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ako ang bayani
   April 28, 1888- the steamer Belgic, with Rizal on board, docked at San Francisco on Saturda morning! a #, 1888- Frida a$ternoon, the da Rizal was permitted to go ashore! %alace &otel- Rizal registered here which was then considered a 'rst-class hotel in the cit! Rizal staed in San Francisco $or two das( a # to ), 1888! a ), 1888-Sunda, #*+% , Rizal le$t San Francisco $or akland! a 1+, 1888-Sunda morning, Rizal reached .ew /ork, thus ending his trip acrossthe Americancontinent! Rizal staed three das in this cit, which he called the 0big town! a 1), 1888- Rizal le$t .ew /ork $or 3i4erpool on board the 5it o$ Rome According to Rizal, thissteamer was 0the second largest ship in the world, the largest being the 6reat 7astern! Rizal had good and bad impressions o$ the nited States 9he good impressions were :1; the materialprogress o$ the countr as shown in the great cities, huge $arms, <ourishing industries and bus $actories :2; the dri4e and energ o$ the American people :+; the natural beaut o$ the land :#; the high standard o$ li4ing :=; the opportunities $or better li$e o>ered to poor immigrants! ne bad impression Rizal had o$ America was the lack o$ racial e?ualit* 0America is the land pare@cellence o$ $reedom but onl $or the whitesRA3 . 3.C. :1888-188D;-A$ter 4isiting the nited States, Rizal li4ed in 3ondon $rom a, 1888 to arch, 188D $or three reasons* :1; to impro4e his knowledge o$ the 7nglish language :2; to stud and annotate orgaEs Sucesos de las slas Filipinas, a rare cop o$ which he heard to be a4ailable in the British useum :+; 3ondon was a sa$e place $or him to carr on his 'ght against Spanish trann 9R% A5RSS 9&7 A93A.95! 9he trans-Atlantic 4oage o$ Rizal $rom .ew /ork to 3i4erpool was a pleasant one! Rizal entertained the American and 7uropean passengers with his mar4elous skills with the o-o as an o>ensi4e weapon! /oo-is a small wooden disc attached to a string $rom the 'nger! a 2#, 1888-Rizal arri4ed at 3i4erpool, 7ngland! Adelphi &otel-Rizal spend the night here while staing $or one da in this port cit! According to Rizal, 03i4erpool is a big and beauti$ul cit and its celebrated port is worth o$ itsgreat $ame 9he entrance is magni'cent and the customhouse is ?uite good3F7 . 3.C.! a 2=, 1888- a da a$ter docking at 3i4erpool, Rizal went to 3ondon! Rizal staed as guest at the home o$ Cr Antonio a Regidor, an e@ile o$ 182 and a practicing lawer in 3ondon B the end o$ a, Rizal $ound a modest boarding  place at .o + 5halcot 5rescent, %rimrose &ill! Cr Reinhold Rozt- librarian o$ the inistr o$ Foreign A>airs and an authorit on alaan languages and customs-&e was impressed b RizalEs learning and character and he gladl recommended him to the authorities o$ the British useum &e called Rizal 0a pearl o$ a man :unaperla de hombre;! Both good and bad news $rom home reached Rizal in 3ondon $ the bad news, were the inGusticescommitted b the Spanish authorities on the Filipino people and the Rizal Famil! 9he greatest achie4ement o$ Rizal in 3ondon was the annotating o$ orgaEs book, Sucesos de lasslas Filipinas :&istorical 74ents o$ the %hilippine slands;, which was published in e@ico, 1)D! September 1888- Rizal 4isited %aris $or a week in order to search $or more historical materials in theBibliothe?ue .ationale! Rizal was entertained in this ga French metropolis b Huan 3una and his wi$e :%as %ardo de 9a4era;,who proudl showed him their little son Andres :nickname 3uling;! Cecember 11, 1888-Rizal went to Spain, 4isiting adrid and Barcelona! Rizal met, $or the 'rst time, arcelo & del %ilar and ariano %once, two titans o$ the %ropaganda o4ement 1D! Cecember 2#, 1888-Rizal returned to 3ondon and spent 5hristmas and .ew /earEs Ca with theBecketts! Rizal sent as 5hristmas gi$t to Blumentritt a bust o$ 7mperador Augustus and a bust o$ Hulius 5aesar to another $riend, Cr 5arlos 5zepelak :%olish scholar;! 9he 3i$e and Ad4entures o$ Ialentine Io@, the Ientrilo?uist-a 5hristmas gi$t $rom RizalEs landlad, rs Beckett
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