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The tree must be balanced, that is, every path from the root node must have the same length. ... Attribute oval. Relationship diamond. Link - line. 9 ...
Title: Announcements 1 Announcements
  • Project Due Friday 500 PM
  • Group Presentations
  • 10 minutes
  • Describe project (ERD), discuss any challenges, show us some queries
  • Final Monday, December 20 _at_ 9am in KH006
  • Optional early exam Friday, December 17 _at_ 1pm in KH006
  • 2 Final Review
  • Lecture 24
  • 3 Approximate Composition of the Exam
  • 70 - Chapters 3-6, and embedded programs (excluding relational algebra)
  • 10 - Special Topics
  • Not all questions will be worth the same
  • Youll have to answer enough to add up to the right point value
  • No answering your own question
  • 10-15 Chapters 2, 8, IR, and relational algebra (Short answers, T/F, fill in the blank, multiple choice)
  • 5-10 Physical Storage
  • 4 Review Physical Storage -Application
  • A disk block is 2048B
  • A record is 450B
  • There are 10,000 records
  • What is the block factor?
  • What is the number of blocks needed to store entire table?
  • 5 Example B Tree 270 300 100 200 15 60 230 270 1 8 60 75 80 200 215 230 240 15 25 30 1 8 120 150 100 115 150 165 120 145 6 Rules for Constructing a B Tree
  • If the root is not a leaf, it must have at least two children
  • If the tree is order n, each interior node (that is, all nodes except the root and leaf nodes), must have between n/2 and n occupied pointers (and children). If n/2 is not an integer, roundup to determine the minimizes number of pointers
  • 7 Rules for Constructing a B Tree
  • The number of key values contained in a non-leaf node is 1 less than the number of pointers
  • If the tree has order n, the number of occupied key values in a leaf node must be between (n-1)/2 and n-1. If (n-1)/2 is not an integer, round up to determine the minimum number of occupied key values.
  • The tree must be balanced, that is, every path from the root node must have the same length.
  • 8 Symbols used in E-R Diagram
  • Entity rectangle
  • Attribute oval
  • Relationship diamond
  • Link - line
  • 9 Scenario Organization of Olympic Facilities
  • The Olympic facilities are divided into sports complexes. Sports complexes are divided into one-sport and multisport types. Multisport complexes have areas of the complex designed for each sport with a location indicator (e.g. center, NE corner, etc.). A complex has a location, chief organizing individual, total occupied area, and so on. Each complex holds a series of events (e.g., the track stadium may hold many different races). For each event there is a planned date, duration, number of participants, number of officials, and so on. A roster of all officials will be maintained together with the list of events each official will be involved in. The two types of facilities (one-sport and multisport) will have different types of information. For each type, the approximate budget will be kept.
  • 10 Olympic EER Diagram 11 Olympic Relations 12 Functional Dependencies and Normalization 13 Olympic DDL and SQL
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