Animal camouflage

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Grade 3 - English
  • 1. Animal Camouflage
  • 2. camouflage – means the disguising of military personnel, equipment, and installations by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings
  • 3. Word Study
  • 4. hide – be in a place where nobody can see you
  • 5. hard – difficult, not easy
  • 6. bark – the outside part of the tree or branch
  • 7. bark – the outside part of the tree or branch
  • 8. blend – mix two things together so they become one thing
  • 9. meal – food, for example dinner or lunch
  • 10. fur – the hair that covers an animal
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  • 12. How many horses can you find in this picture? 7 horses
  • 13. Animals use camouflage to hide and stay safe.
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