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Announcements 12/1/10  Prayer  Exam 3 ongoing  Friday’s lecture: no reading assignment  Project Show & Tell – only 3 volunteers so far. Up to 15…
Announcements 12/1/10  Prayer  Exam 3 ongoing  Friday’s lecture: no reading assignment  Project Show & Tell – only 3 volunteers so far. Up to 15 extra credit points available! (for each group member) Email me by Saturday night.  All late homework & extra credit papers due Sat, Dec 11  Very Important Definitions v 1   c 1  2 “gamma” is sometimes called “the Lorentz factor” or “the time dilation factor” Space-time diagrams  Example: me slamming the book on the table  Example: me slamming the book on the table again  Example: measuring the time between book slams  Example: measuring the length of the book  “World lines” for Dr. Colton, book, & for space traveler passing by earth a. When/where do these events occur? t vs. ct Quick Writing  Back to Dr. Colton’s trip to Zyzyx (Dr. Colton traveling at 0.9 c). Draw, as accurately as you can, these four world-lines: a. The planet Earth b. The planet Zyzyx c. Dr Colton, as he travels to Zyzyx d. Leaving from the Earth at the same time/place, a light beam that travels to Zyzyx  Draw, as accurately as possible, the same four world-lines, from Dr. Colton’s point of view. Light cones  Present  Possible futures  Possible pasts  “Elsewhere”  Terminology: “timelike” vs “spacelike” Example  Dr. Colton, on a fast train, turns on a flashlight at ct=1. People on the ground watch. Draw worldlines for Dr. Colton and the people on the ground. Draw the light from the flashlight. Mark the “flashlight turned on” event.  Do this for both frames of reference. Reading Quiz  The Lorentz transformation equations in the book assume objects only have relative motion in the +x or –x directions a. True b. False  The Lorentz transformation equations for y and z are more complicated than the equations for x and t. a. True b. False Lorentz Transformations, derived  Not in this class! ;-)  Can be done by using properties we’ve discussed: length contraction, time dilation, gamma, basic worldline transformations The Lorentz Transformations  As regular equations: xframe2   xframe1   (ct )frame1 (ct )frame2   xframe1   (ct )frame1  In matrix form: x     x        ct  frame 2     ct  frame1 Differences between my equations & book’s equations Disclaimer: I often reverse order of x and ct. That’s OK. Lorentz transformations, graphically  Lee’s program  Similarity with rotations  How to choose + vs – Note: for HW problems, you can use Lee’s program to check your answers—but not to DO your problems.
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