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Excelente conferencia
  OPINION Rising to the challenge of 'European Angst' By ALEX GODSON BRUSSELS, 6. DEC, 11:14 Populism, extremism and euroscepticism are haunting Europe, creating a tenseatmosphere in which fear, hate, anger and anxiety generate a climate of angst.The current rise of radical parties such as AfD in Germany, Uip in Great Britain and ! in !rance indicates a drastic change in European societies and politics  # and the more momentum these populist mo$ements gain, the more clueless the esta%lished political, cultural and legislati$e institutions seem to %e. ã &Photo' The pre$alence of hate speech and $iolent acts threatening migrants and refugees, and hostile attitudes towards li%eral $alues and modern, open societies are clear manifestations of this angst.)enopho%ia still looms large in the modern history of our continent, and it was ne$er completely *uashed in the process of an e$er closer integration. A $ery  recent expression of this phenomenon is the surprising outcome of the EU referendum in Great Britain, dri$en %y a fear+%ased campaign.Political leaders and the traditional political parties are seemingly failing to act on these issues haunting Europe. !ollowing summit upon summit, from Bratisla$a to entotene, solutions seem to %e in short supply. Pressing matters such as the redistri%ution of migrants fall %y the wayside, %rutally exposing the lac of solidarity in the EU.This year has seen a tumult of challenges to strident li%eral democratic states + popular protest against -eta, TTP and glo%alisation/ the %iting impact of glo%al terrorism/ and most recently an external shoc in the form of the American elections. 0i%eral ideologies ha$e hit a %locage, and responses to this unanticipated outmanoeu$ring of the political left and centre %y the &far+(right ha$e %een muddled.  A constructive discourse  A much taled a%out phenomenon of recent wees has %een the presence of 1fae news2 carried %y social media sites, and the gulli%ility of the general pu%licwho apparently swallow these articles without *uestion.Extremism comes in many guises, %ut the rise of the far+right across our continent, and the at times impassi$e response to refugees, coupled with the growing presence of insular, nationalist $oices, has led to a contagion of hostile sentiments in our daily li$es.3n social media, in the press we read, and in the con$ersations we hear, we are fed a narrati$e of false dichotomies %ased on fear. The ease of posting commentary online has led to a culture in which my ignorance is gi$en e*ual airtime to your hard fought for nowledge. Thus, a *uestion arises' how do we counter these 1post+fact2 narrati$es and create a constructi$e, yet informati$e discourse in the media45ho now of our political leaders, of our commentators and philosophers and laureates can stand a%o$e the fray, spea out and tacle these fears4 6uch has  %een written of chancellor Angela 6erel7s stand as the last %astion of a crum%ling li%eral elite, not only in Europe, %ut also in a glo%al context. !rom whoelse or where else do we see the strength to forge new paths, and %uild a new future that will deli$er on shared goals of prosperity, di$ersity and peace4 New narratives needed  The European Angst conference will shed light on these *uestions in a uni*ue way. t will lea$e the comfort 8one of li%eral consensus %y in$iting thiners from across the spectrum of ideas, thus creating a space for passionate de%ate, for reflection and in+depth analysis. Going %eyond the so+called Brussels %u%%le, the e$ent sees to tae the discussion %eyond our well+esta%lished comfort 8one. Among the participants are the writers and philosophers 9la$o: ;i8e,&9ometimes the path to try unity is only through radical di$ision(5e need to listen to the people the most possi%le is what they not agree with ours opinions %ut Didier Eri%on and o%el Pri8e winner <erta 6ueller, as well as => students selected in an open pan+European call. The students will play an acti$e role in the conference, and they will draft a manifesto on Europe7s future to %e handed o$er to EU officials.The European Angst conference will create a pan+European space where open discussions will negotiate how we can create %etter societies. 5e urgently neednew narrati$es to create a %etter perspecti$e for Europeaness and to get o$er the current angst that openly *uestions Europe7s future.  Alex Godson is the head of communication of the European Movement International The European Movement International   is a partner in the European Angst Conference , which is an initiative of the Goethe-Institut, organised in collaboration with 4 members of EUI!, and #$A%& 'he media  partner for this event is EUobserver&'he European Angst !onference ta(es place in russels on 'uesda) * +ecember and ednesda)  +ecember ./0*&  Confirmation Registration European Angst conference - 6./7. December   Kultur_1 18/11/2016 12:07 Para Kultur_1  ã Dear Madam, dear Sir, We are pleased to confirm your participation to the European Angst conference on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 December at BOZA !entre for ine Arts here in Brussels#$Director %aul du &ardin'# The conference seems to hit the ner(e of our time and so the first day of the conference )as *uic+ly boo+ed out# Thus if you are not able to attend the conference on the first day )e +indly as+ you to inform us, so )e can i(e your seat to someone on the )aitin list# The )hole conference )ill be live streamed on our)ebsite and -ouTube channel, )here you )ill be able to )itness the conference also after the e(ent itself# .n the meantime, you can find all the latest information about the conference on our aceboo+ e(ent pae as )ell as on our )ebsite# .f you li+e to contribute to the discussion )e encourae you to do so under the /ashta #EuropeanAngst  on T)itter# On both days there )ill be a 0i(e1T)eetin# May )e furthermore as+ you to fill in your name in this e2cel sheet if you are not  plannin to come for lunch $sand)iches' on the second day of the conference3 Than+ you (ery much# We are loo+in for)ard to meetin you45ind reards,oethe1.nstitut Brussels   Salom Meier   %ra+ti+antin 8 Staiaire 8 Staiaire5ulturabteilun 8 %rorammation culturelle 8 !ultuurproramma oethe1.nstitut9:, A(enue des Arts 8 5unstlaan 9:;<<< Bru2elles 8 Brussel )))#oethe#de=bruessel+ultur>;?bruessel#oethe#or
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