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animal farm
   “ANIMAL FARM” In England, there once can be found a farm called Manor farm, owned by an irresonsible farmer named Mr! ones, who had not much concern for his oor farm animals!#ne e$ening, when Mr ones had retreated for the day, #ld Ma%or, the oldest and wisest of the animals, called for a meeting to announce something imortant! &he other igs started first for the meeting, being cle$er and found to ta'ing the lead! &hey were followed by (o)er, the largest and strongest of the horses and his de$oted friend (en%amin, the don'ey! All the other animals, great and small were an)ious to get there, for such a meetinghas ne$er been held before!#ld ma%or had been ailing and now he had made 'nown, there were some things he wanted to say to his fellow animals before it might be too late! It too' a while for all to find their seats! &he igs ha$e ta'en u the best ositions immediately in front of the latform! Among them, *nowball, determined to get a good $iew and Naoleon e+ually determined and e$en less olite! “omrades, so few of us will e$er come to 'now the blessing of old age as i ha$e! -ou, or'ers, dont you 'now that in your rime all that awaits you is the choing board.” the old ma%or said while ointing to the igs! &he latterimagined that they were choed in a ig slaughterhouse!  “-ou, hens, how many of your eggs did not e$en had the chance to hatch. And you, horses, when your youth is gone and your muscles fail,what then.”, the old ma%or said! &he animals imagined what the old boar said! “#ur li$es are short and miserable but should this always be the case. Is England so oor that we need to li$e li'e this. Nay/ &he lands of england which we toil are rich but the humans ta'e e$erything from us/ -es, the humans are the root of all our misery/ omrades, Re$olt/”, the old boar uttered it with emhasis! All the animals unite singing the song of (east of England! Beast of England, Beast of Ireland Beasts if every land and climeHearken to my joyful tidingsOf the golden futureSoon or late the date is coming,Tyrant Man shall o’erthron !nd the fruitful fields of England   Shall e trod y easts alone  “*tuid animals/”, Mr ones irritatedly said before he shoots his rifle! All the animals +uic'ly flee from the meeting!&he following day, to e$eryone0s grief, #ld Ma%or was disco$ered lifeless in his stall! &he animals found their situation +uite unbearable!  “1e0re so hungry!!! we ha$en0t eaten all day/ 1here is our food.”, the animals comlaint! “#in', oin', oin'/ I can0t ta'e this anymore/ Im ta'ing my meal no matter what/, said *nowball, then he bangs the warehouse door! #ne by one, the animals come to hel *nowball to oen the door of the warehouse where their food is 'et! Finally, the warehouse door oens and they eat to their heart0s content! (ut ones and his men notice something is u and they come to the warehouse with whis in their hands! “2uh what is going on.! -ou lowly animals/”, Mr ones said angrily!*nowball gets a hold of the whi and said, “#h no, you0re not doing this to us/ omrades, atttttaaaaac'/&he animals lunge at ones and his men until they are out of the farm! 1henthe animals reali3ed they had gotten rid of ones, they bro'e out in a song incelebration! &he animals then roceed to burn whis, nose rings, harness and e$erything that remind them of ones! “1e ha$e defeated humans/”, *nowball said roudly!All the animals cheers and celebrate! “2ear ye, hear thee/ &his farm is our farm now and shall henceforth be 'nown as Animal Farm/ *nowball lead the other animals in organi3ing a new society, so that all might see and agree, the laws of Animal Farm where inscribed in a rominent lace to be remembered and obeyed fore$er! 4!1hate$er goes u on two legs is an enemy!5!1hate$er goes uon four legs, or has wings is a friend!6!No animal shall wear clothes!  7!No animal shall slee in a bed!8!No animal shall drin' alcohol!9!No animal shall 'ill another animal!:!And last but most imortant; ALL ANIMAL* ARE E<=AL/ “Four legs good/ &wo legs bad/ Four legs good/ &wo legs bad/”, the animals cheered! “(irds, fly and sread the word of rebellion to our brothers in other farms/”, *nowball ordered! “&weet, tweet, tweet/”, the birds relied!&he birds ta'e off to tell the word of rebellion but some animals, content with their luc' were unimressed by tales of eace and lenty! #thers, hay in their own surroundings, were alarmed of the thought of any change! (ut where$er they were ha$ing a bad time, animals listened with interest!Meanwhile, in the red lion bar, Mr ones were running out of breath! “2el me/ My farm has been ta'en from me/”, ones said gasingly! “(y who”, they as'ed “&he animals/ &hey0$e gone wild/,” Mr ones relied! “2A2A2A2A/ &hat0s %ust stuid/ Animals can0t run a farm! (efore long, they0ll star$e themsel$es/, the men retorted!(ut the humans were gra$ely mista'en! =nder the leadershi of the igs, Animal Farm was more roducti$e and efficient than e$er! Among the igs were three rominent figures; *nowball, Naoleon, and *+uealer! “ows and horses/ (egin lowing the fields immediately/”, *nowball uttered! “>oats and don'eys/ (ring the $egetables to the warehouse/”, Naoleon commanded! “hic'ens, duc's and geese/ *ee to it that not a single grain falls off on those bags/”, *+uealer ordered!  1hile all the other animals were busy, the lusty horse named (o)er was ulling a cart of fresh ales! “omrade (o)er/ &he ales/ &o the ig en lease/”, Naoleon ad%ured! “=hmmm!! but!! but aren0t the ales suosed to be distributed to e$eryone.”, the horse as'ed! “omrade, surely you dont thin' we are being selfish or greedy/ 1e igs don0t e$en li'e ales/ (ut we do a lot of brainwor', you see, and ales ro$ide us the nutrients we need! an you imagine what will haen if we fail our duty. ones will come bac'/” *+uealer discussed! “#h no/ Not ones/ !!! to the ig en, right.”, (o)er uttered!Aside from *nowball, Naoleon and *+uealer, the most admired of all was (o)er, the horse! (ig and strong, he could do more than what all the animalscombined could do! 2is mottos in life are!!! “I will wor' harder”, (o)er said while ulling the cart to the ig en!And!! “the igs are always right/”, he added!#ne day, *nowball decided to educate the animals in the farm but Naoleon too' a habit of always disagreeing with *nowball0s ideas! “Reeat after me!!! Eyy/ (ii/ *iiii/”, *nowball said!2mh/ 1hat use is there to educate these grown animals/ Education should be on the young/”, Naoleon mumbled! “1oof/ 1oof/”, (luebell nursing her newlyborn uies! “omrade (luebell, from now on, I will be ta'ing care of your uies”, Naoleon declared! “(ut!!! I am their mother!!”, (luebell comlaint! “&his is for the good of Animal Farm! ?o you want ones to come bac'.”, as'ed by Naoleon! “No!”, (luebell whined! “&hen you should entrust your uies to me!”, Naoleon said while ta'ing the uies
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