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  Gjuhë angleze (Niveli B1) Varianti B AKP   1   04 qershor 2016   AGJENCIA KOMBËTARE E PROVIMEVE PROVIMI I MATURËS SHTETËRORE 2016 I DETYRUAR V ARIANTI B   E shtunë, 04 qershor 2016 Ora 10.00 Lënda: Gjuhë angleze (Niveli B1) Udhëzime për nxënësin Testi në total ka 25 pyetje . Në test ka kërkesa me zgjedhje  dhe me zhvillim . Në kërkesat me zgjedhje rrethoni vetëm  shkronjën përbri përgjigjes së saktë, ndërsa për kërkesat me zhvillim është dhënë hapësira e nevojshme për të shkruar përgjigjen. Pikët për secilën kërkesë janë dhënë përbri saj. Për përdorim nga komisioni i vlerësimit Kërkesa 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pikët Kërkesa 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Pikët Kërkesa 20 21 22 23 24 25a 25b 25c 25d 25e Pikët Totali i pikëve   KOMISIONI I VLERËSIMIT 1……………………….. .Anëtar 2. ……………………….Anëtar      KUJDES! MOS DËMTO BARKODIN BARKODI  Gjuhë angleze (Niveli B1) Varianti B AKP   2   04 qershor 2016   SECTION 1 READING COMPREHENSION Task One Read the three texts below and answer the questions. For questions 1 and 6, choose the answer which best answers the question according to the texts. There is only one correct answer for each question. For questions 2  –  5, answer the questions using the information from the texts. You may use words from the texts or your own words. Do not use more than 14 words for each answer. The Old Town Hotel Our rooms We have modern, luxury rooms with free Wi-Fi. All our rooms have smart flat-screen TV and luxury bathrooms. Some rooms also have balconies where you can enjoy looking out over the city. Where we are You’ll find us in the centre of Edinburgh, a 2 -minute walk from Waverley railway station and a 5-minute walk from Edinburgh Castle. Our hotel is near to the shops, restaurants and the best places to visit in Edinburgh city centre. Prices Double room for two persons: £130 per night; single room for one person: £95 per night. Our prices include breakfast and free tea and coffee. Sorry, no pets.   The Brighton Hotel Our rooms  All our rooms are new with modern furniture and art. Our rooms have luxury beds and big bathrooms. Some rooms look out over Brighton Marina to the sea. We have a large restaurant serving delicious British food made with the freshest ingredients   from our garden. Where we are Our beautiful hotel is just in front of the Marina and next to the sea. It’s 2 miles from the shops, bars and res taurants of Brighton city centre.  Prices   A double room for two persons costs £120 per night and £140 per night for three persons. A single room costs £90 per night. Breakfast is included in the price, but you’ll need to pay extra for dinner.   We have free parking! The Saxon House Hotel Our rooms We’re a small hotel and have three double rooms and one single. Each room has beautiful antique  furniture made over 100 years ago. Two of our rooms have their own bathroom and the other rooms share a bathroom. Where we are We are only a ten-minute walk from the centre of historic York where you will find the museums and interesting old houses of the city. The famous York restaurant is only a two-minute walk from our hotel, where you can enjoy an unforgettable dinner. Prices Our single room is £70 a night and our doubles are £90. Breakfast is £6 per person and is extra. We welcome your pets. 1.  Why would someone usually read these texts?  1 point   A)   Getting a job B)   Going on holiday C)   Buying a hotel D)   Eating out in a restaurant  Gjuhë angleze (Niveli B1) Varianti B AKP   3   04 qershor 2016   2. Items 8 (a) & (b) 2 points a)   Which hotel does not allow dogs?    ____________________________________________________________ b)   How far is the Old Town Hotel from Edinburgh castle?    ____________________________________________________________ 3.   Items 9 (a) & (b) 2 points a)   Which hotel can you eat dinner at?    ____________________________________________________________ b)   From which hotel can you see the city’s centre best?    ____________________________________________________________ 4.   Items 10 (a) & (b) 2 points a)   Which hotel costs the least for a single room?    ____________________________________________________________ b)   Which hotel should you go to if you want to be near the sea?    ____________________________________________________________ 5.   Items 11 (a) & (b) 2 points a)   How far is the Saxon House hotel from the centre of York?    ____________________________________________________________ b)   What do you have to pay extra for at the Saxon House Hotel?    ____________________________________________________________ 6.   What does “ antique ” mean in The Saxon House Hotel?  1 point   A)   Old B)   Modern C)   Ugly D)   New  Gjuhë angleze (Niveli B1) Varianti B AKP   4   04 qershor 2016   Task Two Read the text below and answer the questions. For questions 7 and 12, choose the answer which best answers the question according to the text. There is only one correct answer for each question. For questions 8  –  11, answer the questions using the information from the text. You may use words from the text or your own words. Do not use more than 14 words for each answer.   Hi Martin, Thanks for your email. It was great to hear all the news about your family and I was really happy to hear you passed your exams! I’m looking fo rward to seeing you in England this summer! Thanks for sending a picture of your house. It looks beautiful and I like the garden very much. It’s so full of flowers.   It’s wonderful that your house is so near the railway station. I can't believe it only tak es twenty minutes to get to the centre of London by train! We’ll be able to take a trip   there whenever we want. I’d like to see Buckingham Palace, because I’ve never seen a palace before. I hope we’ll also be able to visit the British Museum. My father says it’s one of the best museums in the world. I’m going to send you a picture of my house. It’s not as big as yours, but you’ll be able to see that it’s next to a beautiful park with lots of trees. I sometimes go there with friends. We talk a lot about school and music. I’m not sure what clothes to take with me to England. Here, the summers are very hot and it doesn’t rain, but I know that in England it rains torrentially ,   so I’m bringing an umbrella. Do I need a coat? What about clothes for swimming? You said we might go to the beach in Brighton, but I don’t want to swim when it’s raining!  I hope to hear from you soon, Dorothy. 7.   Why is Dorothy mostly writing to Martin? 1 point   A)   Her family B)   How to get to London C)   The weather in England D)   Her holiday this summer 8. Items 2 (a) & (b) 2 points a) When is Dorothy going to England?   ______________________________________________________________________ b) What did Martin tell Dorothy about his exams in his email?  ______________________________________________________________________ 9.   Items 3 (a) & (b) 2 points a) How long does it take to go to London from Martin’s house?   ______________________________________________________________________   b) Why would Dorothy like to see Buckingham Palace?  ______________________________________________________________________
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