Angels Are Aliens, Aliens Are Angels - August 2017

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Angels Aliens
    Angels are Aliens, Aliens are Angels Pastor David Ministries August 2017he !ible ma es numerous re#erences to other beings which $od created besides humans called Angels. he !ible recogni%es two t&pes' good angels and bad angels. he bad angels were srcin( all& good angels' but the& corrupted themselves' starting with )atan *+uci#er, their leader. *-sa. 1:12, he !ible usuall& calls the bad an( gels demons or devils' but sometimes the& are called: )ons o# $od' as in $en. :2'. *Ma&be the& were called this because the& had not &et corrupted themselves. !ut' the& were at the ver& point o# doing it., hese beings have the abilit& to appear to humans in di##er( ent #orms. he #irst time )atan appeared he was a tal ing sna e in the $arden o# den. *$en. 3, 4owever' in the boo o# 5evelation he appears as a: great red dragon. *5ev. 12:36 20:2,hese beings also have the abilit& to present themselves to hu( mans in other #orms' such as ghosts o# dead humans' normal loo ing humans' unusual apparitions *such as: big #oot' leprechauns' the abominable snowman' mermaids' things that go bump in the night' etc., or as etra(terrestrial aliens with big heads and small bodies that seem to come #rom some other planet. *And man& other possible #orms' too., he& can even appear to people using unusual vehicles that seem to be space ships. hose vehicles are alwa&s superna( tural in character and can move in manners that de#& the laws o# ph&( sics. 8or eample: the& can move ver& #ast instantl& without the need#or an acceleration process. 9ormal ph&sical obects can;t do that. he& can change directions instantaneousl& at high speeds at an& angle without the normal need #or re(acceleration in the new direction *no need #or curving,' the& can disappear and reappear at will. hose beings don;t reall& need those vehicles #or themselves. hose vehi( cles are #or the sa e o# human understanding and perception. 4owever' since those beings and vehicles are supernatural in nature the& are not susceptible to non(supernatural occurrences such  as accidents or death' li e the one publici%ed at 5oswell' 9ew Meico'<ul& 3' 1=7. Angels do not die or have mortal accidents. )uper( natural aliens do not die or have mortal accidents. he occurrence at 5oswell in 1=7 was o# a supposed alien spaceship crashing and > dead alien bodies #ound' small bodies with big heads. his occur( rence was clearl& much di##erent than the supernatural alien encoun( ters reported at other times and places. -t was also covered up b& the?) government so that no outsiders could see what reall& happened. he 5oswell incident was clearl& non(supernatural in nature..... And as an alien encounter' it was a deliberate hoa. Angels can;t die. +u e 20:3 ......9either can the& die an& more: #or the& are e@ual unto the angels6 and are the children o# $od' being the children o# the resurrection. hose aliens at 5oswell were as much real aliens as the phan( tom o# the pera was a real ghost. As soon as the phantom o# the pera demanded mone& #rom the owners o# the theater he identi#ied himsel# as a mortal person. 5eal ghosts don;t have an& need #or mone&. And i# the& wanted an& mone&' the& could ta e it without as ing. he& could ta e it right out o# a sa#e without opening the door o# the sa#e. *Acts 12:1(1=, Bhen a real ghost is seen b& a human being' the common reaction is that the person;s hair stands up and the& tremble. <ob :13(1> -n thoughts #rom the visions o# the night' when deep sleep #alleth on men' 1 8ear came upon me' and trembling' which made all m& bones to sha e. 1> hen a spirit passed be#ore m& #ace6 the hair o# m& #lesh stood up:.... also  Dan >:>' ....-n the same hour came #orth #ingers o# a man;s hand' and wrote over against the candlestic upon the plaister o# the wall o# the ing;s palace: and the ing saw the part o# the hand that wrote.  hen the ing;s countenance *#ace, was changed' and his thoughts troubled him' so that the oints o# his loins *mid(section, were loosed' and his nees smote one against another...... *A hand without a bod& appeared andwrote something on the wall. his is the origin o# the phrase: the writing is on the wall....... meaning that what is written is a de#inite prophec& that absolutel& will happen. Please read all o# Daniel >.,he !ible clearl& states that one o# the most important reasons  wh& $od sent the #lood' in the boo o# $enesis' was that those an( gels' rather #allen angels or demons' were openl& and regularl& inter(mingling too much with human beings. -t even sa&s that the& were inter(mating with human women and producing children that were hal# human and hal# demon. hose hal# human children were treated as ro&alt& b& the regular people. $en : here were giants *great' might& men, in the earth in those da&s6 and also a#ter that' when the sons o# $od came in unto the daughters o# men' and the& bore children to them' the same became might& men which were o# old' men o# renown. 4ercules was an eample o# one o# those hal# human o##spring. he g&ptian and the Central American Ma&an ancient writings claimed that their ro&al d&nast& was started #rom this t&pe o# hal# human/hal# god o##spring. he 9a%i(Arian culture claims that their entire societ& is a product o# this t&pe o# inter(mating with those spirit beings. his is wh& the 9a%is thought that the& were the master race. A#ter the #lood those angels' rather demons' were #orbidden tointer(mingle with humans the same wa& the& did be#ore the #lood. )ome o# them were even placed in a spiritual prison which $od made especiall& #or them. <ude 1: And the angels which ept not their #irst estate' but le#t their own habitation' he hath reserved in ever( lasting chains under dar ness unto the udgment o# the great da&. his eplains wh&' a#ter the #lood' those beings no longer related to people the same wa& the& used to' be#ore the #lood. he 4istor& channel documentar& Ancient Aliens gives man& historical eampleso# that inter(mingling and inter(mating. 4owever' that 4istor& channel documentar& o##ers no eplanation wh& the inter(mingling stopped. *9ote  it stopped on an open/constant contact basis. 4owever' even until toda& there are occasional rare reported cases o# it happening in a non(public isolated manner.,-n the 4istor& channel documentar& Ancient Aliens the& presentan enormous amount o# evidence that man& &ears ago there was regular open contact between humans and those #allen angels' who were re#erred to b& the common people as gods..... And their o##spring #rom human women were treated as ro&alt&' as though the& were descended #rom the gods. he 4istor& channel documentar&  calls them etra(terrestrials. he documentar& also presents a lot o# evidence that the people bac then had advanced technolog&' which was taught to them b& those etra(terrestrials. *Eeep in mind that almost all o# our present da& technolog& was developed within the lastone hundred &ears *a short time,' without an& outside assistance.ven as recentl& as 1=F>' in the !ac to the 8uture movies' the& couldn;t imagine a laptop computer or the -nternet' when the& tried to depict how li#e would be li e in 201>. More emphasis was put on #l&ing cars' which still has not been attained as it was in those movies. he& even mentioned that the postal service was in#erior to the weather service' because the& had no concept o# instantaneous e(mail on the -nternet..... and our weather service still isn;t as good as in that movie. As late as the mid 1==0;s most people would not have imagined a small poc et(si%ed portable music pla&ing device without discs that is capable o# storing and pla&ing an enormous amount o# music. And how about small poc et cellular phonesG !e#ore the nineties the& were li e something out o# )tar re ., he most #amous evidence o# advanced technolog& #rom the era long ago is the p&ramids in g&pt and Meico *eotihuacan,. hose p&ramids were made with giant bloc s o# stone' brought #rom #ar awa&and cut with super precise advanced machiner&. *)uperior to modern machiner&., ur modern technolog& would have di##icult& accomplish(ing such a #eat...... and modern technolog& would ta e a long time to do it. -n other words' our modern technolog& is in#erior to whatever technolog& the& were using. -t is even said that the& had the power o# levitation *anti(gravit&, in order to easil& and @uic l& move those giant bloc s o# stone into place. he& even made giant sculptures o# Pharaohs cut #rom single stones' somehow moved into place' which are so heav& that our modern technolog& is not capable o# moving them.he& also had highl& precise hierogl&phic images cut in stone that loo so highl& precise and identical that the& could onl& have been done b& ver& advanced stone cutting machiner&. -t doesn;t seem possible that a hammer and chisel could ever have done what the& did with super high precision' even cutting tin& deep holes and thin deep lines per#ectl& straight into the stone. heir giant images o#
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