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Atlas of Time-Temperature Diagrams for Nonferrous Alloys Edited by George F. Vander Voort Carpenter Technology Corporation Reading PA ASM International ® Copyright © 1991 by ASM International
   tlasofTime Temperature  i gr ms for Nonferrous  lloys  ditedby George F VanderVoort  rpenter Technology  orpor tion ReadingP SM International    Copyright © 1991 by  S International  ll rightsreservedNopart of thisbook may bereproduced.storedinaretrievalsystem.ortransmitted.inanyformorby any means.electronic.mechanical photocopying.recording.orotherwise.withthepriorwrittenpermission of thepublisher.Nothingcontainedinthisbookistobeconstruedasagrant of anyright of defense againstliabilityfortheinfringement of letterspatentorregisteredtrademark. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 91 55574 ISBN 8717 428 5 SAN:204 7586ProductioncoordinationbyVeronicaFlint.  S International PRINTED IN THE UNITEDSTATESOF  MERIC   ref ce Transformation diagrams, chiefly thosedeveloped under isothermal or continuous coolingconditions, that is, isothermal transformation (IT)or continuous cooling transformation (CCT)diagrams, have been of enormousvalueto theferrousphysical metallurgistand tothe heat treater. Instrumental inestablishingan understanding of non-equilibrium phase transformations, they have brought heattreatingfrom a confused art,at best,toa reproducible, predictable science.Despite our vastly improved knowledgesince the 1930 publication of Davenportand Bain sepicpaper,these diagrams are still the mainstay forplanning or troubleshooting heattreatment practices. Thewriter hascompiled ironand steelIT  TTT and CCTdiagrams published worldwide aswellas other useful time-temperature typediagrams,e.g., time-temperature-precipitation, -em brittlement, or-sensitization. This collectionhasbeen published byASM International as the Atlas   Time TemperatureDiagramsforIronsandSteels The need for a similar compilation of nonferrous IT,CCT and alliedtime-temperaturediagrams hasbeen evident to thewriterfor sometime. Thereare a fewnonferrous systems with heattreatmentcharacteristics similar tosteels, aluminum bronzes and titanium alloys, for example. Other alloys can be strengthened by precipitation of submicroscopicparticles,suchas certainaluminum, copper,nickelormagnesiumalloys.Still other systems exhibit allotropic transformations of commercialsignificance. Hightemperature exposureorservicemayresultin precipitation or oxidation reactions.Theseprocesses can befollowedin graphicalformat,eitherunder isothermalor continuous coolingconditions. Alternatively, resultantproperty changesor behavior maybeshown graphically, for example,asiso-propertylines, the startofintergranular attack, or the changeto cracking undercertain conditions.Obviously, the wide range of nonferrous alloysystems availableandthe wide range of possible time-temperature plotsmakesucha compilation a formidable task This is the first compilation of time-temperature typeplots for nonferrous alloys.Despite our best efforts, itisimpossible for anyone personto find all of theavailable published diagrams and there wereworks that we tried to obtain but could not.Nevertheless,we have madea valiant first tryand wehope that knowledgeable readers will forward literature containing things that weremissed. Theeditor would like to thank the many peoplewho helped him collectdiagrams.In particular, Iwould like toacknowledgeDr.JamesT.Staley of the Alcoa Laboratories for hishelp with the aluminum section and Daniel   Wells of Carpenter Technology Corporation for his help with the nickel section.Iwouldalso like toacknowledgethe excellentsupportfrom theASM staff, particularly ivlrs.Veronica Flint who coordinated many of the acquisitions,all of the permissionsto republishthe diagrams, and who handled the mechanics of publication.Shewasa delight to workwith onthisproject Iwouldalsoliketo thank themanagement of Carpenter Technology Corporationfortheirunderstandingandsupportthroughout thiswork.GeorgeF. Vander Voort, EditorCarpenter Technology Corporation Reading PA,USA   ableof ontents ALUMINUM-BASE ALLOYS Aluminum-Lithium Alloys AI- 4 Li3Al 2.7 Cu 1.6 Li 0.09 Zr 0.05 Fe 0.05 Si 0.10 Ti10Al 2.7 Cu 1.6 Li 0.09 Zr 0.05 Fe 0.05 Si 0.10 Ti11 Aluminum-MagnesiumAlloy Al 12.5  at. ) Mg   4 Aluminum-Zinc Alloys Al 21.6 at. Zn   5Al 22 at. Zn 0.1 at. Sn   6Al 22.5 at. Zn 0.1 at. Mg7 Aluminum-Manganese Alloys Al 0.9 Mn 0.35 Fe  0.04 Si8Al 0.9 Mn 0.35 Fe  0.04 Si8Al 0.9 Mn 0.35 Fe 0.04 Si9 2024 Alloy ................................................................... .. 12 2036 Alloy 15 2219 Alloy 15 6007 Alloy Al 0.81 Mg 1.18 Si 0.14 Cr 0.09 Zr 0.14 Mn 0.39 Fe  0.02 Cu 0.01 Zn 0.03 Ti   16 6010 Alloy 16 6061 Alloys Al 0.55 Mg 0.68 Si 0.01 Cr  0.014 Mn 0.11 Fe 0.036 Cu 0.01 Ti 0.002 17Al 0.98 Mg 0.66 Si 0.12 Cr  0.12 Mn 0.38 Fe 0.23 Cu 0.07 Zn 0.014 Ti  0.001 17 6063 Alloy Al 0.60 Mg 0.30 Si 0.02 Mn 0.16 Fe 0.01 Zn 0.02 Ti   18 6205 Alloy Al 0.53 Mg 0.76 Si 0.12 Cr 0.109 Zr 0.11 Mn 0.138 Fe 0.04 Zn 0.01 Ti   18 A-U4G Alloy Al 4.08 Cu 0.72 Mg 0.62 Mn 0.60 Si 0.27 Fe 0.03 Ti 19 A-U4SG Alloy Al 4.19 Cu 0.46 Mg 0.78 Mn 0.82 Si 0.33 Fe 0.05 Ti 20 22 6351 Alloy 23 7075 Alloy 23 25 7017 Alloy 26 8090 Alloy Al 2.28 Li 0.86 Cu 0.90 Mg 0.13 Zr 0.13 Fe 0.06 Si27 30 ExperimentalAluminum Alloys Al 2.7 Cu 1.6 Li 0.09 Zr 0.05 Fe 0.005 Si 0.1 Ti 31-37 AI-Zr-Mg Alloy Al 4.5  at. ) Zr 2.25  at. ) Mg38 ix
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