Announces Q3 results, Limited Review Report & Results Press Release for the Quarter ended December 31, 2015 [Result]

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GUJARAT STATE FERTILIZERS & CHEMICALS LTD. P.O. FERTILIZERNAGAR, DIST, VADODARA - 391750 PART I Statement of Standalone Unaudited Results forthe quarter and nine months ended 31st December, 2015 tn 3 months Particulars Preceding 3 months ended I' 2 (a) Net Sales / lncome trom operations (Net of excise duty) (bl Other Ooeratino lncome Total Income from operations (net) Expenses a) Gost of materials consumed b) Purchase of stock-in-trade cl Changes in inventories of finished goods, work-i
  GUJARAT STATE FERTILIZERS & CHEMICALS LTD. P.O. FERTILIZERNAGAR, DIST, VADODARA - 391750 PART I Statement of Standalone Unaudited Results forthe quarter and nine months ended 31st December, 2015 tn Particulars 3 months ended 31t12t20',t5 Preceding 3 months ended 30r09,2015 Corresponding 3 months ended inprevious year 31t12t20't4Year to date figures f)r current periodended 31t',t212015 Year to date figures for the previousperiod ended 31t',t2t20't1 Previousyear ended 31t03t2015 UnauditedUnauditedUnauditedUnauditedUnaudited Audited I (a) Net Sales / lncome trom operations (Net ' of excise duty)(bl Other Ooeratino lncome 161504176218130939446170403419532157 Total Income from operations (net) 2 Expenses a) Gost of materials consumed b) Purchase of stock-in-tradecl Changes in inventories of finished goods,work-in-progress and stock in trade d) Power and Fuel e) Employee benefits expense f) Depreciation and amortisation expense g) Other expenses 161504948399384(5704) 13391 13305 2573 186481762188887511408 (1 6551 ) 13296 122',t2 250816328130939840098578(15000)137539334256815377 446',170 23817670345(38063) 37091 357987515 489't6 40341922517131648(8355)3647028016778111625532457 292981 33462 2082 488403873310066 57292Total exDenses '146,136 ,t 58076118619399778362359483459 3 Profit from operations before other income,finance costs & exceptional items (1-2)150681814212320463924106048998 4 Other income 130522572751 51 16 749810194 5 Profit from ordinary activities beforefinance costs and exceotional items (3+41 1637320399 15071 515084855859192 6 Finance costs 829571 431 18201179 1801 7 Profit from ordinary activities before Tax (5-6)15544 't9828 146404968847379 57391 8 Tax ExDense52205564 4293 't50101377817341 9 Net Profit for the period (7-t 10324142641034734678 33601 40050 10 Paid-up equity share capital (Face value of t 2/- per Equity share)797079707970797079707970 11 Reserves excluding Revaluation Reservesas per balance sheet of previous accountinc vear 438451 12 Earnings per share(of t 2/-each) (not annaulised): a Basic (in t) b Diluted (in t) 2.s92.593.583.582.60 260 8.70 870 8.438.4310.0r 10.0t HIva l1 #r*\ w*t  GUJARAT STATE FERTILIZERS & CHEMICALS LTD.P.O. FERTILIZERNAGAR, DIST. VADODARA - 391750 Segment wise Revenue, Results and Capital Employed Notes: 1 Net Sales / Income from Operations includes the amount relating to earlier period towards annual escalation/de-escalation inthe input prices of Urea as per provisions of New Pricing Scheme (NPS-lll) as presented hereunder.Employee cost fol the quarterrnine months ended on 31.,ll?20trS is higher mainly on account of wage revision consequent upon reaching an understanding with the Employees Unlon at Baroda unit. The above financial results have been reviewed by the Finance-Gum-Audit Committee and approved by the Board of Directors at their meetings held on 21st January, 2016. Previous period Figures have been regrouped wherever necessary.By order of 21st January, 2016 AhmedabadChairman & Managing Director Particulars 3 months ended 31t12t2015 Preceding 3 months ended 30r09r2015 Corresponding 3 months ended in previous year 3'lna20't1 Year to date figures for current periodended una2015 Year to date flgures for the previousperiod ended 31t12t2011 Previousyear ended 31t03t2015 UnauditedUnauditedUnauditedUnauditodUnaudited Audited 1 Seqment Revenue a) Fertilizer Products b) Industrial Products TotalLess : lnter Se$ment Revenue Net Sales rlncome From Operations 2 Seqment Result: Profit (+) / Loss G) before Tax and Finance cost from each Seqment a) Fertilizer Products b) Industrial Products Total Less: (l) Finance cost : (il) Other unallocable expenditure : (3ii) Unallocable incomeTota Profit Before Tax 3 Gaoital Emoloved(Segment assets less Segment liabilities) a) Fertilizer Products b) Industrial Products c) UnallocatedTotal 12057240932128732 1748C 84215 tL672t311174 l3trqqf 21834e 155073 3288162036111615040176218 ( 130933 0 446170 0 40341 ( 53215701615041762t8, 13093S 116174 40341 532457 18552{1832114558 4121 10455 394 40113100tlg 31 s3 'ltl656 3791118623 16720829 1430(10831 18679571193 t't9't3l 144004311596t22671 50162 1820 2915t42B't145195 11734232 {65951 56534 1801 5876lA53trl 1554,1 1982814640 4968817379 57391 355407 I 1 808976033023s411845849963 291428 140813 20115 3554071180897603291428140813 20415 283003 109591aaa27481093 170775452656481099452656416121 ParticularsQuarter ended Year to date figures for the nerldd Previousyear ended 31t12t2015 30/0912015 31t',t2t20't1 31t14201s 31t121201131t03t201E Urea Subsidy Escalation pertaining to earlier oeriod 11209 0 472996793124 3124  Deloitte Haskins & Sells INDEPENDENT AUDITOR'S REVIEW RBPORT ON REVIEW OF INTERIMFINAI\CIAL RESULTSTO THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF GUJARAT STATE F'ERTILIZERS & CHEMICALS LIMITED We have reviewed the accompanying Statement of Standalone Unaudited FinancialResults of GUJARAT STATE FERTILIZERS & CHEMICALS LIMITED ( theCompany ) for the Quarter and Nine Months ended 3lll2l20l5 ( the Statement ), being submitted by the Company pursuant to the requirement of Regulation 33 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations,2015. This Statement which is the responsibility of the Company's Management and approved by the Board of Directors, has been prepared in accordance with the recognition and measurement principles laid down in Accounting Standard for Interim Financial Reporting (AS 25),prescribed under Section 133 of the Companies Act, 2013 read with relevant rules issued thereunder and other accounting principles generally accepted in India. Our responsibility is to issue a report on the Statement based on our review. We conducted our review of the Statement in accordance with the Standard on Review Engagements (SRE) 2410'Review of Interim Financial Information Performed by theIndependent Auditor of the Entity', issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants ofIndia. This Standard requires that we plan and perform the review to obtain moderateassurance as to whether the Statement is free of material misstatement. A review is limited primarily to inquiries of Company personnel and analytical procedures applied to financial data and thus provides less assurance than an audit. We have not performed an audit and, accordingly, we do not express an audit opinion. Based on our review conducted as stated above, nothing has come to our attention that causes us to believe that the accompanying Statement, prepared in accordance with the aforesaid Accounting Standards and'other accounting principles generally accepted in India, has not disclosed the information required to be disclosed in terms of Regulation 33 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, including the manner in which it is to be disclosed, or that it contains any materialmisstatement. FoT DELOITTE HASKINS & SELLS Chartered Accountants Deloitte Haskins & Sells Chartered Accountants 31, Nutan Bharat SocietY, Alkapuri, Baroda - 390 007 Gujarat, India Tel.:+91 (265\2333776Fax:+91 (265)2339129 l. 2. Gaurav J. Shah PartnerAhmedabad, January 21, 2016(Membership No. 35701)
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