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CONSTELLATION Constellation is an part grouping of star in a recognizable pattern,group of star BOÖTES – THE HERDSMAN Boötes is one of the ancient Greek constellations. The constellation’s name means “the oxen-driver” and Boötes is usually identified as the ploughman who drove the oxen represented by Ursa Major. The constellation is also sometimes associated with Arctophylax, or the Bear Keeper, also referring to Ursa Major, the Big Bear. CANES VENATICI – THE TWO HUNTING DOGS The constellatio
  CONSTELLATION Constellation is an part grouping of star in a recognizable  pattern,group of star BOÖTES – THE HE!S AN Bo#tes is one of t$e ancient %ree& constellations' T$e constellation(s na)e )eans *t$e o+en an- Bo#tes is usuall0 i-entifie- as t$e ploug$)an 1$o -ro.e t$e o+en represente- b0 2rsa a3or' T$e constellation is also so)eti)es associate- 1it$ Arctop$0la+, or t$e Bear 4eeper, also referring to 2rsa a3or, t$e Big Bear'CANES 5ENATICI – THE T6O H2NTIN% !O%ST$e constellation Canes 5enatici 1as create- b0 t$e 7olis$ astrono)er 8o$annes He.elius in t$e 9:t$ centur0' It represents t1o $unting -ogs le- b0 Bo#tes, t$e Her-s)an, follo1ing t$e %reat Bear ;2rsa a3or<'CANIS A8O – THE BI% !O%Canis inor is one of t$e %ree& constellations' It represents t$e bigger -og follo1ing t$e )0t$ical $unter Orion in pursuit of a $are, represente- b0 Lepus constellation' T$e constellation is also so)eti)es associate- 1it$ Laelaps, t$e fastest -og in t$e 1orl-,  gi.en to Europa b0 =eus as a present'CASSIO7EIA – THE >2EEN Cassiopeia constellation represents t$e boastful ?ueen Cassiopeia,1ife of Cep$eus an- )ot$er of An-ro)e-a in %ree& )0t$olog0' Cassiopeia clai)e- t$at s$e 1as )ore beautiful t$an t$e Nerei-s, an- t$e n0)p$s as&e- t$e sea go- 7osei-on to punis$ t$e ?ueen for $er .anit0' 7osei-on sent t$e sea )onster Cetus to ra.age t$e ?ueen(s lan-' 4ing Cep$eus as&e- an oracle for $elp an- 1as tol- t$at $e $a- to sacrifice $is -aug$ter An-ro)e-a to appease 7osei-on'   AN!O E!A@THE 7INCESS !A2%HTE O CASSIO7EIA An-ro)e-a constellation is locate- in t$e nort$ern s&0, bet1een Cassiopeia(s 6 asteris) an- t$e %reat S?uare of 7egasusBI% BEABI% !I77E@HA5E : STA A fi+ture of t$e nort$ern s&0, t$e Big an- Little !ippers s1ing aroun- t$e nort$ star 7olaris li&e ri-ers on a erris 1$eel' T$e0 go full circle aroun- 7olaris once a -a0 – or once e.er0 D $ours an- F )inutes' If 0ou li.e at te)perate latitu-es in t$e Nort$ern He)isp$ere, si)pl0 loo& nort$1ar- an- c$ances are t$at 0ou(ll seet$e Big !ipper in 0our nig$tti)e s&0' It loo&s 3ust li&e its na)esa&e' Once 0ou(.e foun- t$e Big !ipper, it(s onl0 a $op, s&ip an- 3u)p to 7olaris an- t$e Little !ipper' ollo1 t$e lin&s belo1 to learn )ore about t$e Big an- Little !ippers'LITTLE !I77ELittle !ipper is a pro)inent asteris) in t$e nort$ern s&0     , for)e- b0 t$e brig$test stars of    2rsa inor constellation'
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