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Announcements for March 5, 2017 Registration is now open for Youth Forum and Intermediates at Conference! Sobeys & No Frills grocery cards are still on sale! See Youth Forum (YF) is open to youth in grade 10 to age 19. Jacqueline Umlah in the foyer for purchases. Intermediates at Conference (IAC) is open to youth in grades 7-9. YF
   Announcements for March 5, 2017 Sobeys & No Frills grocery cards  are still on sale! See Jacqueline Umlah in the foyer for purchases. he !bser er  magazine is delivered here monthly for anyone that would like to have a look at. Please feel free to take, read and pass on.he #ost and Found  is getting full again. Please have a looky loo to see if you own something in it. #enten Study    Para#les, Prayers, $ Promises% &ho was Jesus of 'azareth( &hat did he teach, and how did hepray( )ow does Jesus* ministry continue through his followers today( his +ent, get to know Jesus more intimately during our +enten study through reflections on scripture shared anecdotesprayers videos, poetry, and-or song.ondays from /01pm in the parlour, arch 2th through 3pril 45 th .  All are $elcome !6738 &69S):P ; <+=:++< >397<'S. ? P March %  / pm +enten Study, @hoir practice ; AB/5pm March 7 4? pm SoupCs 6n! , 2B/5 pm Unified Doard eeting March  0 Di#le @onversation group ; ?pm E +adies ParlourFDell choir practice ; 2B1G pm and @u#-Scouts ; A pm March ' 0Dand Practice ; A pm+ooking for something to get you out of the house( 7o you like to socialize with likeminded peers( (oin our )*+  . &e meet once a month and welcome new mem#ers. :f you have any inquiries contact =alerie @onnors EH5?F01?/0?114.   egistration is no$ o-en for .outh Forum and /ntermediates at *onference  8outh Iorum E8IF is open to youth in grade 45 to age 4H. :ntermediates at @onference E:3@F is open to youth in grades A0H. 8I and :3@ meet as two separate groups during the 3nnual eeting of aritime @onference Eay ?G0?.F <ach group creates an inclusive, diverse and safe community for 455K youth to eLplore their faith and to learn more a#out the United @hurch of @anada while sharing in music, worship and fun in a spirit0filled community.he cost of registration is M??G EM?AG less MG5 funding from )alifaL Pres#yteryF Prayer List if you wish to add a name Ewith permission F to the Prayer @ircle, call1AAN/H/A Marea ProwseRena RussellINancy Wooden  Judy Drysdale Elma O’BrienAmy Palmer  John BuchananGrace PearceBrenda Drysdale 2017 oard of 3ecuti es Co Chair!ersons usan #a$ham ecre$ary Rena Eldershaw %reasurer &a$hy Mc&ay En'elo!e ecre$ary (ea$her Em)re$$  %rus$ee Jim Mc&ayMinis$ry and Personnel *acan$Worshi!*alerie &eddy $ewardshi! *acan$Cler+ o, $he (is$oric Roll *acan$ -amily Resources Re!Carolyn Mon$.CW Re!Emma Caines  /ou$h Re!resen$a$i'e#aci EldershawMem)er a$ #ar0e Julie mi$h *ounters for March B <laine 3mirault $ Julie Smith 'eLt week Usher eam O1
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