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2016. (n.d.). Retrieved February 20, 2017, from This source is just a list of all the fallen officers. It goes specifically by year, gives their names, location, and cause of death. It also gives the total on a side bar for the certain deaths for whichever year I choose. This website could be incredibly useful for the numbers, this way I can not include any accident or health issue related death. Bumbak, Ann R. (2013). Profiling Cop-Kill
  2016. (n.d.). Retrieved February 20, 2017, from https://.odmp.or!/sear h/year/2016   #his sour e is $ust a %ist of a%% the fa%%en offi ers. &t !oes spe ifi a%%y by year, !ives their names, %o ation, and ause of death. &t a%so !ives the tota% on a side bar for the ertain deaths for hi hever year & hoose. #his ebsite ou%d be in redib%y usefu% for the numbers, this ay & an not in %ude any a ident or hea%th issue re%ated death.'umba, nn R. (201*). +rofi%in! op-i%%ers. Retrieved from http://.eb%ib. om#his boo te%%s many stories of peop%e arrested and onvi ted of murderin! a po%i e offi er. &t !ives their a!es, dru! history, rimina% history, ra e, !an! affi%iation if any, and many more fa tors. &t te%%s the out ome of ea h ase. &t is redib%e as the author has 10 years of eperien e as an offi er and as an F'& a!ent. #his &s a boo & ou%d either %ie to buy or print out so & an ompare the simi%arities as e%% as find differen es in these ases.   omonose, . (2016, e ember *0). umber 3f +o%i e 3ffi ers i%%ed 'y Firearms Rose &n 2016, 4tudy Finds. Retrieved February 16, 2017, from http://.npr.or!/se tions/theto-ay/2016/12/*0/5075*6*60/number-of-po%i e-offi ers-   i%%ed-by-firearms-rose-in-2016-study-finds   #his sour e !ives !reat detai% in the number of deaths of offi ers beteen 2015 and 2016. &t has a!raph that shos the number of offi ers i%%ed from 16 to e ember of 2016. &t is not at an u%timate hi!h, but it is in reasin! ompared to re ent years. #his sour e ou%d be usefu% as it shos the risin! trend of offi ers bein! i%%ed. &t a%so has uotes from fe%%o offi ers ho say they no have more fear for their %ife hen !oin! to or than they ever have.Fair, . 8., +h.. (2019). #he nthinab%e, i%%ed in the ;ine of uty. Retrieved February16, 2017, from http://.aaets.or!/arti %e11.htm  #his arti %e as ritten to sho hat it is %ie to %ose someone. &t is shoin! the three different ays to die, fe%ony a t by a rimina%, motor a ident, or a physi a% issue due to stress of the $ob. <ither of these three ays sti%% impa t the fami%y and department in the same ay, they %ose someone they %ove. & am interested in usin! this sour e as it an sho the audien e hy they shou%d are about this !roin! prob%em. 3ffi ers are human too. asper, 8ody (2012). =o ops ie : nderstandin! and +reventin! uty-re%ated eaths. Retrieved from http://.eb%ib. om#his sour e te%%s many statisti s about the number of deaths of offi ers on duty in orthampton, >assa husetts. &t ontains strate!ies on ho to prevent so many deaths, and has the breadon of hen, ho, and ho i%%ed the offi ers. &t ou%d be usefu% to my paper, as my prob%em is rise of deaths for offi ers on duty. #his is a !reat%y detai%ed sour ed, and a redited. &t has not yet  been pur hased by the #<+ %ibrary, but & have reuested it.   ;a <nfor ement Fa ts. (n.d.). Retrieved February 20, 2017, from http://.n%eomf.or!/fa ts/enfor ement/?referrer@httpA*A2FA2F.pbs.or!   A2FneshourA2FrundonA2Fthe-history-of-u-s-po%i e-deaths-in-the-%ine-of-dutyA2F   #his ebsite is nothin! but fa ets and statisti s. &t shos the number of offi ers the 4 has, andho many vio%ent rimes have o urred. &t a%so !ives the dead%iest days, ho many deaths, and ho many assau%ts. #his ou%d be he%pfu% to me to ompare to another sour e that %ists the rimina%Bs interests. >aybe & an find a onne tion.>adhani, . (2017, 8anuary 11). CFer!uson effe tC: 72A of .4. ops re%u tant to mae stops. Retrieved February 17, 2017, from  http://.usatoday. om/story/nes/2017/01/11/fer!uson-effe t-study-72-us- ops-re%u tant-   mae-stops/6996509/   #his sour e ep%ains hen the rise of deaths in the %ine of duty be!an to happen. +eop%e a%% it the DFer!uson <ffe tE and this arti %e ep%ains that hen an fri an meri an teen as shot and i%%ed my po%i e, that is hen many riots be!an tain! p%a e nationide. From these riots, the media started $ud!in! offi ers harsh%y on their every move, hi h may have put offi ers more at ris. #hey are on !uard to try and avoid the media attention, hi h in a %ife or death situation ou%d end bad%y. #his sour e may be usefu% as ba !round information to my paper to ep%ain ho and hen the rise started.
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