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Review sheet has been handed out -- you should know all the material on this ... What are the infamous FOUR STEPS? What's a frame? How/when is a frame created? ...
Title: Announcements 1 Announcements
  • Check your grades on the door of 5141 Upson
  • More review tomorrow
  • Review session Sunday night w/Alan
  • FINAL EXAM Tuesday August 10, 8 AM (IN THE MORNING) Olin 155
  • Review sheet has been handed out -- you should know all the material on this sheet, but do not assume it includes everything you need to know
  • Bring me pictures and a short note if you want a letter of reference. . .
  • 2 Review. . .
  • Know the prelim!
  • Know the material on the quizzes!
  • Go over your assignments and make sure you understand where you made mistakes and how youd fix them.
  • 3 Control structures
  • if
  • if/else
  • while
  • for
  • 4 Classes and subclasses
  • Whats a class?
  • Whats an object?
  • Whats a class hierarchy?
  • Whats inheritance? How does it work?
  • What are constructors? Whats super?
  • 5 More on classes
  • public vs. private fields and methods
  • What does it mean to override a method?
  • Give an example
  • What does it mean to overload a method?
  • Give an example
  • 6 Scope of variables? public class Coordinate public int x public int y public Coordinate(int xx, int yy) x xx y yy public void swapFields() int tmp tmp x x y y tmp
  • Whats scope?
  • Whats the scope of a parameter?
  • A local variable?
  • A field of a class?
  • 7 Static
  • Static variables in a class
  • Static methods -- give an example?
  • Why use static variables and methods?
  • 8 Methods
  • What are the infamous FOUR STEPS?
  • Whats a frame? How/when is a frame created?
  • Know how to draw and label a frame correctly
  • Call-by-value
  • Parameter passing (primitive types vs. object references)
  • return
  • 9 Operators and statements
  • The ternary operator in Java
  • , --, -,
  • break
  • continue
  • 10 Arrays
  • How to declare an array?
  • How to initialize an array?
  • Arrays as parameters in C?
  • Arrays of objects
  • 11 Search algorithms
  • Binary vs. linear search
  • Write linear search
  • Sketch binary search
  • 12 Sorting algorithms
  • Describe each, including bubble sort
  • Be able to read and debug search algorithms
  • Understand the partition algorithm
  • 13 Efficiency
  • How is the efficiency of an algorithm measured?
  • Whats linear -- O(n)?
  • Whats logarithmic -- O(log n)?
  • Whats the n refer to here?
  • 14 Matlab
  • Whats the fundamental data structure in Matlab?
  • Linspace? Whats that?
  • Know the colon/semicolon notation
  • How do you access the row of a matrix?
  • How do you access the column of a matrix?
  • 15 More Matlab
  • Whats the transpose of a matrix?
  • What does f(x) do in Matlab if x is an array?
  • What do the control structures look like in Matlab?
  • Be able to read Matlab code and generate some yourself.
  • 16 Recursion
  • Whats recursion?
  • Give examples of recursive algorithms
  • Be able to write a small recursive algorithm (something like factorial, for example)
  • 17 Advanced Topics
  • What are threads?
  • Whats the abstract modifier all about?
  • What are interfaces? When would you use one?
  • What are exceptions?
  • 18 C
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of C vs. Java?
  • What are pointers?
  • Be able to read C code (small examples as presented in class) and understand it
  • 19 Final thoughts
  • In 1995, One of the inventors of Java, Bill Joy, said Java is just a small, simple, safe, object-oriented, interpreted or dynamically optimized, byte-coded, architecture-neutral, garbage-collected, multithreaded programming language with a strongly typed exception-handling mechanism for writing distributed, dynamically extensible programs.
  • Remember You never finish a program, you just stop working on it. . .
  • Fun book Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
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