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Announcing Southbank Centre s second Unlimited Festival Exceptional performance, dance and visual art from disabled artists Tuesday 2 to Sunday 7 September 2014 Across Southbank Centre s indoor and outdoor
Announcing Southbank Centre s second Unlimited Festival Exceptional performance, dance and visual art from disabled artists Tuesday 2 to Sunday 7 September 2014 Across Southbank Centre s indoor and outdoor site, London SE1 8XX A video dinner party with an alcohol-infused butler, a tender look at Alzheimer s and family relationships, a frank and funny sex comedy, non-dancers dancing and an exploration of religion s attitude to disability are all part of the extensive programme at Southbank Centre s second Unlimited Festival. Following the outstanding success of Southbank Centre s first Unlimited Festival, one of the highlights of the Cultural Olympiad in September 2012, the much anticipated second festival will continue to celebrate the artistic vision and originality of disabled artists with an ambitious mix of theatre, dance, music, literature, comedy and visual arts. Wendy Martin, Head of Performance and Dance at Southbank Centre said: Over 11 days at Unlimited Festival in 2012 audiences responded to the work of disabled artists with the same enthusiasm that they embraced the Paralympic athletes on the sporting field. Eighteen thousand people attended our programme of free and ticketed events showcasing the talent of disabled artists. Unlimited Festival captures the essence of Southbank Centre s core belief in the potential of art to change the way we see the world, and I am thrilled to again be presenting such an eclectic range of bold new work that values and celebrates difference. For the first week in September, Southbank Centre will be a hub of creativity, showcasing the work of over 100 international disabled dancers, choreographers, theatre makers, cabaret stars, stand- Patron: Her Majesty The Queen. Chairman: Rick Haythornthwaite. Chief Executive: Alan Bishop. Artistic Director: Jude Kelly OBE Southbank Centre is a Registered Charity No Trustee: Southbank Centre Limited, Registered in England No ups, puppeteers, musicians, poets, filmmakers, visual artists, activists and thinkers. The festival includes over 20 performances, 11 exhibitions and installations and a wide ranging programme of talks, debates workshops and free outdoor and indoor activities, including a mass participatory signing and dance to Pharrell Williams s Happy. Works presented will include nine commissions from the Unlimited programme, an unprecedented 2.4million, three-year initiative funded by Arts Council England, Spirit of 2012 and Creative Scotland which funds disabled artists to produce work which aims to transform our perception of the world. Unlimited Festival takes place throughout Southbank Centre, including Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room and spaces inside and outside Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall. Southbank Centre s Queen Elizabeth Hall is being transformed into a blackbox theatre with all members of the public using the entrance normally used only by disabled members of the audience. The programme includes: Performance, dance and cabaret Katherine Araniello s The Dinner Party Revisited World Premiere In a twist on a 1920s comedy sketch where an elderly woman hosts a celebration dinner for outlived friends, The Dinner Party Revisited sees live artist Katherine Araniello play host to six television monitor guests , all played by Araniello herself. Their unscripted interactions with her live presence and her alcohol-infused butler make for a darkly comic take on the clichés around disability. An Unlimited commission. Southbank Centre s Purcell Room Tuesday 2 September, 7.30pm (post-show Q&A) Claire Cunningham s Guide Gods London Premiere Using dance, live music, humour and interviews with religious leaders, academics and disabled people, acclaimed performer Claire Cunningham goes on a perilous quest to explore how the major world faiths view disability in this witty and illuminating new show. A Southbank Centre and Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen s co-commission. Southbank Centre s Queen Elizabeth Hall (enter via QEH Artists Entrance) Tuesday 2 September, 8pm (includes post-show Q&A) Wednesday 3 September, 2pm & 8pm Robert Softley Gale s If These Spasms Could Speak London Premiere This interactive performance exposes a truth behind bodies that differ from the norm in a collection of funny, sad and surprising narratives gathered through interviews with disabled people. Blue Room at Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Wednesday 3 September, 6.30pm Thursday 4 September, 3pm & 6.30pm (post-show Q&A) Julie McNamara s Let Me Stay Let Me Stay is a tender and unique exploration of the impact of Alzheimer s on family relations directed by Paulette Randall. Artist Julie McNamara has recorded her Mother s songs and stories, filmed and photographed her in all her glory, over many years. The result is a compelling solo theatre performance, an extraordinary love letter straight from the heart underscored with a wicked humour. A Vital Exposure production. An Unlimited commission. Age guidance 12+ The show includes BSL interpretation and Audio Description. Southbank Centre s Purcell Room Wednesday 3 September, 7.30pm Thursday 4 September, 2pm (post-show Q&A) Jo Bannon s Exposure London Premiere An intimate one-to-one, nine minute performance, Exposure is a touching and tentative look into autobiography, asking how fully we reveal our self - to ourselves, to another, with another. It investigates how we look, how we are looked at and if we can ever really be seen. An Unlimited commission. Level 4 Meeting Room at Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Thursday 4 & Friday 5 September, 3pm - 5pm & 7pm - 9pm, one performance every 12 minutes Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 September, 12pm- 2pm & 4pm- 6pm, one performance every 12 minutes Tickets 8 Unlimited Friday Lunch: The British Paraorchestra Take three guitarists at the top of their game and three very different guitars an electric instrument, an acoustic Hawaiian lap slide and a classical guitar. Together these three members of the British Paraorchestra, Tom Doughty, Paul Holzherr and Adrian Lee will present a set of fusion-based improvised musical themes to explore the very core of music; melody and rhythm. Central Bar at Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Friday 5 September, 1pm, Michelle Ryan and Torque Show Intimacy UK Premiere One of Australia s most celebrated dancers, Ryan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 30. She hadn t danced for ten years when Alain Platel invited her to perform with Les Ballet C de la B in After seeing her perform, Platel asked Michelle why she had stopped. Intimacy is her response to that question. She performs alongside dancer Vincent Crowley with a live score by Lavender Vs Rose. Southbank Centre s Queen Elizabeth Hall (enter via QEH Artists' Entrance) Thursday 4 September, 8pm (includes post-show Q&A) Friday 5 September, 2pm & 6.30pm Unlimited Friday Tonic: Jess Thom & Christopher Smith s Touretteshero & Captain Hotknives In a last-ditch attempt at pop superstardom and a lucrative record deal, Chris, aka Captain Hotknives, and Jess, aka Touretteshero, have formed the unlikely Tourettes Bipolar Alliance. They re neurologically incapable of staying on message, and that s where the fun beings. Help them make the breakthrough album that ll take them all the way to the top. The Front Room at Southbank Centre s Queen Elizabeth Hall Friday 5 September, pm & pm Diverse City s Young Performance Company Touched: A New Circus Show By Remix Gold Six young disabled performers in a surprising new circus show that tells the story of touch. A touch of a stranger that saves someone from the brink. A touch on the shoulder when you feel scared. A sudden touch that makes you blush. These young artists will go up in the air and perform dance routines to a soundtrack you will wish you could put together as a party playlist. Fingertips are for so much more than swiping a screen. Under Hungerford Bridge at Southbank Centre Friday 5 September Stopgap Dance Company s The Awakening The Awakening is a quiet but simmering disruption in outdoor spaces performed by four disabled and non-disabled dancers. Choreographed by learning-disabled dance artist Chris Pavia, The Awakening involves four characters trapped in a strange mesmerising ritual. Riverside Terrace at Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Friday 5 September, 6pm Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 September, 1pm, 3pm & 6pm Ian Johnson and Gary Gardiner Dancer London Premiere A performance created by Ian Johnston, Gary Gardiner and Adrian Howells, Dancer is a gentle provocation on what it is to be a 'dancer'. Ian and Gary both love to dance in public, neither are trained dancers. Ian and Gary are two artists asking questions about visibility, opportunity and experiences; as well as sharing a few of their dances. An Unlimited commission. Blue Room at Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Friday 5 September, 6.30pm Saturday 6 September, 3pm (post-show Q&A) & 6.30pm Dance Double Bill: Marc Brew s Remember When Chisato Minamimura s RING THE CHANGES+ World Premiere Marc Brew s intimate solo performance about exposure and memory. He peels away layers using line and extension, intricate folding, placement and replacement. RING THE CHANGES+ (an Unlimited commission) is an interactive dance performance created by deaf artist and former member of Candoco Dance Company, Chisato Minamimura. Choreographing what she calls visual sound/music, Chisato uses interactive technology to create an innovative sense experience for hearing and non-hearing audiences. Southbank Centre s Purcell Room Friday 5 September, 7.30pm (post-show Q&A) Unlimited Unleashed hosted by Liz Carr Roll up, roll up for a riotous late night cabaret in celebration of sexy, funny and fantastically freakish disabled performers with striptease, specialty acts, comedy and much more! Featuring BBC star Liz Carr, bold Unlimited festival artists, and hot talent from around the globe. Friday 5 September, 10pm Fittings MultiMedia Arts, Krazy Kat and The Royal Exchange Theatre: Edmund the Learned Pig London Premiere Based on an unpublished poem by Edward Gorey, Edmund the Learned Pig is a magical theatre piece for children aged eight and over and their families. The show fuses BSL sign language, puppets, aerial-circus, deaf storytelling techniques, a script by Mike Kenney, music and new songs by Martyn Jacques of The Tiger Lillies. An Unlimited commission. Southbank Centre s Queen Elizabeth Hall Saturday 6 September, 2pm & 6pm (post-show Q&A) Heart n Soul s The Beautiful Octopus Club London s biggest multi-media club night Heart n Soul s The Beautiful Octopus Club returns to the Southbank Centre. There are live performances across multiple stages including music from Lizzie Emeh and The Fish Police and chart-topping beats from some of the best DJs across the learning disability music scene in the UK. Get involved in the art zone, create your own music tracks in the SoundLab or relax in the chill-out zone where you can enjoy a free massage. Come and flirt with us inside the multi-media installation the Tunnel of Love. Saturday 6 Sept, 7pm Birds of Paradise Theatre s Wendy Hoose London Premiere This frank and hilarious sex comedy is written by Johnny McKnight and co-directed by Robert Softley Gale. The play sees 20-year-olds Jake and Laura search for love in all the wrong places. In the comedic style of the production, Wendy Hoose includes audio description, BSL and animated surtitles. Unlimited commission. Southbank Centre s Purcell Room Saturday 6 September, 7.30 pm Sunday 7 September, 5.30pm (post-show Q&A) The Angels of Kaos Choir Signing, Singing, Sunday North London choir, The Angels of Kaos perform everything from folk to funk, all laced with heavenly harmonies and British Sign Language interpretation. Audience participation not compulsory but could be irresistible. Don t miss this Sunday morning singalong. Sunday 7 September, 11am Caroline Bowditch s Falling in Love with Frida This intimate and enticing performance explores the life, loves and legacy of Frida Kahlo (1907- 1954). It is a reclaiming of a disabled artist, a love-like obsession and an enquiry into whether we can shape how others remember us. Southbank Centre s Queen Elizabeth Hall (enter via QEH Artists' Entrance) Sunday 7 September, 3pm & 6.30pm (post-show Q&A) Jess Thom & Jess Mabel Jones Backstage in Biscuit Land London Premiere Jess Thom has Tourettes, a condition that makes her say 'biscuit' 16,000 times a day. Her unusual neurology gives her a unique perspective on life, one she's about to unleash on the world. This two-woman-solo show weaves comedy, puppetry, singing and incredible tics to explore spontaneity, creativity, disability and things you never knew would make you laugh. Blue Room at Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Sunday 7 September, 5pm (Includes a post show Q&A) Graeae Theatre Company s Reasons to be Cheerful The Concert Version This concert version of Graeae s wildly-successful show Reasons to be Cheerful features the songs of Ian Drury and The Blockheads including all their classic hits like Spasticus Autisticus, Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick, Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll and more. At Unlimited 2012, Reasons to be Cheerful raised the roof of the Queen Elizabeth Hall. This year it is a free event on the Clore Ballroom. Celebrate the closing night of Unlimited Festival 2014 with a night of raucous glee where you can sing, and sign, along to these punk classics. Oi! Oi! Includes BSL interpretation and captioning. Sunday 7 September, 7.30pm Visual arts, installations and films Sue Austin s Creating the Spectacle: Flying Following the success of Sue Austin s original Creating the Spectacle, a groundbreaking series of live art and video works of an underwater wheelchair, which screened at Unlimited Festival in 2012, Austin s next video installation captures her desire to fly. When Sue Austin got a power chair 18 years ago, she felt a tremendous sense of freedom yet others looked at her as though she had lost something. In her art, she aims to convey the spirit of wonder she feels wheeling through the world. In her performances Austin creates surreal juxtapositions and quirky re-presentations of disability equipment facilitating new ways of seeing, being and knowing. An Unlimited and The Space co-commission. Projection on exterior of Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Lea Cummings s Cosmic Fields of Endless Possibilities Multi-disciplinary artist Lea Cummings provides a visual and auditory experience that transports audiences into a mystical, magical place outside day-to-day reality. She explores the spiritual aspects of physical reality, ritual performance and the role of human beings within the universe. Spirit Level Foyer at Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Tuesday 2 September Sunday 7 September, 10am 11pm Luke Pell & Jo Verrent s Take Me To Bed Take Me To Bed is an installation, an invitation - to come closer, be curious, to be with the dances of these particular bodies. A new work from Luke Pell and Jo Verrent, created in collaboration with artist performers Caroline Bowditch, Janice Parker, Robert Softley Gale and video artist Mark Morreau, Take Me To Bed explores the dis/comfort of audiences to bodies that are different and their dances. The piece is a one hour film on a continuous loop. Tuesday 2 Friday 5 September, 10am-11pm daily (except when there are performances on The Clore Ballroom) Five Short Films Does It Matter? An Irreverent and unexpected take on the legacies of war and disability. From a cast of animated disabled soldiers to a chaotic WW1 hospital and the heroic figures depicted on war memorials, these films from five contemporary disabled artists, Katherine Araniello, Jez Colborne in collaboration with Mind the Gap, Claire Cunningham, Tony Heaton and Simon Mckeown present warm, witty and poignant perspectives on war and disability. Co-produced by arts producers Artsadmin and creative film producers Xenoki. Co-Commissioned by Channel 4 and NOW, WW1 Centenary Art Commissions, supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Tues 2 September, 6 7 pm Unlimited Video Lounge A rolling programme of films made by and about disabled artists. Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Foyer Tues 2 September Sun 7 September, 10am 11pm Juan delgado s The Flickering Darkness UK Premiere delgado s immersive multi-screen installation explores ideas about urban territory, displacement and economy. Filmed at the Corabastos food market in Bogotá, the work follows the journey of produce from its arrival before dawn to its consumption throughout the day in dishes eaten at establishments across the social spectrum. An Unlimited commission. White Room at Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Tuesday 2 September - Sunday 7 September, 10am - 11pm Artist s talk: Juan delgado in conversation with producer Sandra Tabares-Duque followed by guided tour of the installation. Sunley Pavilion at Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Saturday 6 September, 12noon but ticketed The Unlimited Story A Photographic Exhibition This photography exhibition tells the story of Unlimited past, present and future. Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Foyer Tuesday 2 September Sunday 7 September, 10am-11pm Your Slogan Here Young disabled people have been invited to design a series of T-shirts that address the everyday social, political and personal issues that matter to them. Tuesday 2 September Sun 7 September, 10am 11pm Heart n Soul s Tunnel of Love Spirit Level at Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall This Tunnel of Love pays homage to the naughty fairground rides of yesteryear, as a throwback to the days when couples would escape to the darkness to cuddle up. This multi-sensory, multimedia, interactive installation comes complete with a soundtrack of giggles and love songs, vibrating floors, fruity smells, a giant Twister mat and live performances by Heart n Soul artists. Tuesday 2 September Sunday 7 September, 10am - 11pm On Wednesday 3 September there will be some special performances in Club Flirt from 6.30pm - 8pm. Bekki Perriman s The Doorways Project Inspired by the artist s personal experience of homelessness as well as by Susan Phillipz s Surround me, a song cycle for the City of London, this sound installation invites audiences to hear the intimate, sometimes humorous and often disturbing experiences of homeless people. JP Morgan Pavilion at Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Friday 5 September 4pm 11pm Saturday 6 & Sunday 7 September 10.00am 11pm Dance on Film Includes Q&A with Lucy Bennett and Chris Pavia from Stopgap Dance Company A series of short dance films showcasing inclusive adult and youth community dance projects. Featuring films by Candoco Dance Company, Corali Dance Company and GDance. The session concludes with a discussion hosted by Luke Pell with Artistic Director of Stop Gap Dance Company, Lucy Bennett and choreographer of The Awakening, Chris Pavia. The Front Room at Southbank Centre s Queen Elizabeth Hall Films pm Talk pm Saturday 6 September Spoken word Poet in the City s The Body Electric and Owen Lowery s Otherwise Unchanged Poet in the City takes language to new limits with The Body Electric, exploring poetry and sign. Taking words off the page and performing them live in BSL, celebrated deaf actors will bring fresh and surprising new light to classic poems, from Robert Frost to Rabindranath Tagore. Owen Lowery reads from his acclaimed book of poetry Otherwise Unchanged, an exploration of hospitalisation and disability following a spinal injury whilst competing as a British judo champion and a celebration of his interests, including art, music, military history, and football. An Unlimited commission. Level 5 Function Room at Southbank Centre s Royal Festival Hall Sunday 7 September, 2pm Tickets 8 Survivors Poetry Reading Perceptions of Difference As part of the celebration of Disability Arts Online's ten
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