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Junior Division Website Lydia Yang, Stephanie Pan, Nicole Zhang, Michelle Zhou
  Annotated BibliographyJunior DivisionWebsiteLydia Yang, Stephanie Pan, Nicole Zhang, ichelle Zhou P! A!Y S#$!%&S' () *A+ericas -irst Auto+obile !ace, (./0)*  America's First Automobile Race, 1895 ) &yeWitness to 1istory, 2330) Web) 34 Jan) 23(4) http'55666)eye6itnesstohistory)co+5duryea)ht+  7his is an account o8 %harles and -ran9 Duryea, the 8irst A+erican inventors 6ho createdthe gasoline:po6ered ;horseless carriages<) 7his is used to sho6 the develop+ents o8 technology a8ter slavery 6as abolished, e=tending 1arriet 7ub+an>s legacy) 2) A8ricanus, S) ) *7he -ugitive Slave La6)* The Fugitive Slave Law ) N)p), n)d) Web) 2/ Dec) 23(?) http'55666)loc)gov5e=hibits5odyssey5archive53@53@3033(r)pg7his is a pri+ary source that e=plained 7he -ugitive Slave La6 6hich reuired all states to return slaves that have escaped) We used this source to add +ore in8or+ation on our !ebellion page on our 6ebsite)@)  Article 15 ) Digital i+age) 7he Ne6 Yor9 7i+es, 2? Nov) (.02) Web) 2C Sept) 23(?) http'55uery)nyti+es)co+5+e+5archive:8ree5pd8resE/-3C&4DD(C@.&@@CB%C&0(D-B4?4.@./?C/-D&) 7his is one o8 such notices that slave catchers posted on various ne6spapers) Slaves 6ere escaping 8ro+ Fentuc9y to #hio and %anada 6here it 6as 8ree) t 6as reuired by la6 to turn in slaves and give re6ards to those 6ho do) 7his ne6spaper article 6as used to sho6one o8 the hardships o8 early runa6ays)C) Ao) *7he Acco+plished Abolitionist 1arriet 7ub+an)*  History Thigs ) 1istory 7hings,2C Aug) 23(?) Web) 3@ Jan) 23(4) http'55historythings)co+5acco+plished:abolitionist:harriet:tub+an5Born Ara+inta !oss, 1arriet 7ub+an is a 8a+ous abolitionist, hu+anitarian, and A+erican %ivil War spy) We used this source to 6rite the li8e o8 1arriet 7ub+an and usedtheir pictures as 6ell)0) Brad8ord, Sarah 1)  HARR! T T#$%A&  ) Digital i+age) N)p), 2333) Web) 0 Jan) 23(4) http'55docsouth)unc)edu5neh5brad8ord5brad8p)pg7his is an i+age used in the 8ront page o8 the biography o8 1arriet 7ub+an' Scees i the Lie o Harriet Tubma ) We used this i+age to depict 7ub+an as a conductor o8 the $nderground !ailroad) ?) Brad8ord, Sarah 1)  Harriet Tubma ) Ne6 Yor9' %orinth, (/?() Print) http'55docsouth)unc)edu5neh5brad8ord5brad8ord)ht+l  7his sho6s the hardships o8 the li8e o8 1arriet 7ub+an 6hen she 6as slave) 7he su++ary about her li8e tal9ed about ho6 others treated her) We used this to sho6 the di88erent slave +asters, treat+ents, and the careers that she had in her li8e)4) Brad8ord, Sarah 1)  Harriet, the %oses o Her (eo)le ) Ne6 Yor9' -or the Author by G)!) Loc96ood H Son, (..?) Print) http'55docsouth)unc)edu5neh5harriet5harriet)ht+l7he boo9, The %oses o Her (eo)le , 6as 6ritten to e=plain the li8e o8 1arriet 7ub+an, also called oses by the people) t sho6s ho6 she saved the lives o8 +any by leading the+ to 8reedo+) 7his boo9 helped us highlight the i+portance o8 her li8e and the +any deeds she did).) Brodess, &liIa Ann) *7hree 1undred Dollars !e6ard)* N)p), @ #ct) (.C/) Web) ( Jan) 23(4) http'55666)harriet:tub+an)org56p:content5uploads523(C53(5!e6ard:8or:the:return:o8:1arriet:7ub+an)pg7his notice is one o8 +any that 6ere posted) t o88ers a re6ard 8or the capture o8 a slave) 7his helped us provide an e=a+ple o8 ho6 the slave +asters recaptured the slaves)/) *Bro6se %ollections by 7opic)*  America %emory rom the Library o *ogress + Home  (age ) N)p), n)d) Web) 2/ Dec) 23(?) http'55lc6eb2)loc)gov57his is a photo o8 1arriet 7ub+an in her later li8e) t helps us sho6 6hat she loo9ed li9e 6hen she 6as old)(3) %ooper, %hris !ice) *%1! S ! %& %##P&! BL#G s A!7 and 1$AN 7Y -ra+ed n 7he Photo-eature Story)* Se)tember -1. ) Blogger, 3( Jan) (/43) Web) 3@ Jan) 23(4) http'55chrisricecooper)blogspot)co+523(C3/3(archive)ht+l7his is a poe+ 6ritten by Kuraysh Ali Lansana 6hich is about 1arriet 7ub+an) We used this to help understand +ore on 1arriet 7ub+an>s i+pact on artists today)(() *&lection o8 (.33)* N)p), n)d) Web) ( Jan) 23(4) https'55666)archives)gov58iles5legislative58eatures5(.33:election5i+ages5(.33:election:=l)pg 7he photo displays the votes o8 the states during the (.33 Presidential election) t helped sho6 ho6 the election 6as tied)  (2) 1arrington, #liver W) *Dar9 Laughter) *Go Ahead ister Bootsie) an, Were in the ntegrated School No6 An Were Learnin All 7hat Stu88 about the Birds An the Bees** The Library o *ogress ) N)p), (/?0) Web) 34 Jan) 23(4)https'55666)loc)gov5ite+523(??.C/CC5 7his is a cartoon illustrated a pair o8 young boys leering at a +an, and +a9ing an aside o8 integrated schools) We used this to sho6 the un6elco+e o8 integrated schools, and to de+onstrate that not all accepted the Supre+e %ourt ruling o8 Bro6n v) Board o8 &ducation)(@) *1o+e M Library o8 %ongress)* The Library o *ogress ) N)p), (.00) Web) 0 Jan) 23(4) loc)gov7his is a picture o8 blac9 slave as a nurse+aid) We used this to sho6 the li8e in slavery that 1arriet 7ub+an had in her early stage o8 li8e) (C) *1o+e M Library o8 %ongress)* The Library o *ogress ) N)p), (/(() Web) 30 Jan) 23(4) loc)gov7his is a picture that sho6ed 1arriet 7ub+an resting in a chair in (/(() We used this to sho6 the later li8e o8 1arriet 7ub+an)(0) Lincoln, Abraha+) /ettysburg A00ress ) !ec) (.?@) &) Berliners Gra+ophone, (./.)  Library o *ogress ) Web) 4 Jan) 23(4) http'55+e+ory)loc)gov57his is a recording o8 Abraha+ Lincoln>s Gettysburg Address, recorded in (.?@,  produced in (./.) We used this to sho6 the steps President Abraha+ Lincoln 8ollo6ed to8ree A8rican A+ericans 8ro+ slavery, to provide political changes in the ti+e period to enhance 1arriet 7ub+an>s legacy) (?) Lincoln, Abraha+, and Willia+ Se6ard)  First maci)atio (roclamatio, Facsimile23 ) Digital i+age)  Library o *ogress ) Library o8 %ongress, (.?C) Web) 4 Jan) 23(4) https'55666)loc)gov5ite+5scs+333/2(57his is a picture o8 the the -irst &+ancipation Procla+ation, dra8ted by Abraha+ Lincolnand Willia+ Se6ard) We used this picture to sho6 the &+ancipation Procla+ation o8  poilitcal changes)(4) Le6is, Jone Johnson) *1o6 1arriet 7ub+an Wor9ed as oses, 7a9ing Slaves to -reedo+)*
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