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   1 ACADEMY OF ECONOMIC STUDIES FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES ENGLISH SECTION Business strategies ~ ANGST ~ PROF. COORDINATOR:   Irina Purcarea    GROUP 137   2 Abstract : In my project below I have written about Angst Romania to provide to other people the necessary information about how this company functions. I have analyzed the business, the market and the managerial functions in order to obtain a complete description of the company in terms of management. Introduction Angst is a Romanian-Swiss company which produces meat products, providing the consumers high quality specialties. All Angst products are made taking into account the care for a healthy alimentation. The factory makes pork, beef, chicken and mutton products. The improved recipes are mostly traditional, but also international for the big specific restaurants, embassies. The products made by Angst arrive in almost all regions of the country, having regard to the fact that they are sold and with the help of the big store chains, some of them being spread at a national level and the distribution of products is more intensive in the south part of the country (South, South-East, South-West). The address of the registered office of Angst group is 298 Bucuresti-Targoviste Driveway, Buftea-Ilfov. At this address the administrative activity as well as the effective production and storage activity are carried out. Angst Romania Group includes the meat products factory in Buftea, a production unit for raw-dry products. Salsi Sinaia and a dairy factory Swissland Mereni. Besides the meat products, Angst provides also other products in order to satisfy the requirements of the customers. In Angst stores you will find a great variety of food and nonfood  products, focusing on quality and permanent diversification, creating a realistic connection with the needs of the market. At present Angst has one of the most famous chain stores, 24 stores from which 20 in Bucharest, 2 in Buftea, one in Otopeni and one in Sinaia. The company was set up in October 1991. It is a Romanian-Swiss investment, the Swiss  party being represented by Mr. Urs Angst and the Romanian parti by Mr. Sorin Dumitru Minea. In 2010 SorinMinea takes over the majority shareholding of ANGST RO. Angst is a medium company judging by its capital and number of workers and has as objects of activity the  production and processing of meat as well as the marketing of foodstuff. Angst retail   3 Angst believes in the success of the proximity store which perfectly combines the hospitality of the proximity store and the products diversity of a supermarket. The retail concept  promoted by Angst Group is based on the intercommunication with the customers. This concept may be synthesized as it follows:    self-service;    optimized range of products;    immediate stock rotation;    attention paid to the quality-price ratio. Corporate values, Mission and Vision In 1991 Sorin Minea together with Urs Angst set up ANGST RO. The CEO position of the Romanian Company was held from the beginning by Mr. Sorin Minea. In 1993 the first Angst store opens in Bucharest. Taking advantage of 70 years of experience from which the management of Angst Corporation benefited, it was easier for Angst Ro to build a successful  business in Romania. The company is going continuously through a development process as it is always looking forward to offering its customers the best products and services at competitive  prices, fallowing the concept “ what is good for us is also good for others ” . By motivating their employees and make full use of available resources, both tangible (land, buildings etc) and intangible ( the knowledge, experience, ideas of their workers), the managers of Angst have successfully build a reputation for their company and thus made it become the leader in the retail industry in Bucharest. Moreover, Eduard Vlaston, the General Manager of Angst retail declared their new price policy come into force with a view to help its customer who are strongly affected  by the financial crisis and in this respect transfers a part of benefits gained from the expansion of the company to its clients by constantly reducing the prices of the merchandize it sells with  percentage of 5% to 10%. Not only does this capability of the manager draw new customers to the stores it supervises, but it also builds customer loyalty, which is very important in this field where the competition is so severe. Along with the creative capabilities of the management of the company, other key elements that led to its success are its core values which stand at the basis of any decision making:    Decisiveness    Integrity    Courage Judging from the development of the company and the competencies it benefits from, we might gather that Angst is in line with its mission and vision. The mission states that “When we started, we wanted to be number one in Romania, but not number one in terms of quantity, but number one in terms of quality .” In 2011 AngstCompanywasawarded the trophy quality . The vision is The excellence makes the difference . Those are the words describing the  basic principles for the past actions, which define at present the company's strategy, but which also outline the future. The unquestioned values are:   4    respect towards the customer and the product;    solid ethical principles perpetuated up to present.    seriousness and punctuality basic concepts. Their competitive advantage also lies in this area, since not only do sell similar products as their competitors do, but they also produce their own lines of organic products, which provide their customers with better quality than those are already on the market at affordable prices. Analysis of Porter’s 5 Forces Model   Industry of competitors On the segment of supermarkets of the Romanian market, there is strong competition among the following international groups:   RivalryAmong Existing competitors   Threat of New Entrants   Bargaining power of buyers   Threat of Substitute Products   Bargaining Power of Suppliers
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