books. Targeted subjects, such assearching and browsing, are also pulled out intoseparate books to make your search even faster.Click About this Collection to read information thatis specific to the DIALOG OnDisc Books ASMHandbook.Frequently asked questions can also be found in theonline Reader Guide and in the DIALOG OnDiscBooks User’s Guide. Product Datasheet To view the Product Datasheet for DIALOG OnDisc  ®  Books ASM Handbook, visit has offices aroun d the worl d. For more information on our fullrange of products and services, call ustoday.For Europe, the Middle East and Africacontact: Tel: + 44 (0) 20 7344 2800 Fax: + 44 (0) 20 7344 2884 Email: For the Americas contact: In U.S. Tel: 1 800 326 9103 Other Tel: +1 919 462 8600 Fax: +1 919 468 9890 Email: For Asia/Pacific contact: Tel:   0011 800 3334 2564 Fax: + 61-02-8587-7720 Email:  ©2001 Th omson Dialog. All rights reserved. Alldesignated trademarks used herein are the property ofDialog. Registered marks areregistered by Dialog U.S. Patent andTrademark Office. All other marks are trademarks orregistered trademarks of their respective owners.This document may be copied by DIALOG OnDiscBooks ASM Handbook subscribers for furtherdistribution.
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